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Columbus Short Captures Video Of His Wife During A Scary & Violent Outburst! Is He Trying To Flip The Switch On Her Abuse Allegations??

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This is exactly the type of thing Pope & Associates could've stopped from getting released, Harrison!!

Columbus Short could be attempting to outsmart his wife's domestic violence allegations by secretly video taping a violent outburst she had on one of their mutual pals.

To give a bit of a backstory…

After Columbus was arrested for supposedly beating his wife Tanee McCall on February 18th, he bailed himself out and asked his friend Tilly Key to swing by the house and pick him up.

Upon her arrival, Tanee went completely Bad Girls Club on Tilly, holding her down while appearing to choke her, as Columbus recorded the entire brawl.

And Tilly was the one who released the vid to the public over the weekend!

She's claiming to have suffered a concussion, a cervical sprain, multiple contusions, a lumbar sprain and lumbar strain…And after watching the video, we don't doubt the injuries one bit.

Although the friend handed the fight over to the media, we can't help but think Columbus had something to do with it. The fist match WAS on his cell phone.

Perhaps this will be used in court to prove that the Scandal actor wasn't the only violent one in the relationship—but who knows how this will actually all play out.

This entire thing is such a scary mess!

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2 comments to “Columbus Short Captures Video Of His Wife During A Scary & Violent Outburst! Is He Trying To Flip The Switch On Her Abuse Allegations??”

  1. Adly says – reply to this


    Why didn't he stop the fight? She got a lot of injuries.

  2. Guest says – reply to this


    Columbus used Tilly Key to set-up his wife, and Tilly is a thirsty, wannabe popstar looking for a come-up. She knew that their relationship was tumultuous and should've stayed as far away from their home as possible because it is STILL Tanee's home. By getting involved, she deserved to get her *** kicked.