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Is She Back To Her Bad Girl Ways? Demi Lovato Pours Water On Her Security & Flips The Middle Finger! You Won't Believe What You See!

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demi lovato pours water flips off audience

Demi Lovato really doesn't care!

The singing starlet hit the stage in Porto Alegre, Brazil on Saturday for her Neon Lights Tour and apparently she was SO into her hit song about not giving a f*ck that she poured a bottle of water on one of her security guard's heads and then flipped the bird to the crowd of young fans.

Definitely NOT Disney Channel approved! LOLz!

This is BEYOND shocking — especially considering Demi prides herself in being a good role model and for calling out other stars for being a bad influence.

We expect something like this from notorious bad girls like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, but we doubt those Brazilian mommas were anticipating THIS when they bought their Lovatic teeny boppers tickets to Demi's show!

See the totally uncharacteristic moment..AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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44 comments to “Is She Back To Her Bad Girl Ways? Demi Lovato Pours Water On Her Security & Flips The Middle Finger! You Won't Believe What You See!”

  1. Zoey says – reply to this


    She did that at every show in the US. Who really cares if she flips the audience off? At least she's fully clothed and isn't masturbating on stage!

  2. Anonymous says – reply to this


    I think that whoever wrote this article is overreacting! She's flipped the middle finger before during "really don't care", and I seriously disagree with the statement that that makes her a bad role model…. I can't understand why you're making this such a big deal…

  3. The Perez Hater says – reply to this


    OMG! She's gotten SO FAT!! OINK!!!

  4. CKStylez says – reply to this


    She puts up her middle finger when she sings the part about her finger…So the song goes hand in hand with her action.

    Plus the security guard prob needed a little cooling down!! haha ;)

    And Demi looks FANTASTIC!! Go Girl!!

  5. meli says – reply to this


    demi looks great! This looks so fun!!!

  6. The Perez hater says – reply to this


    Re: The Perez HaterRe: Zoey – looks like someone is a fan of me lol.

    Anyways it's water . It's not acid. And she does this at every show . It's part of her act . Whoever wrote this article is a moron.

  7. James says – reply to this


    She poured water on a security guard. She didn't show her cootch or anything like that. This is hardly " shocking." Plus she does this at every show in the us. This is part of her show.

    For someone who's supposed to be into Demi lovato Perez , you're my up to date on her shoe gimmicks.

  8. Joey Chief says – reply to this


    - This is actually part of her show. Pouring water on a guard and flipping off a crowd is part of the show. She did in the US and the crowd seemed to be receptive. So yeah. There's that.
    - Pouring harmless water on a security guard is hardly considered "shocking" it maybe silly but this behavior is hardly unacceptable or "out of line" if that was the case then every water balloon fight and water gun fight is unacceptable.

    You're comparing a water bottle fight to someone who shows their cootch on stage?

    Perez come back to earth. Your idiocy status is no longer amusing.
    We expect something like this from notorious bad girls like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, but we doubt those Brazilian mommas were anticipating THIS when they bought their Lovatic teeny boppers tickets to Demi's show!

    See the totally uncharacteristic moment..AFTER THE JUMP!!!

    Read more:

  9. The Perez Hater says – reply to this


    If you're complaining about water on your skin, then turn in your man card.

    This guard doesn't seem to mind so he's fine. You on the other hand perez have lost your right to be called a man a LONG time ago.

  10. Right says – reply to this


    So no one remembers when she punched her back up dancer? Sorry, but no matter how much PR you throw at this or girl or how many demiholics she has, she is not a nice person.

  11. hayley says – reply to this


    if you see the video from the other angle the guy is smiling he isn't pissed off at demi and she isn't anything to do with Disney she is a 21yr old adult I think shes allowed to swear and she is a great role model she helps so many people realise they are worth everything in this world…

  12. Annoyed says – reply to this


    She got hit by a pie in the face by one of the girls in 5h and smiled about it. This was water. And girl has been flipping the finger since last year. In the pocket of the song thats about doing that. Are you 5 years old or something that a simple finger is scary for you?

    Also In brazil she is loved by her and they dont give 2 fucks about a stupid finger or a little water. Also its about 8 years ago she was first on disney. If her fans was between 8-15 back then. That means they are 16-23 now. Do the math. Thats the fans she has growwn up with. Not the new kids from her frozen soundtrack thing. She is not a kidd, but neither an adult.
    Call her mean all you want but then Im just as mean cause I pulled pranks like that be4. No big deal.

  13. James says – reply to this


    Re: Right – Well she's since apologized for that. The back up dancer seems to have forgiven her and she was remorseful for it. So I think you're just now being petty and idiotic.

    Also it should be noted that the Back up dancer sued her for plastic surgery for a black eye. I don't know many nice people who sue girls who are in rehab. Some people might see that as tacky. And you know, stealing. Last I checked, stealing was a bad thing.

  14. Ally says – reply to this


    So um, you're kinda overreacting. It's the part of her show and everyone laughs about it. Even parents on concerts didn't complain, and you're trying to make a big deal.

  15. Sandra says – reply to this


    Re: The Perez Hater – You shluld shut up, if you like bones go to the museum.

  16. Joe Chief says – reply to this


    Re: Right – Didn't that back up dancer try to sue Demi Lovato while she was still in rehab? I don't think pursing lawsuits against a girl who's in a rehab facility is considered a "nice" thing. Especially when she was suing for a six digit pay day for a black eye. I think there's a term for that. Taking more than what you're owed? Selfishness? Stealing? Yeah those are qualities of a nice person either. Not that I condone violence. Demi was certainly wrong for that. But last I don't support ridiculous lawsuits either.

    That's not really a good thing.

  17. sorry says – reply to this


    Re: Right – Sorry, but everyone does bad things to others at some point/every once and a while. It doesn't make them a bad person, it makes them human. If you knew anything about her, you'd know she was in bad shape then, partying, addicted, and in the grips of undiagnosed/untreated bipolar disorder. She already took responsibility for punching the girl and they're on fine terms. If you think it makes her a bad person or a not so nice person, you need to check yourself because no one is a saint. You're not either.

  18. sorry says – reply to this


    Re: Right – She know she was wrong for it. That's the point. And she didn't make excuses for it when she apologized either.

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    The moderate P.R. substitute to semi naked selfies.

  20. Shelby says – reply to this


    Demi flipped the audience off in every show its part of it and it fits the lyric of Really Don't Care as it says in the son "and stick on finger in the air" what finger do you think that is and pouring water on the security guard is also part of the act and he knew it was gonna happened at least she was wearing normal clothes and wasn't being disgusting what she did doesn't make her a bad role model cut her some slack

  21. Josh says – reply to this


    She flipped off the crowd at every show..

  22. Aaaaa says – reply to this


    I dont like how she act now… She will react how other artist became so disrespectful…but se how shes becoming slowly… She feels that everybody loved her because of her illness… But how i see it she just want some attention.. Still i like her music…but i dont like her as an artist

  23. topgirl64 says – reply to this


    Re: hayley – yes but you are forgetting she was having a mental breakdown then , she wasn't herself , she was brave enough to seek treatment. It was
    water not the end of the world.The article is misleading and untrue. She can sing and she has talent therefore people need to calm down.

  24. Hands says – reply to this


    Re: Aaaaa – She poured water on a security guard as part of her show. Not showed her cootch or barfed on a drummer. And of course she wants attention ya fool. She's a celebrity. If you honestly feel this way then you're ignorant.

  25. Joechief says – reply to this


    Re: Aaaaa – if you don't like how she acts then you have no reason to be here. So why are you here?
    - no I don't see. Pouring water on a guard is hardly disrespectful. And seeing as how it's part of the shoe, your reasonings for disliking her is pretty stupid.
    - people likes her before she talked about her illness you idiot. Get a clue.
    - of course she wants attention. She put on a show for an audience. I'd say that's her wanting attention. What kind of idiotic comment is that?

    Also liking her music is the same thing as liking her as an artist you moron. Congrats to you. You're an idiot.

  26. The Perez hater says – reply to this


    Re: Aaaaa – What you just said made no sense. I think you just lowered the iq of everyone in this forum with your ignorance. Please stop talking. You're embarrassing yourself now.

  27. carmen12 says – reply to this


    I m sure she didn't t mean dat

  28. Brianna says – reply to this


    Re: Right – Um okay so to start that was BEFORE rehab honey. Since then she has apologized to the dancer. Demi has saved millions of lives WORLDWIDE and is continuing to do so through her music and extremely inspiring story. How many lives have you saved? To be completely honest with you this whole article is stupid. Demi is 21 years old. She hasn't been on Disney in forever. If you actually listen to the song you would know that the lyrics are "I'll walk right up to you and put one finger in the air." She does it at every concert. To compare her to Miley is way out of line. Demi can make you feel like the most special person in the world through a screen. A picture of her smile or a tweet saying how happy she is can make someone's whole month. Oh and we're called Lovatics.

  29. ava says – reply to this


    she was expressing her feeling in the song it wasnt to her security

  30. Carson says – reply to this


    Number 1, she does that at every concert so please leave her alone. It is absolutly not funny, or amusing that you are suggesting that Demi is going back to her old ways. It is bullying.

    Number 2, Demi says respond to bully's with love. I just want you to know that even if you are making a bad decision, you are still a wonderful person who is worth life!

  31. I actually know things says – reply to this



  32. LOVATICTRUTH says – reply to this


    First off, the middle finger is kinda part of the performance (i.e. "put one finger in the air") and also, demi is the most amazing person on the planet! I'm sure the water bottle thing was just good natured fun with the sucurity guard. They probably had a good laugh about it backstage, so stop talking bad about my hero!!!!!!!!!!! #Lovatic4life <3

  33. Cheyenne says – reply to this


    Lol whoever obviously wrote this article is a complete DA, because Demi has,multiple times, flipped her middle finger during 'Really don't care.' Shes still fully clothed isnt she! Lol. The pouring water on the security guard is a classic.. Sh_t it was probably hot in there.

  34. LOVATICTRUTH says – reply to this


    To compare a beautiful inspiring person like demi to a very bad influence like miley is just flat out dumb! Demi is an incredible person who has saved thousands of lives across the globe with her music! Perez should just stop being so rude! If dumping water bottles on someone's head was bad then all water balloon fights would be illegal. It's time you do your research before you post Perez! The water and middle finger r part of the show.

  35. Anonymouse says – reply to this


    Honestly guys. Demi's just living her life to the fullest and people shouldn't blame her for that. She's having fun. Hell, I bet the security guard is even having fun.

  36. sorry says – reply to this


    Re: Aaaaa – I'm not sure why people insist on putting words in Demi's mouth, but I'm tired of it. She's never once said anything about artists being "disrespectful". What she cares about is mental illness and mental health issues. That's what she's sensitive too. Maybe over sensitive sometimes, I'll admit, but it's to be expected from someone who's struggling with it themselves anyway. As for the rest you're saying, I don't even know where you're coming from,but you seem like the kind of person who likes to read too much into things and make assumptions about people. It's not the best quality to have

  37. Trinity says – reply to this


    guys these are a part of her show she ussually plans this stuff she did it in the us to

  38. Janet says – reply to this


    does it matter if Disney approves?…. She's not on Disney anymore.

  39. Janet says – reply to this


    She doesn't need Disney to approve…because she's not on there anymore.

  40. Janet says – reply to this


    She's not on Disney anymore, so she DOESNT need their approval.

  41. allibro says – reply to this


    hi like demi lovato and i still dont know if her and selena gomez are still friend hope so !!!x

  42. allibro says – reply to this


    Re: allibro – i mean i

  43. anonimo says – reply to this


    lo hzio porque a ella le gusta hacer muchas bromas y eso no es malo yo moriria porque demi me echara agua encima

  44. Ashley says – reply to this


    Re: Right – are you stupid? Im sorry but demi is a nice person. You are obviously ignorant. She was manic at the time and was not on medication for her bipolar disorder yet. Also she had apologized several times and took 100% responsiblity for what she had done and admitted it was wrong.