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7 comments to “Lorde Calls Out Paparazzo For Stalking! See Her Rant About Him Making Her Live In Fear HERE!”

  1. 1

    Then I say…give up the fame, fortune, and fans. Right? If you absolutely hate it this much then….well, quit and go work in a quiet library or something.

  2. 2

    I have so much respect for lorde she is one of the few women singers who aren't whores.
    Speak up when something is wrong, you go girl.

  3. fid says – reply to this


    I agree with her. Yes celebrities have to be accustomed to having their photographs taken, but when I see the far back photos of this happening, where you see the massive amounts of paparazzi that are infront of a store snapping your photo while you're trying to get a coffee, or take your kids somewhere it's really scary. I would absolutely hate that. Sometimes you just want to be a musician, or be an actor and you don't want the fame. And a lof of these paparazzi types seem like real money grabbing skeez-bags anyways, they're just trying to get paid their thousands of dollars and they don't care if they put someone in danger to do it.

  4. Jvc says – reply to this


    These gouts are douch bags and put peoples lives in danger all the time. There should be a law against some of this behavior, if it was a normal person then they could get a retraining order but because she is a celebrity she can't. Makes no sense. Good for her, this asses need to be called out and stalked so they can see how it feels,

  5. Name says – reply to this


    Simon Runting, is also well known for having sexual encounters with young female photographers in exchange for giving them a break, scum bag!

  6. Al says – reply to this


    She says outright that some of this comes with the territory, but you do expect there to be some limits. Apparently (according to other news sites) this guy is at the centre of a privacy law in New Zealand and Rihanna went after him too. I'm curious what the guy did to set Lorde off (though remember she had some issues with the paps a few months back when she returned to NZ). Thing to remember is - much as folks are loath to realize - Lorde is still a kid.

  7. Sarah says – reply to this


    Lorde is only 17 y/o, technically still a minor, so this is kinda creepy…