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SNL Writer Receives Criticism For Slavery Jokes On Weekend Update! Read The Response From Ebony.com's Senior Editor HERE!

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Did she just cross a line, or was she pushing the envelope as all good comedians should do?

On last Saturday's SNL, writer Leslie Jones gave a controversial performance while on Weekend Update:

"See, I’m single right now, but back in the slave days, I would have never been single. I’m six feet tall and I’m strong, Colin. Strong! I mean, look at me, I’m a mandingo…I’m just saying that back in the slave days, my love life would have been way better. Massah would have hooked me up with the best brotha on the plantation, and every nine months I'd be in the corner having a super baby. Every nine months I'd be in the corner just popping them out: Shaq, Kobe, LeBron, Kimbo Slice, Sinbad…I would be the No. 1 slave draft pick."

We can understand how this might spark an uproar, but isn't this making fun of slavery?

Well, one person who did not like this segment was the Senior Editor of Ebony.com, Jamilah Lemieux:

Whoa, strong words!

In response, Leslie had this to say on the matter:

"If anybody should be offended is white folks cause it’s what they did. Y’all so busy trying to be self righteous you miss what the joke really is. Very sad I have to defend myself to black people. Now I’m betting if Chris Rock or Dave [Chappelle] did that joke or jay z or Kanye put in a rap they would be called brilliant. Cause they all do this type of material. Just cause it came from a strong black woman who ain’t afraid to be real y’all mad. So here is my announcement black folks, you won’t stop me and Im gonna go even harder and deeper now. Cause it’s a shame that we kill each other instead of support each other. This exactly why black people are where we are now cause we too f***** sensitive and instead of make lemonade out of lemons we just suck the sour juice from the lemons. Wake up."

We do believe the whole point of her joke was to criticize slavery itself, but we'll be interested in seeing how Leslie pushes the envelope more!

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11 comments to “SNL Writer Receives Criticism For Slavery Jokes On Weekend Update! Read The Response From Ebony.com's Senior Editor HERE!”

  1. wanker says – reply to this


    that was the funniest thing on SNL i've seen in a loooong time. hilarious.

  2. 2

    I agree. People are too sensitive. And it might help if Americans looked at slavery globally instead of just in their own history. Yes, slavery in the states was whites owning blacks, but throughout history, throughout the world, slavery was not about race. People of all races enslaved people of all races - including their own. The slave trade is still alive and well in many parts of the world, including Africa where Africans are enslaving other Africans.

  3. Twins says – reply to this


    So everyone is open game expect blacks? This was was the first time
    I laughed at an SNL joke in years.

  4. shaygirl says – reply to this


    lorne michaels should be fired and snl taken off the air, racist! is Sharpton boycotting? where's Jessie Jackson> has Obama taken off time from golfing to comment?

    I'm kidding I don't really give a damn about snl or don sterling not wanting his million dollar whore having her pic taken with black athletes particular ones infected with HIV/AIDS.

  5. andy says – reply to this


    I fucking loved it.

    I'm white, but I'm a 24 yr old scottish boy, so I've not actually owned a slave or felt any white guilt as I'm not a racist.
    I just thought she had amazing comedic timing, tackled a controversial issue with just the right amount of push and delivered a really funny and totally random performance.

    Honestly, she should be happy its caused so much talk. Better being loved and hated than just being tolerated like a lot of the snl performers.


  6. jackson says – reply to this


    Re: andy – Andy none of us have owned a slave so don't feel so special. slavery ended 169 years ago in the USA and its all blacks have here in the US, this chick is only on the show because the blacks moaned and groaned until they hired "a strong black woman" its become a joke.

  7. JBeiber's Monkey says – reply to this


    It's funny as hell, and completely true. If you find it uncomfortable, that's too bad, but it's true and funny.

  8. Andy says – reply to this


    Re: jackson

    It's called sarcasm you fucking idiot.

  9. James says – reply to this


    Re: Andy

    HAHA Brilliant Andy.

    Yea Jackson, I don't think Andy was under the impression that anyone has owned slaves in recent terms. British people don't live under rocks like us.

  10. Deftie says – reply to this


    Nice, I wrote about censorship and was censored (my comment did not even appear). So that is all I got for free speach.

    Comedy should be without limits. Every sane adult person is capable of distinguishing between joke and the other thing.

  11. shaygirl says – reply to this


    this isn't even original. there was a racist lady named marge shott she basically said this and got thrown out of baseball…. she owned the Cincinnati reds.