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Russian President Vladimir Putin Puts An End To Curse Words In Movies & Other Media! Deets On The Ban That'll Have You Screaming '[CENSORED BY RUSSIA]!'

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putin ban foul language

No curse words? But how will we describe the actions of Vladimir Putin?!

Russian President Putin has signed into law a ban on foul language in movies, events, concerts, books, and theater!

In fact, if a movie has foul language, it won't get a distribution certificate. And there are costly fines for showing films without distribution certificates.

In terms of home distribution, if a piece of media contains any foul language, it will be sealed with a protective warning cover.

First, the incredibly punitive and homophobic anti-gay propaganda law, and now this? How far into Medieval times is he going to go?!

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9 comments to “Russian President Vladimir Putin Puts An End To Curse Words In Movies & Other Media! Deets On The Ban That'll Have You Screaming '[CENSORED BY RUSSIA]!'”

  1. 1

    The next step is to round up all the gays and put them into camps.

  2. CawwRI says – reply to this


    He will burning books next

  3. Default Setting says – reply to this


    Awesome. He probably saw as am example how corrupt we have become with our marxist anything goes freedom.

  4. What-0 says – reply to this


    this wuy is diggin his own grave… i can believe how people there actually accepts that kind of opresion

  5. Barbara says – reply to this


    I can agree on the foul language ban. It has gotten out of hand

  6. actright says – reply to this


    I agree w/Barbara cussing on TV has gotten out of hand here in the US. Sometimes you don't know if you are watching regular TV or Cable it is all becoming the same. I may not agree with Russian's new law as a whole but I will admit so glad to hear someone is willing to take some kind of stand.

  7. Peter Wanker says – reply to this


    I find it interesting your getting your panties all into a knot about Putin
    but seem to be wearing blinders when it come to the Arab countries

  8. Woop says – reply to this


    Censorship isn't great, but flipping thru the channels I've just been hit with some curse words. Bleeps that still let you know what they are. Our language has slipped from classy to crass. At least someone is trying to change vulgar. And bring back sweet sounding words. He could have done worse when it comes to censoring. I still get its unfair. However, it looks like movies can still be made with f*words and all that glory, you know… Creative freedom and art and all those ways of saying curse words.

  9. 9

    Dictatorship at its finest. This guy is no better than Kim Jong-un or anyone like that. He's only a few steps away from being comparable to a certain German guy who lived in the first half of the 20th century…