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Awww, but Jennifer Lawrence, we still love you! No matter what fame does to you, we'll always love your goofy, falling everywhere, swearing, eating ways!… Read more…

13 comments to “Jennifer Lawrence HAS Changed Due To Fame! Her Sad Tale About What It's Done To Her Is Heartbreaking!”

  1. dale says – reply to this


    I want you to send someone to watch from a distance at her next dinner and count how many people actually interrupt her while she's eating out (and, um, if they do this so much, why aren't you eating at a fancier place where that's just not going to happen hardly ever? I'm guessing less than 2 or 3 people interrupt her at a half hour meal. But, if it's more, I sincerely apologize. Then again, if you're going to taco bell, miss, you should know better, as most of your peers who also throw the middle finger around and curse like drunken sailors aren't going to be very respectful either…….

  2. Mark says – reply to this


    doubt that many people are stopping her while she's actually chewing food, sorry. unless she's out at some bar patio where people are drunk, and frankly, what do you expect???

  3. jdecarlo says – reply to this


    Awe, poor wealthy moviestarlet. Tortured by her fans and all the attention. How disgusting. These spoiled, vapid celebrities make me ill. Go shove it Jennifer.

  4. John says – reply to this


    I'll never interrupt her for a photo. Frankly, I think she has ZERO talent and gets by on her looks. David O. Asshole is hammering her and that's why she's the big thing right now, but when she gets her first crow's feet she'll be forgotten as quickly as Cindy Crawford.

  5. The Monsignore Jones says – reply to this


    really the movies are sub-par, but the GIF shits aren't too bad. She's ok. But she needs to, to at least make a cameo appearance re: Blue Is The Warmest Color III to be taken seriously. In The Absurdist Z.A. vachelettres and Reality Novel Bsurdist! the GIF is believed to be a movie in and of itself and probably The Best Thing anyone can have done to themself— A Reality compliment for models, actresses, actors, and singer dancer entertainers not to mention way-out Artists!

  6. 6

    I would hardly call those minor inconveniences heartbreaking.

  7. whatwhat says – reply to this


    be grateful bitch.. boo fucking hoo

  8. whatwhat says – reply to this


    Re: John – a-fucking-men

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    A worse problem might be wondering if you could actually afford to go out for dinner like many people. I guess asking for out of the way seating and eating with your famous back to the public might get stale.

  10. Darnie says – reply to this


    Re: dale
    As if it's OK to interrupt someone while they're at dinner? Who taught you how to behave in public? Even one person bugging you at dinner is too much. It probably happens daily to her.

  11. 11

    Re: Darnie
    If it happens to her daily, then maybe she should think about eating at home. This is a very small price to pay. She can walk away now and be set for life (if she is smart with her money). Most of us will work and struggle for the rest of our lives, and under worse conditions then she will ever know.

  12. Pico says – reply to this


    I have first hand knowledge of what it is like to be with someone famous at a restaurant. Granted my friend is a WWE Diva so no where near as famous as this girl. But when we go out she constantly has to deal with people wanting selfies or autographs, yes even while we eat. It gets cumbersome, tedious, and it gets to her because she just wants to enjoy her company like everyone else does at the restaurant. She normally asks for reserved seating when possible but still people come up and bother us. That is the problem and see exactly where Jennifer is coming, just because people made her famous because she is an actor does not give them the right to in a way butt into her life. My friend she is very accommodating with fans but they need to respect boundaries when she is with friends or family eating, shopping, etc. When she heads out the door into the street she is normally more then happy to oblige the true fans as best she can. From what I have read of Jennifer I am sure she does the same to the best of her ability. I have learned just because someone is famous does not mean we have access to their life, to the person who said be grateful I am sure she is and you should respect her when she is on her down time out and about, what gives you or the others the right to bother her for a selfie.

  13. Courtney says – reply to this


    Please, I don't think Jennifer sounds like one who is intentionally rude to her fans. (The paparazzi are an exception because they are greedy, intrusive monsters.) From what I've seen and heard, she is very gracious to her fans. Sure, she is by no means perfect–who is? So she's protective of her private life and downtime–is that a crime? She has said that while she appreciates her fans loving her movies, that they please not approach her while she's trying to have dinner. She sounds like a very lovely person who is still trying to get used to this insane level of fame at her age. It would probably make me closed off too with strangers butting in on my time! All the negative comments I see here are made by people who probably took her words out of context or haters who will take any chance to trash talk about her and make her out to be a horrible person.