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28 comments to “Justin Bieber Responds To Seth Rogen's Disses! Says He's Sorry Via Twitter But Is His Apology Sincere?”

  1. kendally says – reply to this


    i hope jb wasn't serious (its obvi he's not)
    who the f* does rogen think he is. some kinda king or shit?
    he aint will smith, or leonardo dicaprio.
    saying biebs isn't humble and he thinks somebody should bow down to him. wtf

  2. Josee says – reply to this


    Youre right i dont think he was serious but at least he respond. Maybe rogen taught he deserved more then a hello! Some people think just because they are older they can scrap the youngest. When you think youre better then everyone even youre rich it means that you missed something.

  3. bnietzsche says – reply to this


    Bieber is still a douche. SETH > BIEBER

  4. Aaron says – reply to this


    Re: kendally – stfu

  5. Janice says – reply to this


    Really? Seth Rogen goes on a rant (a couple of times) calling Justin Bieber a piece of sh** and Justin is the one you are calling disrepectfull?? Wow, your an idiot!!!

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    Rogan has what, 12 years on Justin ? Is Bieber even out of his teens yet? Why is a fairly successful guy in his thirties throwing public shade at someone so young who ASKED to meet HIM? Rogan looks to be a little green about something if you ask me. MENTOR, not destroy. Oh, forget it. When Rogan has kids if he ever does, he'll get it.

  7. tammie says – reply to this


    I dont think justin owes him nothing…he is just another ugly freak like Perez an there upset because Justin's career tops there's by 10 times over..sorry boys …he's young but twice the celeb than u boys are haha

  8. The IQ monster says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Bieber is not a child. He is a grown man.. and I rue the day when grown men can't call grown men douches.
    Maybe if older men were more assertive and kept boys in line better….there wouldnt be such a horrible population of wiggery shits running around destroying the upperclass communities with their wiggery ghettofied douchedom.

  9. lol says – reply to this


    Re: The IQ monster – Of course Justin Bieber isn't a child but he's only 20. In what world is a 20 year old a grown man lol? contrary to popular beliefs, 20 year olds are not the most mature people on the planet. They have a tendency of doing stupid things and saying stupid things because they are still YOUNG.

  10. Maxchar says – reply to this


    Oh Seth needs to grow up and get some balls! He is offended because he felt dissed by a teenager at the time. What does that say about that fat bearded man. Seth needs to stop showing his insecurities and concentrate on his career!!

  11. The IQ monster says – reply to this


    Re: lol – I dont agree. I was 20 once and so were my friends and NONE of us were as big a douche as justin. When I was 20, I was running a budding net business (couldnt even afford employees back then, so, I had to wear many hats. I couldnt lip sync my way into profits. I had to THINK my way into profits). My friends and I didnt become douches until our 30s. But at 20, we had our stuff together, behaviorally. Ever visit japan? Watch how 20 year olds act there and then look at justin. Embarrassing. His age is not an excuse. He's a douche. This is the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I HAVE EVER CALLED ANYONE A DOUCHE (I'm usually on the receiving end).
    and it feels gooooooooooood.
    douche douche douche douche douche

  12. lol says – reply to this


    Re: The IQ monster – "rolls eyes" Listen, I'm 18 and I know a lot of people my smoking weed, having sex, or doing something stupid. The difference between them and justin bieber is that they're not in the spotlight and have millions of people watching them. I agree that they are 20 year olds who have their shit together but not all of them do. And that's the reality. BTW I don't know justin personally and neither do you so I can't commit on him being a douche. He's makes stupid decisions though

  13. Miamivic says – reply to this


    Bieber and his groupies have no frikkin clue about how much he's despised. Everything he does and everything he tries to get into turns to Caca.

  14. Miamivic says – reply to this


    BTW, whatever became of the rapper J Bizzle? We've been waiting for months now and no Vanilla Wannabe Rap Hits to speak of.

  15. melissa says – reply to this


    perez you are no one to talk about respect

  16. JC says – reply to this


    Re: The IQ monster
    "I was 20 once and so were my friends and NONE of us were as big a douche as justin."

    But you're a douche now. What changed?

  17. Calabasas says – reply to this


    Seth rogan needs to back off. He's just jealous of Justin Bieber like the majority of men on this planet. They are so pathetic. It's obvious that these men are HATERS when it comes to JB

  18. ok_then says – reply to this


    Justin Bieber has just stated that he does not bow down to anybody..Good for him! What a backhanded diss if I ever seen one.. One of the most famous people on the planet misspells your name wrong publicly is either a mistake or a huge diss..

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: The IQ monster – Yeah, I know, and understand consequences and checks and balances. It doesn't mean I have to like it or pile on, or that my opinion is right.This is some kind of guy thing, and there's sense in what you say. Personally, have always had better luck gaining informed perspective by getting to really know someone. Looking through someone's else's eyes has a way of checking ME. If I still think they're a douche after that, then I'm out.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: The IQ monster – OK, to be more specific, look @ Rogan's great background in wiki, upbringing and solid role models and then look at Justin's; a product of divorce. With Justin wanting to meet Rogan, a relationship could have been established and Seth could have become a go to anchor for a kid who seems to lack and want that. A few dinners and hanging out and Seth would have an opportunity to inject some needed sense and reality from a concerned place and by example, and have way more effect. Justin didn't have that role model, apart from maybe a grandpa who wasn't around like a good dad would have been. His bonding with the male rap culture is no accident. There's a hole, and seems to me he was seeking to fill it. Not that it's Rogan's responsibility; just like it isn't his to call him out unless he's made an adult effort.

  21. cblanchett says – reply to this


    Who the heck is this Seth Whoever and why do we care whatever he says?? He obviously wanted to get in the limelight by saying bad things about a much-bigger star than he is. How grown-up is that! Justin- love you and always will!

  22. not says – reply to this


    We all saw the smart mouth brat at the deposition. Justin wants to play the bab boy now, but for years people in the industry said he was a real egotistical brat. Now people like Seth Robin and others are coming forward with the truth. His manufactured good boy image was a lie. He's a little tiny punk following in his Dad's footsteps. The thing is he is influencing his young audience, and people are outraged with his additude and behaviour. He's aging out if his career.

  23. keep enabling says – reply to this


    All the people being called haters is just to deflect from the truth. But go ahead and enable and see what happens.

  24. Nash says – reply to this


    Justin was mocking Rogen, why should Justin apologize to him anyway? He has done nothing to negatively affect him, Rogen is just using harsh defamation tactics. Kind of ironic how Rogen blasts him for his behaviour, when his only hit movies show Rogan smoking dope, partying too hard and making a fool of himself. If he is so concerned about what the young and impressionable will pick up, perhaps stop starring in drug abuse movies, although, you have stated publicly that smoking weed is a good idea…

    If anyone is a POS is Rogen

  25. ashley says – reply to this


    get fucking life Perez Hilton you are nothing but pice fucking Carp that has no life Justin bieber is the best you are not

  26. 5eth says – reply to this


    Seriously Bieber is about as interesting as a whale's cum stain!

  27. nad says – reply to this


    Re: JC – but you werent famous you dindt have any fans there wasnt that much pressure on you to grow up fast you werent followed by pervetd mans following your very move so plz dont compare yourself to justin

  28. katie says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then

    This is how people really feel about Beiber, Seth isnt full of crap sorry. Justin beiber is a disgrace to even himself, he is a douche!