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Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian Are Getting Ready To Take Over The Hamptons But Residents Aren't Too Pleased About It!

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The Kardashians haven't even set foot in the Hamptons yet and they're already raising hell!

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are preparing to star in a new KUWTK spinoff where the two sisters will be taking over the Hamptons and relocate their DASH boutique over the summer, but the locals aren't very happy about that!

In fact, they're already despising the possible hassle of cameras, paparazzi, and the hoards of fans that will gather to see their favorite Kardashian sisters!

A source revealed production has been scouting properties for the show and it's already getting the locals all rilled up. They said:

"They have been looking at property on Little Plains Road in Southampton, and already the neighbors are up in arms about it. They don’t want the hassle of the entourage, the cameras, the paparazzi and all the fanfare that comes with this attention-seeking family."

That doesn't sound like the people will be welcoming the Kardashians with open arms! How awkward.

Stephen Funsch, an administrator at the Southampton Village, was asked to comment on the rumors of residents opposing the reality stars into their turf and he revealed:

"The only thing I have heard is [that] one resident wants to talk to the mayor about them coming and didn’t want them here."

Either the rumors have been blown out of proportion or the Hamptons inhabitants are secretly planning to run the sisters out of town!

We'll go with the former. Besides, once you get to know Kourt and KoKo, they're not all that bad!

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8 comments to “Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian Are Getting Ready To Take Over The Hamptons But Residents Aren't Too Pleased About It!”

  1. Me says – reply to this


    Another season of SHITE karcrapian show no one will watch. Who is running the E! network these days?!

  2. kendra says – reply to this


    Re: Me – looollll you're a delusional hater! why do you think they've been going strong for 9 seasons? U idiot go dig your grave and sleep in it until death come and get you, noone will even notice!

    All those haters not wanting the attention… Bitch please! Nobody give a rat's ass about ur damn life dont u worry you wont be on camera YOU'RE NOT THE SUBJECT! hahahaha i cant even deal with how haters think they're all that judging them…. fuck y'all man! They're probably hatin because they have their mistress coming out and they dont want their wife to know… sad life really…

  3. kimzazz says – reply to this


    Fk off idiot. You are such a lardassian kiss azzz it's pathetic. Any wonder your tongue hasn't fallen off from their std ridden bvtt holes.

  4. kimzazz says – reply to this


    Re: kendra – listen you fking whoore. .you go on about haters but the fking hypocrisy of it all. ..If anyone trashes those biitches, you pathetic pieces of shiite lose your minds. Go fking kill your self

  5. 5

    the KKKUNT-TRASH-IANS can only try to ruin this beautiful beach community. just wait. the local laws makers will shut them down. the KKKUNT-FUCK-TRASH-AINS ARE GREED MONSTERS and wannabe celebrities with no talent whatsoever. people who worship these morons, led by a MOTHER who would sell their children for sex to make money, are mentally ill.

  6. juniormintsrule says – reply to this


    the same thing happened with the took "took miami" we didnt want there here either. thats why they had to live in shitty North Miami and shot on SOBE.
    Its enough with these ppl already

  7. 7

    That is complete Bull Chitt—-They are welcome whereever they go ..Get a life you bunch of Morons….Looking forward to see the new series …Canada loves you gals as well as the world… Pay no attentions to those jealous losers who have nothing in their life… Those people are worthless.. I just hope I can meet those Kardashions someday.. Got to go now and do some clothing orders from Dash….

  8. 8

    It is known the Kardashians are no favorite in any community. Miami wasn't very fond of the controversial sisters and the Hamptons well, they're rich families that probably don't want to associate with any Kardashian name. Calabasas seems to be working, or so it seems.