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The Vampire Diaries Ups The Ante With Most SHOCKING Cast Death To Date! You're NOT Going To Believe THIS!!!

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vampire diaries shocking main cast death


Holy shizzzz!!!!

Did anyone see this coming??!

We're used to dramatic shows killing off characters from time to time, but killing off one of the main characters?!

No one could have predicted this!

Last night on The Vampire DiariesONE LAST WARNING: SPOILER ALERT

Paul Wesley's character, Stefan, was KILLED!

Yup, Stefan, Elena's first love and Damon's brother, is no more!

You see, he had his heart ripped out by Julien, who was in Tyler's body. And there was Caroline, who watched the whole thing, sobbing her eyes out.

And who can blame her, she was his next love interest! Now who's she going to get her romance on with?

Paul even tweeted confirmation of the death in case fans thought it was all a dream:


…remember when Bonnie (Kat Graham) died??

And she came back!

So let's all face it, there's still hope until we hear that Paul is completely off the show for good never to return.

Which we hope never ever happens. Please.

P.S. CLICK HERE for our EXCLUSIVE interview with The Vampire Diaries cast!

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19 comments to “The Vampire Diaries Ups The Ante With Most SHOCKING Cast Death To Date! You're NOT Going To Believe THIS!!!”

  1. NinjaGirl says – reply to this


    YES YES YES! Team Damon all the way :D

  2. Bev Felix says – reply to this


    The Stefan/Damon conundrum (nice-naughty..good/evil) is the main crux of VD. No Stephen, no watch!

  3. kelly says – reply to this


    The show is picked up for another season, No way they're going to kill off the main character. & IF they were going to, they would have done it on the season finale, not an episode before the season finale.. My guess, the season finale will end with stephan coming back from the other side.

  4. destinybond says – reply to this


    Re: Bev Felix – It's S-T-E-F-A-N! It's already season 5, learn to pronounce his name properly!

  5. Sheri says – reply to this


    Stephen dies in the books so he will be back!

  6. tany says – reply to this


    omg..i can't believe

  7. Cipko says – reply to this


    I think that he will be dead, and Damon & Elena at the end…. Writers said that they gonna risk with the new situation in s6…. Maybe they gonna be on the other side instead…. And I cry my eyes out when Stefan died :'(

  8. stephanie says – reply to this


    he'll be back

  9. Sandricka says – reply to this


    Love the show,very sad he's died…but if they bring him back will be such a shame…come on…he had his heart ripped out..maybe he'll be a ghost?!?! :(

  10. StefanCan'tBeDead! says – reply to this


    Nooooooooo, if stefan stays dead I'm done with TVD! Damn, I'm still crying!!

  11. StefanCan'tBeDead! says – reply to this


    Re: Bev FelixRe: Bev Felix
    I hope Damon dies in the next episode :)
    R.I.P My stefan :(

  12. Eve says – reply to this


    Re: NinjaGirl – I was really scared that It was going to be Damon and I was scrolling down the page really slowly, but it was Stefan. YESSSS S S S S S S S S my reaction was exactly like yours. Sooo happy!!!

  13. Jay says – reply to this


    Well, obviously he's gonna come back! I mean, if the otherside is falling apart and they are all gonna die, hello!?!?!? They are gonna find a way to bring back Enzo, Bonnie and Stefan and the whole cast is gonna survive.

    There's a talk about Damon sacrificing himself to save Stefan but if Ian's no longer part of the show, they are gonna lose a lot of viewers. I mean A LOT! Same goes for Paul! So don't freak out just yet guys, he'll come back. Paul's tweet… just teasing us surely! The cheeky lad! ;)

  14. Chrissy says – reply to this


    I hope Damon or Elena dies permanently for good.

  15. Gilly says – reply to this


    This is the worse season of vd yet, please fix the writing before filming season 6 or this show is doomed to not have a season 7. I used to watch the episodes a couple of times before the next one aired but this year I can barely watch it once. See ya in New Orleans instead.

  16. Don'tFreakOut says – reply to this


    In the last series of the books, which Smith didn't even write, Stefan does die and Elena then obviously ends up with Damon. In fact, Damon also dies at some point in the books, which we haven't seen in the series yet yet. However, it's too early to have killed Stefan off the show. If the writers are sticking to the books, which it looks like they are, meaning that Damon will die at some point too, then they should kill Stefan off in the very last episode of the whole series. Think about all those promotions and stuff that Nina, Paul and Ian have to always do. When people say, "The Vampire Diaries" these three always pop up in our minds. The story revolves around them and if the writers decide to kill Stefan off now, even though is simultaneously beautiful and boring, then they will lose many viewers. I don't think anybody want "The O.C" situation happening here. It HAS to be Elena, Stefan and Damon right till the end.

  17. Jen says – reply to this


    I am highly disappointed with this season’s writing. It used to be such an incredible, exciting show with wonderful characters and plot lines. I thoroughly enjoyed a lead female character who was smart, confident, caring and brave. However, I believe all of that has changed greatly for the worse over the past few seasons. By removing Paul Wesley’s character this week, I believe they have effectively ended the show. If they continue as they have this season, the writers should pack it up. R.i.p. vampire diaries, I greatly appreciate all of the great tv moments!

  18. cheri says – reply to this


    you all are starting to kill the show no stefan who wants to watch you started out good and than you guys messed it all up

  19. ley xavier says – reply to this


    im still crying . . . . . . . . . . . . .this cant be happening! im crying again . . . . . ;(