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Julia Roberts Apparently Spewed Some "Harsh" Words At Sister Nancy Motes' Memorial! Read How She "Stunned" Guests HERE!

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julia roberts nancy motes memorial

This sounds so far from the pretty woman we've grown to love on the big screen!

Julia Roberts estranged relationship with her late half-sister Nancy Motes revealed itself in her suicide note, but their apparent bitter feelings were once again resurrected at her memorial service in Smyrna, Georgia last week.

Nasty rumors are swirling about what Julia said at the eulogy about her sister's tragic death.

One source, supposedly at the ceremony, alleged:

"Julia added that Nancy’s … Gone and not coming back..Julia said that, as her sister, she just wanted to ‘wring’ her neck because she didn’t wait to see the joy that comes with the morning…But they were even more stunned when she said that she actually admired Nancy for what she did![She] insisted that “her sister took control and ended her pain when she had no other tolls to cope with it … She said that she admired that she had the strength to do what she did, to end her pain.”


We know their relationship was far from perfect, but it is VERY hard to imagine a lady known for her sophistication saying that in front of a room of mourning people!

If the words did instead come out of Julia's mouth than it is definitely no wonder why people left "stunned."

Let us cross our fingers this is just a horrific rumor!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2622987/She-took-control-ended-pain-Julia-Roberts-harsh-bizarre-eulogy-estranged-sister-killed-herself.html#ixzz31ExElszs
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18 comments to “Julia Roberts Apparently Spewed Some "Harsh" Words At Sister Nancy Motes' Memorial! Read How She "Stunned" Guests HERE!”

  1. Emilyann415 says – reply to this


    Hmmmm…..having dealt with a brother who has released more times then I can count, I see nothing wrong at all with this eulogy. Perfectly said Julia and sorry some people feel the need to criticize your grief and heartfelt eulogy to her.

  2. Emilyann415 says – reply to this


    Re: Emilyann415 – relapsed not released…….

  3. 3

    You KNOW it's a rumor. A made up story. But still you post it. *sigh*

  4. Eh says – reply to this


    Is it just me or does this article give the impression that it may or may not have been copy and pasted.

  5. Craps says – reply to this


    Wow. This could be a prime example of someone's words being taken out of context, a prime example of something that should be in the national enquirer, and a prime example of why people (both celebs and non-celebs) hate Perez Hilton so much. None of us were there. It's barely 2 rumored lines from an entire eulogy. I don't really know the back story to this apparent strained relationship, but if Julia Roberts did say she wanted to 'wring' her sister's neck, maybe she was referring to the frustration she felt in seeing her sister's life struggles. Maybe she said the admired her sister for ending her life because her sister was suffering tremendously and she was trying to put a positive spin on a horrible situation by saying she is no longer suffering.

    I'm not saying this is what Julia Roberts meant. We don't even know if she really said these words, but it's this kinds of "news"/gossip that creates bad reputations for people.

  6. 6

    "Julia Roberts & Her Mother Were Alleged No Shows At Her Half-Sister Nancy Motes' Memorial Service This Weekend"
    Your headline.
    How did she give a eulogy if she wasn't there?

  7. Heather says – reply to this


    When a family member kills themself, you have to turn your thoughts inside out to find an angle from which things make sense. I don't think the whole world should jump on JRs case as she figures out the best way to mourn. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what's he thinks anyway. It was her sisters life and only her sister could make her choices.

  8. 8

    Perez, how much money are you making on this post….how much have you profited from "private" family moments?

  9. 9

    Didn't you say before that Julia Roberts didn't even attend? Which is it?

  10. 10

    Did she really say that Nancy had "no more tolls to cope with it"? Pretty sure if she said anything of the sort it was more like "no more tools to cope with it."

  11. annaobscura says – reply to this


    There is nothing wrong with what she said, Julia is being candid, she is angry at her sister but she is also proud of Nancy's strength and self determination. It might seem contradictory, but these aren't harsh words, these are the sorts of mixed emotions that the family of suicide victims often feel. Try having a little compassion before judging a grieving sister.

  12. brenda says – reply to this


    Well Julia , I can relate to what you said.I think it is very selfish of people to commit suicide. They do it not only to end there pain but to make pain for others because they figure everyone else deserves the same.If I cant be happy why should you!! Thank god no young children.As children always blame themselves.

  13. 13

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  14. WasThere says – reply to this


    More implications from a Implidiot. What kind of name is Perez Hilton anyway?

  15. 15

    We'll never know if she attended, unless we see a picture. I don't think she came, or it would have been in the Atlanta papers, and I read it from cover to cover, and saw nothing.

  16. Xochil says – reply to this


    Julia was at the service in Smyrna, with her mother and a few friends. She made a point to only invite people at last minute, many people that knew Nancy and did not get notified were very upset, including Nancy's Finance John Dilbeck. Facts of what she said have been verified by numerous media, because even the rag magazines could not believe her cold words in giving the Eulogy. She is a cold unfeeling women and only cares about herself and how it effects her career. It is in my opinion very clear she is happy her sister is gone. She is a hateful, miserable person and people will see this as you can't go on bullying your way through your life, it will catch up with you.

  17. Rose says – reply to this


    This is is a BITCH!! She didnt love her sister what can you expect from someone like this??? BITCH!!! U have no feelings you only have a black soul stupid piece of shit i will never watch any of your movies again

  18. Sebbie says – reply to this


    This could be one of two things frankly. Either Julia Roberts really did treat her badly, OR she's someone paranoid that was full of hate over nothing, having had a relative decide I'd done something bad when she's in a different part of the country and I haven't talked to her in years but she's just decided I did something and won't even say what Ill have to reserve judgement that Julia did anything wrong. Maybe she did but maybe she didn't. Maybe she really teased about the weight and maybe she made one comment because she thought she needed to diet, that was held against her forever Who knows.