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Ouch! This has got to burrrrrn. As if Beyoncé doesn't have enough to deal with what with her sister, Solange, unleashing a beast on her hubby, Jay Z.… Read more…

19 comments to “Beyoncé Seriously SHADED By 50 Cent Over Not Stepping In To Stop Jay Z, Solange Fight! See The Diss HERE!”

  1. karen says – reply to this


    The only time Beyonce looked like she was going to step in was toward the end where it looked like he was finally going to hit her back.

  2. ad says – reply to this


    Bey was looking out for her family on this one. She kept her husband from putting hands on her sister, nor did she touch her sister herself, because she did not want either one of them getting arrested. I applaud her for her clear thinking. They do have a small child at home to take care of.

  3. @v@ says – reply to this


    Bey would have been shocked, and was probably trying to listen to what her sister was saying; plus a physical outburst would be shocking to her initially because she's a copacetic cat. She knows the bodyguards are paid big bucks to deal, and Jay isn't helpless himself, so why would she do something stupid like getting injured by flying kicks and have to back out of any performance? The sister was a hellcat but doesn't look stronger than a flea compared to the size of those guys.

  4. sarah says – reply to this


    no one even knows what the fight was about!!! he could have done something to bey.. maybe cheated.. hell i wouldnt protect his ass if he cheated on me

  5. shaygirl says – reply to this


    I love it. Celebs on notice after the Sterling shake-down. you're being TAPED, everyone's phones are ready to RECORD. those basketball owners and PLAYERS better have some clean houses because DON STERLING is gonna come back to haunt all of you. Beyoncé sure look like a battered woman standing there letting little sis fight for her. NBA better investigate right away.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    Lol, Fiddy wants to see a chick fight.

  7. Saiii says – reply to this


    Stop calling her Bey you idio0ts are not her friends

  8. Nope says – reply to this


    Where's the whole domestic violence outrage? If this had been the other way around, Jay Z would be demonized. But because it's a woman, no one cares. That's bullshit.

  9. 9

    You people are nuts, he actually acted like a gentleman. I know a lot of black guys would have kicked gher ass. he was trying to cover himself,a nd control her feet kicking him, what was he suppose to do, just stand there and take it?

  10. nate2611 says – reply to this


    Re: sarah – Probably trying to listen to what her sister was saying??? lmao wtf?? huh

  11. tacogirl says – reply to this


    NO Beyonce Was Smart enough not to get involved…
    That's what BodyGuards are for. 50 cent should hook up Solange…
    they could move to the ghetto and kick butts….

  12. DATA says – reply to this


    50 CENT always got something negative to say about Beyonce. he needs to shut up with his WACK ASS. nobody knows what really happened there's a reason why she stood there and did nothing

  13. dada says – reply to this


    Re: nate2611 – uhhh yea she should have got her ass kicked. people shouldnt hit people.

  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Saiii – It's quicker to type Bey than Bey-on-ce, and you had a point until
    you called random people who are not YOUR friends (either) idioOts. Unless YOU are Beyonce.

  15. dominicanbx says – reply to this


    Re: nate2611 – totaly agree with u

  16. tdotz says – reply to this


    Re: dominicanbx

    Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn

  17. mizzbooboo says – reply to this


    Re: Saiii – no u fucking idiot. Everyone calls her Bey, friend or not it doesn't matter and ur post is irrelevant. you mad because your not famous? stupid hoe

  18. DuDeKnows says – reply to this


    Solange caught JayZ putting hands on a young model. Duh. That's why Bey didn't step in - Solange had her back.

  19. whateveryouwantittobe says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – i know alot of guys period who will hit her back. having dar skin doesn't permit you to different actions compared to someone who isn't.