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Controversial court documents are on the table! As Tori Spelling deals with her husband's cheating and erratic behavior on True Tori, more details are co… Read more…

13 comments to “Dean McDermott's Brutal Behavior In His First Marriage Is Exposed! Cocaine, Anger, Animal Cruelty & More!”

  1. Jo Ann says – reply to this


    What a scumbag! Not looking after his child and beating his dog is inexcusable. He needs a lot of therapy and shouldn't be trusted with children and animals. He is the lowest of the lowly. Torie should count her losses and blessings and kick him to the curb as he rightfully deserves. Total garbage!

  2. write4life says – reply to this


    He's such white trash, just look at him. He's disgusting. I'm not surprised Tori went for him, it's not like she can do any better.

  3. ohmy says – reply to this


    Tori needs to get this bozo to the curb! He looks like a homeless man and I'm sure that a lot of them have a lot more integrity than this ahole.

  4. wicked says – reply to this


    Dean looks as if he had a rough night of dumpster diving. Tori & Dean are a cautionary tale of " How a relationship begins is the way it will end". Both, had affairs on set in Canada then returned to discard both if their unsuspecting spouses. Dean threw away a 12 year marriage, his Son and yet to be adopted Daughter. Tori broke Charlie's heart, embarrassed her Family and made us watch her tawdry " soulmate & herself" procreate and live quite well on national TV for most of their disaster of a marriage. Now we get the privilege of watching their marriage implode. Talk about Fantasy Island?
    Is this reality? Or is this too real? No one likes watching a divorcing couple or is Tori a mad genius that knows that the reality TV watching masses would tune in for the " I told you so, factor"?? Girl. If a man cheats on his wife of 12 years & leaves his wife and children for you? One day down the line he will be cheating on you and he'll be leaving you and your children. Your only saving grace. Dump him after humiliating him on national TV. Now, write a book and start writing your Single Mom sTori Reality TV series and get the green light.

  5. wicked says – reply to this


    Can we deport him for felony scumbagism and get him deported back to Canada??

  6. poosie says – reply to this


    Toris face has been degenerating like she caught AIDS from Dean.

  7. Rose says – reply to this


    He's trying to get better…I think…I don't know him or anything. What he did was inexcusable but it seems to me like he recognizes it and tells his story so that others know that they're not alone and that there is a way to come back from it. I struggled myself with certain issues but I learned and live and I share what I learned with others so I kind of get where he's coming from.

  8. Ketielynn says – reply to this


    Getting a little easier to understand why her mom won't just hand out a butt load of cash to "poor Tori".

  9. rudyracin says – reply to this


    I said it from the beginning he was scum and that Tori needed to close this chapter of her life and move on and take the kids with her. If he had visitations I would damn sure make them supervised. I would also force him to get a job and pay child support. Get rid of him and move on to someone you can respect.

  10. Memyselfandi says – reply to this


    Karma..Dean and Tori…you both broke up marriages…so now it all comes full circle!

  11. Tailisin says – reply to this


    Re: Rose
    If Dean actually started taking responsibility for his actions instead of blaming his wife's lack of sexual attention 24/7, I would agree with you.
    Since, he blames Tori for him being a philandering arsehole, he isn't remorseful for
    Anything other than getting caught!

  12. Tailisin says – reply to this


    Re: wicked
    Hey, Wicked! How r u doing, Bud!
    Wow, great theory about Tori's motivation for
    Treating us to this Psychodrama! OK, let me clear my bookcase for her Single Tori Mommy land Book! LOL!!

  13. Tailisin says – reply to this


    I loved Aaron Spelling's Old series growing up. Seems like Tori & her Brother might have had everything $$$$ can buy with the exception of Maternal Love & Guidance.
    I don't approve of cheating however I am not going to pretend that Tori or anyone deserves being treated like this in any type of
    Coupling. She was Faithful to Dean during her marriage & created career opportunities for him. She broke vows to her 1st husband and paid him spousal support. In my estimation she paid her dues for her infidelity & learned from it. Not true with Dean. He will always cheat. However, he blew it. He will never be taken seriously ever again. It is official, Dean is a creepy cheating swine. No rich blonde meal tickets in his future!!