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James Franco Poses For A Very Serious Selfie — In A Shirt Made Out Of Pictures Of James Franco

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james franco shirt selfie

If almost any other celebrity did this, we'd call it self-indulgent, but when James Franco snapped himself in a button-up shirt decorated with different images of his face, we just have to L-O-L.

YUP! In the latest installment of James' jaw dropping Instagram snaps, the actor sports a Clashist smock to compliment his ultra somber mug.

Why so sad, handsome??!

No offense James, but we definitely prefer this photo over that nearly nekkid selfie you uploaded last week! HA!

It's just makes us feel less…awkward.

[Image via James Franco/Instagram.]

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2 comments to “James Franco Poses For A Very Serious Selfie — In A Shirt Made Out Of Pictures Of James Franco”

  1. Rose says – reply to this


    He's looking a little bit worn and that makes me sad! He was always so freaking handsome and now he just looks like he's tired and crazy :(

  2. Atasi says – reply to this


    He so sad hahaha wells something really missing from his life only he can fix this no-one else can buddy…..