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Ed Sheeran & Demi Lovato Are Finally Collaborating!! Find Out When They'll Hit The Studio HERE!

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ed sheeran confirms collaboration with demi lovato wango tango

Ginger Jesus has spoken and all we can say is "hallelujah!"

Cameras caught up with Ed Sheeran on the Wango Tango red carpet this week and he unleashed the best friggin' news ever!!!!

The fiery-haired hunk swore he plans joining forces with the divine Demi Lovato in the record studio, and he says it's all happening sooner than you think!

The A Team singer SWEARS they're e-mailing back and forth already — OMG, we wish we could hack into that convo — and they plan on seeing each other at the end of this month!!

Yes!!! That totally explains why our Demi (goddess) recently had Love on the mind!

Whether you worship at the shrine of the crimson-curled God or call yourself a devout Lovatic, this is AH-Mazing news!!

We cannot wait to hear their marvelous music!

[Image via Twitter.]

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23 comments to “Ed Sheeran & Demi Lovato Are Finally Collaborating!! Find Out When They'll Hit The Studio HERE!”

  1. FUCK YOU says – reply to this



  2. paramore says – reply to this


    Re: FUCK YOU – And that's just Demi's snack. Before she chucks it up. :)

  3. John says – reply to this


    shame ed has to deliver his actual talent to the likes of a wannabe like demi. its still not gonna help her chart and she'll still be promoting it a year after it comes out because no one cares about her music except her rabid army of fans who don't know the difference between staying with an artist because they're actually worth it and staying with an artist because they don't know when to except that their artist isn't as good as they first thought.

  4. MizzUndastood says – reply to this


    Re: paramore – hahahaha

  5. Sigh says – reply to this


    So much for Ed's credibility!

  6. Royalsssssss says – reply to this


    Re: John – Yes to all of this.

  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO says – reply to this



  8. Sierra says – reply to this


    Demi is forever trying to promote herself and its so annoying. I'm kind of a fan but to me the only album that was worth buying was her 2nd one which was in…. 2009. Her album now is full of annoying pop songs with like 3 ballads. She's constantly talking about the "struggles" she's faced and some of her fans are beligerent and annoying. She has dragged her career along far enough. Its only a matter of time before the novelty of her rehab stint wears off and no one gives a fuck 5 years from now that she went there

  9. Kitty says – reply to this


    Re: Sierra – I agree. People have been dealt worse cards than her, yet she constantly acts like the only person suffering from personal problems, or that others' don't matter. I'm sick of this "fallen angel" complex she has.

  10. Zaina's Anus says – reply to this


    Fat bitch with a victim complex.. surely a couple of cupcakes will cheer her up.

  11. kaia says – reply to this


    Re: John – Demi's music is therapy for people who don't want to go to therapy. It's inspirational and makes you cry but the message is so clear. Demi does try to promote herself but that's what all artists do, she has access to a large amount of people so why wouldn't she try and promote herself a lot?

  12. 70S KORNHOLE says – reply to this



  13. LOvatic says – reply to this


    Finally ! Ok to those people who are hating on Demi Lovato and saying she's another wannabe!! She IS Not A Wannabe. Miley Cyrus is!!!! Demi Lovato Actually has Talent!! Have You heard her LIVE!!!! Ed Sheeren Even thinks she's Talented thats WHY their doing a Collab Together!! Stop Hating on Her because You are ALL Jelous! Also She is trying to Promote herself for a Good Cause to inspire people! Not Many Celebs do that!! Yha we get she was on disney Chanel and Shit!! But Demi Lovato was the ONly Talented One on that show that could Actually Sing!! Stop being a Hater! And if you DO? Don't waste your time Commenting!

  14. likes says – reply to this


    I don't think most people actually bother to learn anything about her or any number of young artist before judging, which is sad. She actually is a great artist, but you just have to be of the less superficial variety to see it. She has some amazing songs, amazing lyrics she's written, and amazing performances she's put on, but she's on a shite label, that's her problem. Ed isn't lowering himself or doing less than he could be. Ever think maybe he's less superficial when it comes to art? Maybe he sees something the ordinary person cannot. An artist wouldn't slap their name on something that would make them look bad, trust me. I know that for a fact. So you have to see that it's only logical he doesn't look down on her as much as you lot of hipster kids do.

  15. likes says – reply to this


    As for her message, she helps people and that's a lot more than any of you guys do by sitting on your butts complaining about people you don't know the first thing about. And it's a lot more than celebrities who keep their mouths shut do either. The whole point isn't that she's special and a victim and going through something no one else has, it's that she's going through things others can relate to. Duh. And PS, she even has some great songs on her latest album, but you have to do more than listen to the radio singles to know that because the best ones like Two Pieces, In case, Warrior, and Nightingale aren't singles. Again, shite label. Don't blame her for that because she is a great artist unlike most of the people out there right now. I'm saying this because people underestimate her without even giving her a chance 99% of the time. If I had the time or space I could direct anyone to videos of her giving amazing performances, not just vocally, but emotionally. Emotion and soul is what most people lack. The power of her voice is another bonus.
    And she has fans because she is worth it, she isn't worth it because she has fans. So don't twist it around.

  16. likes says – reply to this


    Re: LOvatic – I don't even know what that John guys means by wannabe. If you think about it, every artist is a wannabe, so it's kind of irrelevant to point it out. But she has a passion so I don't know why some random guy who probably knows nothing about music at all would try to suggest someone should stop chasing their passion. Must lead a boring life. I do think people judge her and other Disney stars too much because they were on Disney, without even looking into their music. Her label pushes her in a direction that really isn't her and I know she's forced to put her name on that stuff, but you can't really judge any artist as not having any talent without actually listening to them or going in more deeply than just listening to a few songs or shows. She's one of the best younger singers when it comes to talent+artistic ability, that's why she's one of the only pop acts I even listen to. I can't wait for her to show it more in major singles and overall albums. Working with Ed is a good step forward.
    Miley's good, but I think she just chooses to sacrifice people taking her seriously for her actual music in place of people listening to her for her image and what she does.

  17. ..... says – reply to this


    I'm interested to see if she will be credited on the song they're writing "together" considering she doesn't have writing credits on half of her songs yet she continues to pretend that she writes "most" of her music. I don't get why a Grammy-nominated artist would want to work with the likes of a Disney girl like Demi so I doubt this collab will even happen. Isn't she the one that is still promoting and discounting her album that came out over a year ago? She hasn't had a #1 album in years and she can't even get a Billboard Hot 100 Top 8 single to save her life. Ed should stay away from her because her so-called "talent" and Disney management will just drag him down.

  18. sumerlogi12 says – reply to this


    Re: ….. – Dude, she has writing credits on the majority of her songs and has since her first albums. The only one she doesn't have that much writing credit on is Unbroken. Can't tell if trolling or stupid. People are really desperate but they only make themselves look bad because they don't know what they're even talking about. Anyone with even light musical knowledge who actually gives her a chance can recognize that she's not talentless.

  19. sumerlogi12 says – reply to this


    Re: ….. – And she's only 21, she has only been putting out albums since 2008, not for years. I don't know what her success has been on BB or anywhere else, but everyone knows those things have absolutely nothing to do with talent. She also wrote some of her best songs, by the way.

  20. yrty says – reply to this



  21. sumerlogi12 says – reply to this


    Re: yrty – Why is this place so troll-y? Having a serious conversation is like offering poison

  22. susana says – reply to this


    So happy that amazing people are gonna do a duet!!!

  23. FUCK YOU says – reply to this