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Justin Bieber Being Investigated For Attempted Robbery After He Allegedly Wrestled A Woman’s Cell Phone Out Of Her Hands!

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justin bieber angry

Really, Justin Bieber?! REALLY?!?

We’d report this as shocking news but at this point, it’s just not.

Sources say Justin is currently under investigation by the LAPD following what’s being called an attempted robbery!

It all went down at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park - an amusement complex with batting cages and mini golf. Biebs was hanging out with some friends when they suddenly got into a fight with another group of guys.

JB noticed a woman with her 13-year-old daughter nearby appearing to take pictures of the altercation. She says Justin came up to her and DEMANDED she show him her phone to make sure she didn’t snap any shots of him and his crew making trouble!

When she refused, Bieber got physical and ripped the cell out of her hands! But when he finally got the phone, it was locked! He then ordered her to enter her security code. She obliged and showed him she hadn’t taken any pictures!

Angrily, she told Justin that she just wanted her daughter to meet him since she’s a huge fan. She claims Justin then screamed at her:

"You're humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don't you just get out of here!”

When her daughter began crying, that’s when Justin finally turned and walked away!


Srsly, Justin. What is your problem?? Do you have even an ounce of respect for other people?

If Bieber is found at fault for any of this, he’s going to be in a world of trouble. A rap sheet can only get so long before authorities are going to take action. Keep it up, buddy, and you’ll be either behind bars, back in Canada, or BOTH!

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15 comments to “Justin Bieber Being Investigated For Attempted Robbery After He Allegedly Wrestled A Woman’s Cell Phone Out Of Her Hands!”

  1. karen says – reply to this


    10 years from now Justin & Miley are going to be doing one of those Celeb Big Brothers or Surreal Life shows trying desperately to get an extension on their 15 minutes.

  2. 2

    Bullying women and making little kids cry, what a pathetic piece of crap. You did, however, fail to mention that he initially went into her purse without her permission to get the phone, she then wrestled it away from him, and then he grabbed it out of her hands. If her purse was on her, like on her shoulder or she was holding it, it's assault as well as attempted robbery. A non-celebrity would have already been arrested over this, but because of who he is and because it happened where it did, I kind of doubt anything will happen.

  3. He's insane says – reply to this


    He is an insane menace to society and a danger. I cannot believe after his stunt attacking and harrassing the flight attendant and crew in mid air that he is not in jail. ANY ONE else would have been jailed and awaiting procecution. But this is another indication he is unbalanced mentally and a disaster waiting to happen!!

  4. Idiot says – reply to this


    What an IDIOT.

  5. Chad says – reply to this


    Justin Bieber is repulsive.

  6. Robin says – reply to this


    I think he has mental problems. :(

  7. Evelyn says – reply to this


    It seems like he is just begging for jail time. He probably thinks that a stint in jail would boost his street cred. He is pathetic.

  8. 8

    Even if she were filming him, he was in a public place, and therefore had no expectation to privacy. This means filming him, or taking pictures, is 100% legal. The MOMENT he touched me, or anything I own, he would receive a swift kick to the nuts.

  9. alice says – reply to this


    we say deport him .
    but nothing happens …think of another way

  10. Nikki Fatiga says – reply to this


    Women probably just wants a new phone and is embarrassed.

  11. Brooke says – reply to this


    Gullible or what? I HIGHLY DOUBT this happened. People are just trying to get him in trouble and get money from him. Leave the poor kid alone.

  12. anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: alice – shut up alice, lets deport you and what a stupid name you have.

  13. eyore says – reply to this


    That has to suck always having to worry about people taking your pic and following his every move. That by no means condones his behavior I think it's time that he lay low until it's time to make more music or do shows because it seems that he is hanging with the wrong crowd doesn't know how to conduct himself or both. He is a little immature but overall needs to learn to exercise better constraints…smh

  14. Josee says – reply to this


    Re: Brooke
    Youre right! All this story doesnt make sense.one more time mr perez you post something and again you didnt evaluate or confirm the news. Not only for justin bieber but for anything else.

  15. Vick says – reply to this


    Re: ickynicky
    How do you feel now that this story is fictional
    Will you apologise, my guess is no
    How sad