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Couple Claims McDonald's Gave Them A Burger Topped With Marijuana! Do You Want Highs With That?

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mcdonalds hamburger topped marijuana

Chances are if you ever see your McDonald's burger doing the above then you might be on some sort of drug!

One Iowa couple wasn't ba-da-da-da-da loving it when they allegedly received a hamburger topped with marijuana at the drive-through of a Mickey Dee's!

Ugh, McDonald's is supposed to help end your munchies not give you more!

According to Ottumwa police, a man bought the burger for his pregnant fiancé, which the two of them claim had some suspected pot on it!

We've heard of a happy meal, but this just crosses the line!

Authorities are saying that a sample of a substance was just sent to the Division of Criminal Investigation for analysis.

Police are now looking at every potential pot perp, from employees at the restaurant, to even the couple themselves! But what about the Hamburglar?! No one ever suspects the Hamburglar!

Authorities did say however that they found drug paraphernalia on an employee at McDonald's, but that no one has been charged yet in this case!

Meanwhile, they say that the results on the substance won't be available for at least a month!

We'll have to hold our breath and wait to exhale.

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2 comments to “Couple Claims McDonald's Gave Them A Burger Topped With Marijuana! Do You Want Highs With That?”

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  2. teeter totter says – reply to this


    I doubt their claim. Why would an employee give expensive weed to a stranger?