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Holy cow! We didn't actually think Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Solange would release a statement considering how private they are with their lives. But here … Read more…

32 comments to “Beyoncé, Jay Z, & Solange All Release A Joint Statement About The Infamous Elevator Fight! Read It HERE!”

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    Here's what bugs me the most about this issue (and the Donald Sterling case) - in both cases privacy was violated, and video/audio of what was done in private was sold to the media. If it is illegal to record someone without their knowledge, why is it legal for the media to buy it? Isn't it the same as knowingly buying stolen property?

  2. beach says – reply to this


    Good. Now let's move on and let it go. So stupid really. The media is out of control with all the made up nonsense, and that includes you Perez.

  3. Baffled says – reply to this


    who cares!!!! those knowles women are getting whiter by the day!!

  4. annainparis says – reply to this


    It's too easy to play out the 'private matter' when it clearly doesn't turn to your advantage. Clearly when they tour the white house, start a diet, loose weight, gain the weight back on, show private bday pictures, family trip pics, pretty much ANY aspect of their life (there were times when Perez posted up to 6 posts of woncé in a day regarding everything and nothing), you can't play the private card!! Any person who wants to be private can be private. Besides it's for the public, the people to decide when to completely forget about the shocking suit and tie assault!

  5. Jenn says – reply to this


    Lol I guess posting all those lovey covey Instagram pics didn't work.. A statement is more potent in putting out the fire. This story isn't anyone's business but it peaked people's interest cause people love gossip. But who cares now.. I'm fine with moving on from them.

  6. James says – reply to this


    I'm glad that they are united. I really don't think it is any of our business, but glad to know that they are alright.

  7. SMiLiEE says – reply to this


    it is nobodies business but theirs, they do not need to explain this anyone. I'm glad that they are ok, we all know ALL families have problems behind close doors, they are no different. They are humans like the rest of us so lets all this go, we had our fun

  8. Beyondsea says – reply to this


    They will say everything y'all wanna hear but we all know this statement is made to blind us on the real story

  9. Liv says – reply to this


    That statement was such bull! Yes they're celebrities and I understand that they have a right to their privacy as anyone else, BUT you're really insulting the public's intelligence when you say, "We've put this behind us and hope everyone else will do the same." People are still going to speculate about what really happened because you bulls#itting around with the TRUTH.

  10. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    Re: Liv – Who cares that people speculate about what really happened? If this ordeal is what we are all worried about, then we really need to get a hold of our own lives. This incidence only proves that even celebrity families have issues, and theirs is no different than anyone elses. Whatever happened in that elevator is over now, and everyone should just move on and forget about it. If you think this is the first time they have had this kind of argument, then your head is in the clouds. Who among us should throw stones? How would any of us like our private lives leaked out on video for the whole world to see? We all do things we aren't proud of, and I'm sure Solange is super embarrassed that video leaked. I know I would be. But anyway… onward to another subject.

  11. Makka says – reply to this


    i don't care for this, i'm just curious to know what triggered that reaction!

  12. Blacktainment says – reply to this


    "We don't believe you! You need more people!" Ain't nobody ever all good after a beat down like that. It's just a PR statement to get people out their business, but Jay isn't messing wit dat hoe right now. He ain't got time 4 dat.

  13. Lisa says – reply to this


    Solange is very pretty but that Roseanne Roseannadanna hair style isn't doing her any favors…I don't give a shit about their fight.

  14. 14


  15. annainparis says – reply to this


    Re: fancypants66 – Assault is beyond the 'issue' category. Stop playing role models woncé and instead of finding in the guy who leaked the tape a scapegoat (of course he was going to leak the tape) keep your verbal and physical insults/assaults for yourself, not in a PUBLIC PLACE!!!

  16. coriolanus says – reply to this


    Who cares about it!
    They are all lower oneself!
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  18. _AnJelXO says – reply to this


    I Honestly Believe They Were Enjoying These Rumours & Speculations.. Because They Knew Whatever They Do Will Be Taking Out Of Context & Blown Out Of Control. What The Media Didn't Realize Was Starting All The Rumours Was Adding Fuel To Their Tour, so Now Everyone Will Be Anticipating The Tour! This Was A marketing & Promotion Stun.. Because If The Didn't Want This To Get Out, They Would Have Paid That Security Alot of Money or If They Didn't Want This To Last This Long They Would Have Made A Statement LONG Time.. So At The End Of The Day…. Jay, Bey & Solange Got The last Laugh!

    Think About It

  19. Lehollywood says – reply to this


    Re: Blacktainment – shut the fuck up idiot

  20. Lehollywood says – reply to this


    Re: annainparis – oh shut the fuck up moron, keep ur judgements to yourself, how about THAT! bitch

  21. Mizzbooboo says – reply to this


    Re: _AnJelXO – stupid, your narrow mind would think that. Shut the fuck up. This is very real and was out of their control, no PR or anything involved, just because we as a society took interest in the incident doesn't always mean it was done purposely so knock it off with the bullshit. People like you are annoying AS FUCK

  22. BeyRih says – reply to this


    No no no. The On the Run Tour will now be a #MESS as well as Bey's career. Now everyone knows how insincere and fake she is to her fans and everyone else. She just continues to play us in this response…ugh I kind of hate her now tbh

  23. annainparis says – reply to this


    Re: Lehollywood – Truth hurts!!! Just like woncé take your garbage outside the public space skunk!!

  24. annainparis says – reply to this


    Re: BeyRih – It's officially now called the ON THE RUIN TOUR….the only thing they can be thankful for is Solange's amazing ability to steal the spotlight!!!….no one even cares now about Kimye's wedding!!! Bravo Solange!!!

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    Well, what can you do but put something like this out to acknowledge the thing.
    It's their beeswax anyway, and some person decided to try to line their pocket with someone
    else's troubles.

  26. Mia says – reply to this


    its Chimp Fest All Ova …

  27. 27

    its prob the most real they ever got … juicy speculation indeed
    perez i was in the loony bin my cousin decided she now wants to marry my bf thus got some people onto me and when i told the cops they locked me up ,ME!! im out now noone beleived me is why ,,, im back

  28. Helen says – reply to this


    Here, let me have a stab in the dark. Maybe they're a threesome and Jay Z was getting too close to Beyoncé for Solange's liking?

  29. Greggory says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse superfan 777 – I hope all is well now.

  30. spot says – reply to this



  31. Archie says – reply to this


    They are taking responsibility for their actions like mature adults do. Good for them. I am glad to see that some stars still possess some dignity and common sense.

  32. Dee says – reply to this


    And of course, the details were left out so people can speculate further. Honestly, and not to sound cruel, but this was a good lesson for me…we often envy these celebrities thinking their lives are "perfect". We only see them surrounded by glitter and sparkles, as they appear on stage, not knowing that their private life can be a total mess. Makes me appreciate more what I have.