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Johnny Depp & Fiancé Amber Heard Go To Another Book Store! You Don't Need To Read Between The Lines To See How In Love They Are!

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Step one: curl up with a good book. Step two: Curl up with a good Johnny Depp!

Johnny and his fiancé Amber Heard did their favorite pastime on Wednesday…visiting bookstores together! Damn, they are fine…print!

While in Boston, the two visited the famous and historic Brattle Book Shop for a little browsin', buyin', and bookin'!

Here's what Ken Gloss, the proprietor of the store, said about their wordy love:

"They were very nice. They stayed for a little more than an hour. Probably if we weren't closing, they would have stayed longer…He bought a number of books. Poetry, art history…He was just very nice to everybody. And truly seemed very interested in the books. It wasn't like someone was picking things out for him."

We can't wait for these two to skip to the next chapter of their life…marriage!

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44 comments to “Johnny Depp & Fiancé Amber Heard Go To Another Book Store! You Don't Need To Read Between The Lines To See How In Love They Are!”

  1. god says – reply to this


    blah blah blah..this is a bunch of made up bullshit. if people knew anything about reading they would know that amber heard is evil. but obviously no one knows how to read because they missed that part

  2. helen says – reply to this


    Fiance? But he only recently separated from Vanessa, didn't he?

  3. Frankie says – reply to this


    Even jonny needs to keep Homegirl in line

  4. IceQueen24 says – reply to this


    This is such a PR news. Now they try to make them intellectual people. And mostly her. He tells on TV and papers how smart she is. If she and him was so smart why they dropped school? maybe she's smart because she knew how to trap him good and he was fool enough and still is, and also a blind man. hope she will take him half of his money on divorce.

  5. Vanilla ICE says – reply to this


    Re: IceQueen24 – ICE ICE BABY LOL

  6. Seriously says – reply to this


    Re: IceQueen24 – areYou Bitter and Old ?

  7. IceQueen24 says – reply to this


    Re: Seriously – not quite. I'm actually just 25, pretty and with a good job. no reason to be bitter. just realistic. kisses.

  8. Truth Hurts says – reply to this


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  10. phydeaux says – reply to this


    Jeez, Perez, are you on Depp's payroll?

  11. lizzibob says – reply to this


    Mr Depp is rather intellectual, Ambers loves Ann Rand …need we say more.

  12. No says – reply to this


    Re: IceQueen24 – And you sounds so frustrated and so bitter at 25? gosh i don't want to know how embittered you will be at 50! get a life and try to be happy!
    By the way, this is not a PR. There are pictures because the employees uploaded the pictures on instagrama, posing with them at the bookstore.
    It's nice that they share such a passion for books.

  13. teeter totter says – reply to this


    I love bookstores, too bad we have lost several good ones over the last few years like Crown Books and Borders. Not sure how the independents are holding on, but bless those who do.

  14. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: helen – Well, no he broke up with her more than 3 years ago. Where you in a coma or something?

  15. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: IceQueen24 – English, do you speak it motherfucker? PR news your fucking bitter ass. Do your bitch ass not realise that this is what the bookstore employees said in their social accounts? It's obviously not a statement made by their PR. Don't embarrass yourself and talk about things you know nothing about.

    There's no need to "try to make them intellectual people" because they are intellectual people nd they are well-read and cultured, unlike you.

    What does dropping out of school have to do with being smart? Some of the smartest people ever dropped out of school.

    You are clearly not smart enough to realise that you don't know anything about these people. Trap him? Please they just fell in love like any other two adults.

    The only fool here is you, fool. Divore? They didn't even get married yet and she isn't a trailer trash skank like you to do something like that. Do you think he is dumb and has no people to protect his money? Hahahahaha, you really are not smart at all!

  16. Land says – reply to this


    this is such a boring couple. you can fell johnny's age here. all he does is to transport his girlfriend from a place to another with his plane and take her to dinner to restaurants and shop at book stores. poor girl…so young and already living a boring and plan life. no fun, no entertainment, no crazy young things. at least it's good that he's rich and you can buy expensive stuff. but you can get bored on this things too…one day when you realize you're wasting your youth and life walks on you by pointless

  17. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: Land – Yeah because doing normal things that every other normal couple does and not doing insane things makes them a boring couple! She's almost 30, she's not that young and I'm pretty sure that she did crazy stuff when she was so young.

    How do you know they are having no fun and entertainment? Do you think you know them and live with them or something?

  18. IRONIC says – reply to this


    Re: Land – dear friend! Amber is now a lady, not old enough to pretend to be a teenager ..

  19. Land says – reply to this


    Re: 5aled – who cares about age? you need fun all your life. I don't live with them but in every picture they have the same face expression and they go in same type of locations. fancy restaurants and book shops. come one…NORMAL couples do more entertainment thins. trust me. and you don't have to be a teenager to have fun. and I was not talking about crazy things like drugs or stuff like that. if you see fun in this kind of stuff it's your problem. I have a lot of fun in very healthy ways. hope they are not so bored, but I have the felling johnny or amber will get tired soon. hope note. they deserve each other. and karma is doing 'good' work for both.

  20. rose63 says – reply to this


    I agree with others here. Notice they said Johnny bought books…Amber probably can't read. And, in every picture they do look miserable. Ahhh yes, I know Amber must really enjoy book stores! There is no excitement here. And it could of been a PR stunt. They damn well knew the store owner would say something……..Also notice that EVERY picture amber takes now she has to have the "ring hand" pushed out to make sure it gets in the shot. PR is PR. Amber needs to remember this, how many women did Johnny give engagement rings too? And how many did he marry? He just gave it to her to shut her up for a while. And maybe further her career of being seen with him. I notice he isn't planning any time off soon for a wedding. Anyone hear him speak of a wedding?????

  21. rose63 says – reply to this


    Oh, and also, always red lipstick and red nails. Always. Maybe she should of bought a beauty book.

  22. Ching ching says – reply to this


    Re: rose63 – Johnny's women always wear red lipstick. he probably has a fetish with that. surprisingly he trains them right, just like puppies. or maybe his women were and are all zero brain. they can't think by their one and they listen to him in everything. you can notice watching pictures with amber before being with depp and from now and you will see. he changed completely her style, in clothes, make-up, hair etc. she was dressing damn cheap and trashy before him. now she is 'coping' his style. she has no personality. like a muppet…his muppet.

  23. Mark says – reply to this


    Johnny is wasting his time, Amber's brain doesn't work

  24. Sasha says – reply to this


    Re: lizzibob – indeed. She likes Ayn Rand. Sad thing.

  25. $$ says – reply to this


    to thinking that she was filming the movie, is stopped for lack $ $

  26. Me says – reply to this


    LOL @ the comments about them not having fun. They were seen at the show "Queen of the night" a week or so. And on Broadway after her birthday. You don't know what they do. And it seems they are always moving their friends to spend fun time with them. Paul Bettany said about Johnny in a recent interview that when you are with him you have the impression that no other person in the world is having more fun than you! And his children call him "uncle fun", why do you think it's that? because he only goes to dinners and then they go to sleep? the fact that they aren't hitting the bars doesn't mean they don't have friends at home, as Amber said she likes to cook for her friends and having them on dinner at least one day per week. Or that they don't go to shows or to watch movies or that they don't enjoy just be at home with some music and reading poetry because for many people -not people with NO culture like you- art and music and to read it's FUN!. Don't be ridiculous! Johnny has the most fun friends ever and do you think he's boring. Also Amber is way over her "party girl" time, she's almost 30 and she wasn't even the party girl when she was dating Tasya, because other than her salsa classes she never was in every club. She was more in the bohemian-artist style of her natal Austin, just like Johnny, where a good music, a good meal and great conversation it's far more fun than anything else.

  27. Just saying says – reply to this


    take it easy :)

  28. EleanorFromWindsor says – reply to this


    your old witch should die Johnny, after all this fairytale I told that you are mine.

  29. Just Me says – reply to this


    Switched to horror movies? No young prostitutes in the new movie, I wonder why. Johnny makeup looks too scary this time???? :) ))

  30. Just Me says – reply to this


    Amber is now a lady

    Lady, shmiledy. Johnny, why did you switch to horrors so suddenly? Spooky videos, spooky scenarios. What a hell is that???

  31. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: Ching ching – By the way you speak, it's evident you've never been in love or you never had a serious relationship because when you really in love, it's very common to start emulationg the man you love and to start wearing things you know he likes because you wanna make him happy. This is something that many women do to please their men and they do it with such a contentment… love makes you do the things you'd never imagined but you're probably too selfish and out of love to understand what I'm talking about. Amber even uses to wear his shorts and belt sometimes and this is what many women in love do also. She's very in love with him either you wanna accept it or not. I got that what upsets all of you is just the fact that Johnny and Amber really love each other and are going to marry. You can't stand this, but it's just your problem as someone else has said, they don't give a shit about your jealous opinion because they're still together not caring about what jealous people tell and invent.

  32. Just Me says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa

    keep praying God that he does not escape! Im off :)

  33. EleanorFromWindsor says – reply to this


    Elvisa: keep praying God that he does not escape

  34. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: Just Me – He won't escape because if he wasn't sure that Amber was the right woman for him he wouldn't marry her. If there's someone from whom he escaped it's just Vanessa. He never was in love with her and got rid of her without ever married her, but now he wants to marry Amber just after few months they're engaged, this is love and not what he felt for Vanessa that he never married in 13 years of relationship despite of the fact he had 2 children with her…. Amber doesn't need to get pregnant to get him instead. She won his heart without using tricks and dirty games.

  35. yep says – reply to this


    Re: god – Agreed, this girl is no good, she is so phony and makes me sick.

  36. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: god – How do you know Amber is evil? Do you personally her? Or you just base your judgements only on gossip you read about her that were written by trash tabloids?? Just give us a proof that she's evil. tell us what she did to be evil proving it with facts and not with rumours you read. Reading gossip isn't a proof and not even an element enough to judge people. And then, if she's so evil as you say how come that Johnny defined her "sweet" in a recent interview??? He said: "she’s a wonderful girl. She’s sharp as a tack. A Southern belle and sweet as can be", so how can you justify his words if she's so bad??? Johnny knows her in real life, so he can describe her while you don't know her at all in real life and you can't describe her. Yours can be called defamation and that's it.

  37. EleanorFromWindsor says – reply to this


    Re: Elvisa
    He won't escape because if he wasn't sure that Amber was the right woman for him he wouldn't marry her

    Read more:

    Allright, allright. Take it easy :)

  38. Just Me says – reply to this


    He won't escape because if he wasn't sure that Amber was the right woman for him he wouldn't marry her.

    Read more:

    All right, all right. Take it easy :)

  39. EleanorFromWindsor says – reply to this


    He won't escape because if he wasn't sure that Amber was the right woman for him he wouldn't marry her.

    Read more:

    take it easy :) ))

  40. lizziebob says – reply to this


    [re=6685196]Re: lizzibob[/ Woops, Ann is spelled Ayn Rand, her philosophy is rather anti-intellectual. Probably Hunter Thompson would have liked Rand thus that's why Johnny and Amber like Rands rather simplistic view of existence.re] I'm sure Johnny has a copy of Moby Dick fully annotated by Amber.

  41. Elvisa says – reply to this


    Re: EleanorFromWindsor – Why do you need to repeat your words 3 times and also with 2 different nicknames???

  42. @ says – reply to this


    I don't think they are copying each other consciously. I think they are spending so much time together so it's natural to start to transfer into each other tastes. As much as they learn from each other or introduce the other into new things, they start to show that influence on them. They have been together like three years now. I don't think she dresses in the way she dresses now "to please him" because Johnny fell in love with her when she was as perfect as a Barbie doll in the promotion. I think her look it's the reflection of the love on his eyes that give to her the confidence to understand how naturally beautiful she is. I don't think he's supporting some causes like the "We are you" or manifest atheism or to like country music "to please her" and it's more about to share the same ideas, to share same tastes and to transform her causes on his causes too. It happens to many couples

  43. sioux says – reply to this


    Re: Land – You are so f***ing stupid

  44. Anya says – reply to this


    Re: Me – Do you know what about is the Queen of the night?
    This is the kind of decadent show that Amber likes. She watched this show at least 2 times. This is her kind of show, Johnny would never go to there. He is not vulgar as Amber is.