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EXCLUSIVE! Kim Kardashian ISN’T Being Cheap With Her Glam Squad! Find Out About Their First Class Treatment HERE!

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kim kardashian glam squad getting royal treatment

We knew the rumors couldn’t be true!

Stories have been going around that Kim Kardashian’s glam squad weren’t going to get stellar accommodations for Kimye’s overseas nuptials, but that just isn’t the truth at all!

In fact, Kim is not only NOT being cheap with her glam squad but we spoke with several sources close to the Kardashians who revealed:

"Kris [Jenner] personally charged all airfare for the glam squad on her American Express card, and they are flying business! Kim made sure the glam squad is staying at the hotels the family is staying at, and the cheapest rooms there are 1,000 euros a night! The family is not cheap and they are not cheaping out for this occasion. Kim is sad there's negative press about her wedding. This is a happy moment and she wishes people would focus on that."

Phew! Well at least her people are taken care of! Actually, it sounds like they’re going to have a FAB time there!

And how nice of momma Kris to help when we’re sure Kim is stressed with all of the wedding deets!

[Image via WENN.]

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25 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Kim Kardashian ISN’T Being Cheap With Her Glam Squad! Find Out About Their First Class Treatment HERE!”

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  2. w says – reply to this


    that's a fantastic picture of her

  3. jan says – reply to this


    Re: MichelleLThrift – This is for commenting in the articles written! …Not advertising on some job opportunity which is probably a scam. Whoever oversees this site should monitor more closely. Your allowing someone to advertise on your dime. Take this garbage off!

  4. shirley z says – reply to this


    Nice forehead. You gotta let that skin breathe once in a while.

  5. 5

    The self absorbed piece of sh*t is reading your column

  6. 6

    Re: jan – perez doesn't mind, any comments he gets (which are very few these days) he counts to tell the advertisers, that is why all the sales ones stay on here.

  7. 7

    mama PIMP made sure to plant this story FAST. wouldn't want anyone to think that FUCKING HER CHILDREN WOULD BE CHEAP. JUST DISGUSTING AND SUPERFICIAL. feel sad for these lost souls. they cannot live in this beautiful world without regret and jealousy. money is all they care about.

  8. madmike says – reply to this


    it takes a village………. to look like wax.

  9. 9

    Pretty photo, but she'd look better if she didn't use that Latesse (rx stuff) on her lashes. They look horrible and all spidery. If those are fake eyelashes, then WTH! Get a new makeup artist.

  10. Qui D says – reply to this


    Re: shirley z – yyou're doing the same thing :) not commenting….Haha

  11. Ding Dong Donny says – reply to this


    Where are the Kardashians putting Perez and his date ( his mom)
    I"M sure they will be flying with the family in the private jet, than picked up in a white Rolls, and checked into a $3,500.00 a night room
    Perez will be asked to give a speech, since he is such a bon vivant , and raconteur

  12. 12

    YOU did not speak with ANYBODY
    You just copied some other tabloid's news.

    You NEVER have any EXCLUSIVE NEWS.

  13. BBK says – reply to this


    The show probably pays for it all and/or will reimburse pimp mama.

  14. BooHoo says – reply to this


    Enough already about this stupid black ghetto people wedding !
    The Kartrashians will never be American royalty because they have neither class nor good breeding.

  15. GetReal says – reply to this


    Sick of hearing about Kim and her circus wedding. It's her third time through. Not much to brag about.

  16. FLEUR says – reply to this


    TRASH !!!!

  17. Historian says – reply to this


    Kim may not realize it but their French wedding is reminiscent of the old PLACAGE balls in New Orleans.
    People putting on airs at those Louisiana french quadroon balls but only getting a mariage de la main gauche out of it.
    They could never rise into real society.

  18. SMH says – reply to this


    Stupid family.Kim is marrying a black rapper and they act as if she was marrying into the British royal family.
    And look what happened to her monstrous sister who married the black baller with so much fanfare. Split up already.
    Will those dumbasses ever learn?

  19. WISE GUY says – reply to this


    You can't fix stupid.

  20. 20

    Re: Suhisfitsudjit – WRONG! He had exclusive news that Castro had died. LOL. And he was dead wrong. What an embarrassment !!

  21. Jean says – reply to this


    Delusional bunch. This is not a society wedding of the season. The Kadashians aren't even close to being accepted into certain circles.

  22. the matrix says – reply to this


    Hopefully, she won't be filming yet another one of her disgusting, vids after the services. The hotel should consider the expense of mopping, deodorizing and stain removal.

  23. irishone says – reply to this


    He also had an exclusive that Michael Jackson was faking his heart attack. He died a few hours later. Don't read Perez for news. He is usually wrong.

  24. Shirley says – reply to this


    Just leave these people alone and let them enjoy this time of their life with the wedding, they do deserve this like it or not💕💕💕I wish them well they seem to be very much in love they have created a very beautiful child it's truly time to give it a rest!!!

  25. 25

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