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Sherri Shepherd’s Husband Wanted A Prenup Amendment! You Won’t Believe The Things He Asked For!

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sherri shepherd husband lamar sally making crazy demands prenup amendment

Umm… WTF?!

Sherri Shepherd and her husband Lamar Sally are going through a super messy divorce that involves their unborn child, but this new info is bonkers!

Reportedly, Lamar asked for a prenup amendment after they were married in 2011, and he demands some ridiculous things. According to the document, Lamar wanted Sherri to legally agree to “always speak well of my husband,” “recognize him as the leader of our home,” and “submit to my husband as a way to honor God.”

That’s the tip of the iceberg though. The doc also states:

"I enjoy having sex with my husband. I crave intimacy with him and want to be uninhibited and free in our lovemaking."


What in the world?! And those Kanye caps he used only make it worse!

Sherri never agreed to this amendment, and Lamar denies ever asking for it!

The problem for Lamar is that Sherri’s lawyer allegedly has the document.

So who’s telling the truth?!

[Image via WENN.]

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12 comments to “Sherri Shepherd’s Husband Wanted A Prenup Amendment! You Won’t Believe The Things He Asked For!”

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  2. loriso says – reply to this


    Says a lot about her that she would marry a man like this. Pretty damn low self esteem. And there's no way he didn't show his try personality before they were married. Creep.

  3. RF says – reply to this


    And I USED to think Sherri was a smart cookie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rusty says – reply to this


    Has anyone seen this pre-nup? I believe that it is made up either by Sherri or Sal to make one of them look bad. This pre-nup is a personal and should be locked up in there legal file unless one of the attorney leaked it out. If so you would think that attorney should be disbarred. I am not a fan of Sherri Shepherd but to have 2 ex husband coming after her that is a little much. I really hope that Sherri is learning a lesson from this and that she will stop telling other people how to live there lifes. She should move back to California so Jeffrey can see more of his dad.

  5. Lacroix says – reply to this


    What a dumb gUUrl….even Whooping told her not to marry, homegurl is bringing a child to this environment? Now wonder kids are f'd up…homegurl created this….

  6. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Story is at least a day old Perez, that's what happens when you let your weekend staff leave early.

  7. 7

    If this is even remotely true, the question arises: Has this guy looked in a mirror lately?

  8. Arlene Dickinson says – reply to this


    This disgraceful woman has had 8 abortions, She uses the procedure as birth control.

  9. kathrynwitte says – reply to this


    He did NOT deny asking her to sign that agreement! He denied asking her to be "Skinny". As you can read, if you did, the agreement did not require "skinny", so in that narrow definition, he was not lying. What he did was a legal/asshat maneuver called parsing words. He denied doing something he was not accused of doing, but it was close enough that he could deny it and people uneducated or naive enough to understand the ruse would believe his denial. If you can't understand that I will explain it to you further, but don't try to be an alarmist to your unsophisticated readers.

  10. 10

    Wait, NEWSFLASH, the village idiot married an idiot. Wow. Shocker! NOT!

  11. Anthony says – reply to this


    She can do so much better that a__ h___ need to work out.

  12. Ladyj says – reply to this


    The bible says a man finds a woman and not a friend introduce a man . I knew when I first saw him and heard how much he enjoy porn I knew he was not the right one. What's really sad is how you Sherri used your platform to build him up and the nerve of him always at your job when he should have been working says a lot about him ,iam just saying