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Kylie & Kendall Jenner Will Host The MuchMusic Video Awards, Despite Kendall's Big OOPS At The Billboard Music Awards!

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kendall kylie jenner hosting the muchmusicvideo awards

Well this is certainly innnneresting!

Coming off of last night's One Direction/5 Seconds of Summer name slip, it seems that Kendall Jenner was only PRACTICING last night for an even bigger job!

Her and Kylie Jenner will be hosting the MuchMusic Video Awards next month!

The big award show news was confirmed on Twitter last night!

They said:

We're not so sure those MuchMusic Video Awards people are too happy with their choice right about now!

Kendall screwed up completely last night! If that's any sign of what she'll do during an entire awards who, then they definitely WON'T be happy!

Though, maybe Kylie will surprise us all and absolutely rock it!

What do YOU think?!

Are Kendall & Kylie the right girls for the job?

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Are Kendall & Kylie the right girls for the job?

  • No way! They could have gotten someone WAY better! (74%)
  • Yes! They'll be amazing, duh! (26%)

Total Votes: 2,305

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15 comments to “Kylie & Kendall Jenner Will Host The MuchMusic Video Awards, Despite Kendall's Big OOPS At The Billboard Music Awards!”

  1. 1

    Seriously?!! WTF have they EVER done w music?? We just keep handing these idiots all sorts of things and they have to work for nothing!!!

  2. Ding Dong Donny says – reply to this


    That's what happens when you leave school in the 3rd grade
    so you can go out and whore your ass

  3. 3

    How are these people connected to music in any way and what have they ever done with their lives to deserve an ounce of fame.

  4. 4

    Let's hope the other one knows how to read……….Kris Jenner - pimping one daughter out at a time.

  5. Duuh ;p says – reply to this


    Re: fartbag – remember when kim made an attempt to a singing career

  6. Uh says – reply to this


    They have nothing to do with music or acting or even hosting…

  7. dani says – reply to this


    So we are supposed to celebrate someone not being able to read? Oh I guess if you can write a grammatically incorrect sentence like Her and Kylie i shouldn't be surprised.

  8. 8

    Wow. A member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is dumb as a bag of rocks. Who would have guessed?

  9. MichJB says – reply to this


    What did you expect when her pimp mother pulled her out of school to train her to be the next slutty money maker for the "family". As John Wayne once said - Life is hard, its even harder when you are stupid.

  10. Liz says – reply to this


    I've been watching the MMVA's for years, since I was about 12, (I'm now 24) and I have never seen such a poor choice in hosts. I live just outside of Toronto so I've also attended the show a few times and unfortunately it seems to get worse each year. Where is the Jenner girls music cred???!!! They have NONE! This is just sad, they're gonna ruin the show! I blame Much, though. C'mon Much!!! What happened??

  11. tif says – reply to this


    Blech. Who asked them to represent Canadian music and why? WTF do they have to do with Canadian music. You have to wonder. Sorry for Canada.

  12. Stell says – reply to this


    Wth it'll be fine lol! So what she made a mistake!

  13. 13

    There are millions of people who are talented, who love these awards, watch them and have something to do with the music they show. Out of all people why her? Kris was that desperate for money she would have her daughter embarrass herself in front of millions of people for it. Kendall's mistake was not funny either, it was a shame and one of the most awkward public moments in history. She can't even read/say a simple sentence and relies on words to remember it, like does she actually know who she is talking about/or care? That bitch lacks simple people skills and it is not cute! She should have done her homework before presenting. Does she even know who 5 seconds of summer is or care who they are. I doubt she knew about them the day before presenting.

    Go ahead and call me a bitch for writing this but I think I am right about what I said.

  14. mona says – reply to this


    Re: Curlye93 – in an interview before she "introduced" 5S0S, she actually even said she didnt even know who she was presenting. and the entire interview was awkward.

  15. Misvdv says – reply to this


    Wtf? I'm so tired of these useless kartrashians around! They do nothing! No talent what so ever! They don't sing they don't act like wtf is so special about them that they get all this Hollywood treatment! I'm born and raise and toronto and I am ashamed that much music would ever consider them to cohost hello they proved they can't read!