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Lindsay Lohan Wins $150K In Licensing Settlement, Avoids Testifying Under Oath About Miscarriage!

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lindsay lohan wins 150000 lawsuit settlement avoids testifying about miscarriage

Everything is coming up Milhouse for Lindsay Lohan!

Last year Lindz sued D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries for millions in licensing fees, but this week the courts have finally ruled in the young starlet's favor!! New legal docs show they awarded her $150,000 in a settlement!

While The Canyons star didn't win quite as much money as claims she was owed, LiLo got something even better: a "Get Out of Testifying, FREE" card!

We had already told you that as part of a countersuit Lindsay might be required to testify about what caused her to foul up some court paperwork. Which would also mean talking about her miscarriage. Under oath.

Well, this new settlement means LiLo will NOT take the stand so there will be no need to discuss the traumatic event at all!

Those who argue her miscarriage was a fabricated publicity stunt are probably rolling their eyes at her good fortune, but it's hard to believe anyone could make up something so horrific!

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8 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Wins $150K In Licensing Settlement, Avoids Testifying Under Oath About Miscarriage!”

  1. 1

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  2. 2

    She will say anything for attention……….just like your sweetie Kim…both of them are sluts.

  3. ms trudy says – reply to this


    the Teflon Bitch strikes again…

  4. H says – reply to this


    150k barely covers her lawyer fees. The whole point of the counter suit was to force her to settle for something small.

  5. Money For Nuthin' says – reply to this


    Re: H – True and some of her other lawyers still have bills for Lindsay and the IRS still is interested and dipping in, and this is another pay Lindsay off to go away, but it just make her look like the lawsuit queen that she is, and $150K wouldn't be enough to get her through 6 months if she were allowed to keep every dime of it. Lindsay has no concept of living on a budget, but worse, she no longer has the ability to raise large amounts of money, or keep it. Lindsay Lohan will be bankrupt and back in treatment or dead in a hotel/motel room with in 6 months the way she is going on now.

  6. zag part 1 says – reply to this


    Seriously with all tat comments.! U guys take much of effort to slam someone this bad! Shame on u guys. First of wtever she lied/said its non of ur business. If she did for attention tn she got all tat but y is she still struggling! Y is she not happy in her life.? Jus get life.. everybody deserves to be happy n tar r plenty of second chances in life until u die. Spk bat artists work "ART" not bat artist. N ya u don't know wt happened in her life. Sometimes ppl lie to save their reputation/loved once that's not psychotic, tats natural n tats wt "HUMANS" do. N also wn tar loved once hurt them or betray them or some nameless stupid bully u n hurt u, tn u fight back, u get angry, tats too common. Ppl who say her crazy can't even stand 15min in her life style.

  7. zag part 2 says – reply to this


    ust imagine, a big shot celeb like her now struggling like anything to get a job, tat too loosing love n being an addict! Wt will u guys do Jus go n hv during tn blame everyone. Bt she came up bared all humiliation, stood still, criticized herself n went fro all turmoil on her own. Without anyone's support. Not family/friends/love by standing her side no matter wt.
    She still is all ALIVE.. not dead. So stop hurting otrs wit ur comments Jus let them lead tar life. If u don't hv anything good to say bat anything/anyone tn bettr say nothing.
    I don't know y those critics, writers,ppl r not thing or talking bat this..?! oh yeah waittt.. tats not cool, interesting n funnnn to do so…! Jus fucking breath n be human ppl.

  8. 8

    Um, a $150,000 settlement on a $1.1 million lawsuit is hardly "good fortune." She'll be lucky if she has anything left after her legal fees. My guess would be that the clothing company settled because their legal fees would be far more than the $150,000, if they hadn't. She didn't win anything, except now she doesn't have to lie under oath about her supposed miscarriage.