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Will He Be Fired NOW? Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Preaches His Anti-Gay Hate Rant Yet AGAIN In New Disgusting Video HERE!

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phil robertson duck dynasty anti gay sermon video doodle

Bluuuugh! A million eye rolls…

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson is sticking to his guns (and he has several of them) when it comes to how EVIL homosexuality is!

Late last year, the A&E reality star spouted off anti-gay hate speech in an interview with GQ magazine and it had the whole world talking.

Well, he’s at it again, this time telling a church congregation all about how he’s not sorry for what he said about the LGBT community!

The video of his latest disgusting sermon surfaced this week, recorded during Robertson’s appearance at Whites Ferry Road Church on Easter Sunday in his hometown of West Monroe, Louisiana.

In it, Phil can be seen standing at the pulpit and getting VERY fired up over the issue that landed him in hot water last December.

He exclaims:

"You say, 'why’d they get mad at you?’ Cuz instead of acknowledging their sin, like you had better do, they railed against me for giving them the truth about their sins. Don’t deceive yourselves. 'Is homosexual behavior a sin?' the guy asked me. I said, 'do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Don’t be deceived. Neither the sexually immoral, nor the idolators, nor adulterers nor male prostitutes, nor homosexual offenders, nor thieves, nor greedy, nor drunkards, nor slanderers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God!’”

Boy, Phil. Your views are narrower than the bill of a mallard!

We don’t doubt that Phil truly believes that homosexuality is a sin but we can’t help but find it interesting that he makes ANOTHER controversial statement about gays just as his reality series’ sixth season is about to debut.

Way to promote, buddy!

Any press is good press, right?

Well, we think you’re about to get a lot of it, buddy.

If you’re in the mood for feeling sick to your stomach, press PLAY below to watch Phil Robertson in all his ignorant glory!

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84 comments to “Will He Be Fired NOW? Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Preaches His Anti-Gay Hate Rant Yet AGAIN In New Disgusting Video HERE!”

  1. joel says – reply to this


    why are you not tolerant to his views? Tolerance is a 2 way street.

  2. Tania says – reply to this


    It is only disgusting to you because his opinion do not agree with yours. You see, this respect each others opinions thing works both ways. I am a serious advocate for gays & their rights. I think they should be allowed to marry, have and/or adopt babies, rule the world for crying out loud, HOWEVER, tolerance is a 2-way street. How can you expect people to show tolerance when you print stuff like this? Regardless of who he is, Duck man has a right, much like you do, to express his opinions. If we want to be taken seriously, then sensationalist headlines like this one need to take a backseat. You can publish your opinion on the matter, sure! Just keep it adult.

  3. 3

    This country was and is built on Freedom of religion. He is in his church preaching what he believes millions of Americans has died so he can do that. Is it what I believe? No. Is it what you believe? No. But it is his right to practice his religious believes with out persecution. God bless America!!!!!

  4. 4

    He's right. Homosexuality is a perversion that should be shunned by society rather than embraced. It's what caused the spread of AIDS in America and is an unnatural, disgusting practice.

  5. 5

    shut up perez, just because he doesn't agree with your views doesn't mean he cant express his. you are the one who is disgusting

  6. lana says – reply to this


    What is he saying wrong? he is reciting from the bible. so are you disgusting cause you hate his christian belief? everyone us entitled to there own opinion.

  7. Bridgit says – reply to this


    He has a right to his own beliefs as does everyone else, he wasn't promoting hate but acknowledging what it says in the bible, Phil Robertson doesn't hate anybody.

  8. tania says – reply to this


    its called freedom of speech, right? ppl can share their ideas, otherwise wed be the intolerant ones

  9. Tabitha says – reply to this


    Honestly, I am a Christian and I don't understand why this is an issue. It is not human right to make judgement, and I don't think he is doing that. He is reading from scripture. That's what it says. And it's not solely about homosexuality, it's about all sin. And we all sin. My best friend is a homosexual and I love her endlessly. But I am tired of hearing that we are not allowed to express our beliefs because it is "hate" yet most people who fall on the other side of the line are pretty eager to throw "hate" speech at me for what I believe. Those are my beliefs and it's my American right to have them. This isn't TOLERANCE this is demanding respect with no mutuality to said respect. Tolerance is a two way street. It's wrong to tell him he should be silent on his conviction and faith because he has a hit TV show. I admire their authenticity and the fact the won't denounce their beliefs. It could all be gone tomorrow and they don't care, because all of this is temporary.

  10. bilbo says – reply to this


    Perez - not everyone will like you, and for those that don't it be will be for a variety of reasons, possible even because of your sexuality. get over it. I'm not gay, I support you but we have free speech in this country. it's very, very important. We need to support it, even if we don't like the message. It's a right to say we don't like things, even homosexuality - it's not hate speech.

  11. Kim says – reply to this


    Everyone sins everyday. As long as the sins are repented and you receive salvation from Jesus, your good to go. God hates sexual sins…that includes even us straight people having sex while not married.

  12. Katie says – reply to this


    I am so glad I read these comments, what Tania said was brilliant. Murica'

  13. Sarah says – reply to this


    Why are you bashing him for his religious beliefs? Everything he is saying is his religion. Why is he not allowed to express these views without being attacked?

  14. shaygirl says – reply to this


    The Bible says homosexuality is an abomination before the Lord. end of story.

  15. kara says – reply to this


    Christians are allowed to have their stupid opinion, and they are allowed to be satisfied with not understanding the wold but they need to keep it to themselves.

    He is harassing people wit hate speech, if someone cant see the difference then their brain never grew in. When you want to destroy something you will dehumanize it, that's what he's doing.

  16. kara says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl

    and the bible is full of cheese, made up from other religions… its a BOOK its not a fact. please keep your ignorance to yourself, thanks much.

  17. kara says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah

    Why is his religion so keen on bashing gays? He's like Hitler, doesn't like Jews so he will get rid of them, same thing, you guys are truly pathetic.

  18. See you in hell gayzz says – reply to this


    “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

  19. Amen I said AMEN says – reply to this


    Re: kara – Vade retro satana By the name of Jesus BACK dEMON! Go back in hell Satan's puppet! YOu are a tool and you do know even, blind fool..

  20. Dorothy says – reply to this


    What rant? This man is brave enough to stand and speak from the word of God. Everything he quotes is correct. Why is it that if someone stands for their beliefs they are beaten down and BULLIED?? If he were to create a web page and post photos of people trying to live their lives and make hateful comments, people would lose their minds but you are made famous by your "rants". How is this not the BULLYING you so proudly stand against?? How dare you.

  21. Special Effects says – reply to this


    You stick your dick in a place where people take a dump and have your dick sucked and suck dick that has put itself in a place where people take a dump and possibly right after it has been there but yet he is the disgusting one?

    You are the one that is disgusting.

    He is quoting the Bible-you know something that God provided?

    He speaks the truth.

    Some people who are gay are really nice people. Some of them are really intelligent, funny, and very compassionate-more so than straight people. Some gay people are better-in some ways-than straight people but you are not supposed to be gay.

    And there are people, women and men, who lived a strictly gay life and for all their life, who ended up no longer practicing a homosexual lifestyle and ended up married with children.

    Some of them were exorcised, delivered, and some received counseling.

    Different things work for different people.

    The reason why exorcism and deliverance can work, is because demons are attached to sin. If that demon is exorcised or delivered and the person themselves pray and better yet fast and do not want to live a gay lifestyle or have gay temptations, then that is why exorcism and deliverance can work and for the rest of your life.

  22. 22

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  23. Special Effects says – reply to this


    Yes some gay people are nice people but you will go to hell if you do not consider Christianity.

    People who support you being the way that you are, really do not care about you and really do not care about themselves. Because you go somewhere when you die.

    If someone cared about you, they would let you know that you are going to hell when you die unless you consider Christianity.

    You cannot just go through life doing whatever you want thinking that you will go to heaven when you die or just hoping for the best. You are not the one that calls the shots. You have freewill to make choices but things are set up a certain way and you cannot change that. This is very serious.

    Hell exists and it so horrible. Look up people's visions and near-death experiences of hell.

    Get a clue.

  24. Barney says – reply to this


    Tolerance goes both ways. If you want to be free to do what you want then others should get that same right.

  25. Jones says – reply to this


    To all the people agreeing with him, talking about god, the bible and blah blah blah, you're all so stupid. Child abuse, animal abuse, child pornography, rape, violence, human trafficking, etc, etc. Those are the real problems in the world and yet again, you're talking about homosexuality, hating on 2 people happy & in love. Wake up people.

  26. Strangeasitmay says – reply to this


    No he should NOT be fired for having personal views that you disagree with. If you want tolerance you must 1st practice to not be intolerant of the views of other people. If it wasnt for the general tolorance of a majority of straight people today, the gay community would still largely be in the closet.

  27. MR says – reply to this


    Instead of trying to stake every person who doesn't believe in the same views as you do..you are showing you have just as much hate in your heart by saying people should lose their jobs or get slandered by the media for their views..I thought you were suppose to be an example of love?

  28. TREE says – reply to this


    Re: kara
    You are really going to compare him to Hitler?????? I don't remember him ever saying he wants to collect all of the gays and burn them up in giant incenerators, or line them up at the edge of mass grave sites and shoot them. I do remember he said that he loves all humans and wishes the best to them. I do not remember Hitler ever saying that. Way to compare! looks like you got this one figured out. You should run for office! #thinkbeforeyouspeak(or type)

  29. Jay-X Malcom says – reply to this


    Re: Jones – People are blind! No wonder Jesus often used this term to describe these people! Because they do not see the spiritual hell, they mistakenly believe that there are much more important things to deal with first, in this earthly life! Poor sinners, this earthly life problems are only temporary, hell it will be eternal for you!

    At the end.. maybe a asteroid will hit the planet and all will be doomed!

  30. T says – reply to this


    Are all of these people commenting serious? Why is it when Donald Sterling goes on a racist rant everyone crucifies him? That is Sterling's opinion and, yes, I absolutely disagree with him. But there was no rally for support behind him like Duck Dynasty guy. No one was spouting "Let him have his right to free speech." This country's hypocrisy makes me sick. A racist bigot is just as bad as a homophobic bigot.

  31. 31

    Re: joel – The bearded fucker is intolerance on two legs.

  32. 32

    Re: Tania – Homophobia is not an opinion.

  33. 33

    Re: Amen I said AMEN – Forgot your pills again ?

  34. 34

    Re: Special Effects – You are totally stupid.

  35. EekMcTweekman says – reply to this


    Duck dynasty is the equivalent to black face actors to many of us in LA. They dress up like country people but they are as fake as anything on "reality" tv. They are an embarrassment to people from my state with enough sense to realize they are fake. They take your money and make fun of your redneck asses while they sip crystal in their 10 million dollar home. Suckers.

  36. brenda says – reply to this


    I don't understand why he should be fired,He preaches what he belives in .It is called freedom of religion and freedom of speech he did this in his own church. This may be disgusting to you but remember disgusting to me or him is same sex relations. I don't get it.But this is your right to do what you please. I just don't want it shoved down my throat,like you don't want religion shoved down your throat so we have our own opinions I think perez you should leave it alone,anyway he has lots of Money do you !!

  37. AMEN my precious says – reply to this


    Re: Suhisfitsudjit – I wanted to re - write, so like this you might decide to ridicule my person even more?
    It's so simple and gives me more importance in the eyes of God while at the same time, you lowering yourself alone without dirty me hands. So, no need to claim compensation for your insult.
    You condemn yourself to the torments of hell and at the same time you offer me spiritual treasures (powers similar to Angels) that I couldn't get or have as easily..

  38. You're a Moron says – reply to this


    Re: kara – Seriously?! He needs to keep his opinions to himself yet, he has to listen to everyone elses opinion of him? Since we are on the topic of "preaching" practice what your preaching Kara. You have the right to spew nonsense as does he. I am an advocate of equal rights, but at the end of the day this is the "land of the free" and we ALL have "freedom of speech" and if you don't like it leave. He has every RIGHT to be in his church with people that by choice agree with him. Do you know the definition of FREEDOM OF SPEECH?

  39. Jus Sayin says – reply to this


    He is not sharing his views. He is quoting a verse from the Holy Bible. If your not worried that what he is saying is true then what are you worried about. BTW: It is true…

  40. Confused says – reply to this


    So he says the male prostiutes will not get into heaven. Will female ones? I'm confused. Or fat people ? Will they get in since the bible preaches against gluttony?

  41. rod says – reply to this


    God bless phil Robertson he has big BALLS homos should be stoned to death.

  42. ranch says – reply to this


    So where is the hate? He did not call you a name or preach hate. People have the right to believe in the bible. He was actually quoting a scripture. Look we are human we all sin. If you beleive in the bible then you know it is important to teach the word of God. You also know to love one another and not to judge but treat people with respect. I respect that you live your life how you choose and I would not treat you different. You have your rights to be free to love and be with who you want and I have my rights to believe in God. Do I sin? Yup I am human but I also follow my belief in a respectful manner. It is ok to have different opinions. Just as you want people to respect you , you also should practice the same and respect others belief. Funny how one sided you are. Do I have friends who are gay? yes.. Do I love them? Yes

  43. ranch says – reply to this


    Donald Sterling was not qouting the bible. He was making a judgement and racist comments.He was promoting hate. Phil was qouting his belief based on the bible. He did not say don't associate, don't love, don't be seen with a gay person. Had he done that I guarantee he wouldn't have the same support.

  44. Special Effects says – reply to this


    To Suhisfitsudjit

    I am stupid?

    You are on the path to hell and anyone who is on the path to hell is stupid.

    Let me guess. You are a psychopath, huh? And that would mean you have frontal lobe-neurological brain damage. And I think brain damage would make someone not very intelligent. Manipulative, yes. But not intelligent.

    So how is that for STUPID?

    You are nothing but a psychopath with no feelings other than through sex and no conscience. And people like that are serial killers and pedophiles.

    You are a loser.

  45. Roy says – reply to this


    What's disgusting about this sermon. Everything he is stating is from the Bible. Why do you say it's Phil's opinion, it's no opinion it's fact IAW the Bible. All he is dong is making the sinner aware of their SIN, IAW the Bible. Thank God for Phil

  46. Special Effects says – reply to this


    And to Amen I say AMEN

    Saint Apostle Matthew, Chapter 5, Verses 10-11:

    Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake…

  47. Straight is normal says – reply to this


    Re: Mad DogRe: shaygirl – I agree with you both. They are all disgusting perverted rapists and we don't want them around! Death to deviants :D

  48. FUCK YOU says – reply to this



  49. shaygirl says – reply to this


    Re: Straight is normal – I'm not for killing anyone or taking property from people because you don't like their words. this is America not Nazi Germany but some people can't handle words. look at mark Cuban he says "hoodie" and the blacks lose their minds and he has to apologize to Trayvon martins pathetic excuse for parents. blacks appear to now have ownership on the word "hoodie" good grief I'm sure magic Johnson will want the Mavs by tomorrow morning.

  50. ---- says – reply to this


    Revelation 21:8 is arguably the scariest verse in the bible. It tells that all the unrepentant sinners will burn in hell.

  51. S. Keegan says – reply to this


    Liberal fascism strikes again. It is the mark of an immature mind to attack someone personally because you disagree with their views. Mr. Robertson's beliefs regarding homosexual sexual activity are entirely orthodox Christian beliefs and are hardly anomalous. You have every right to disagree with him regarding them; it is another matter entirely to call for personal and professional repercussions against him because you do so.

  52. jimjohn says – reply to this


    This is the problem with people like Perez Hilton. He wants to voice his opinion but when others show their opinion he trashes them. Phil Robertson preaches his opinion while Perez shoves it down peoples throat. This is what I have against gay rights activist, they forcefully voice their opinions on others, rather than just encouragement.The world needs more people like Phil Robertson and less people like Perez. Phil is a good man, I can't say the same about Perez…

  53. Laura says – reply to this


    We are all given a free will to share our opinions… you share yours so why cant he share his? Honestly im getting sick and tired of people saying that being anti-gay is bad!!! Because its a two-way street honey and both sides are talking…but yet when someone opens up about being gay everyone praises them!!! Do you see people condemning them for their opinions? No, so why is it that you can get up on YOUR high horse and condemn this man because he doesnt believe the same things you do? We have our own thoughts…lets just agree to disagree and this world will be waaaaay better off!!!! Besides anything that comes against God's Word is anti-God! No matter how we live our lives our deeds are like filthy rages to Him… we have to continually strive for a Christ like behavior!!! I wish this best for you because God still loves you and me :) no matter our sexual preferences… but dont be deceived he HATES the sin because it does NOT line itself up with the Word of God please keep that in mind thank you

  54. Lisa says – reply to this


    What happened to freedom of speech? Just because you disagree? He has every right to his opinion. FYI: he does not stand for all christians!

  55. Maria says – reply to this


    I see nithing wrong with what he has said. What I do see wrong is YOUR lack of tolerance.

  56. JC TEXAS says – reply to this


    Mr. Phil Robertson is a Louisiana swamp man that people have invited to their church to say what he wants to, which is still so far Freedom of Speech. He is entitled to his beliefs and if you are in the area where he is speaking…JUST DON'T GO! He is speaking only to the people in those 4 walls of that church. ANYONE has the FREEDOM (so far at least) to WALK OUT on the service on their FREE will, and leave the service. I am not a CATHOLIC…I simply do not attend a Catholic church. I may not agree with their theology, but I just don't go. So, if you are gay or you don't like what this man says in the church that he has been invited to speak, then turn off the TV, the recorder and do not attend that church. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE. Gays can just not like him or his comments and I am sure they don't watch DUCK DYNASTY either. I don't like a lot of things about the gays, but I don't run them down or single one out and try to make him lose his job. Lets grow up people and act like adults. Mr. Phil has his rights to speak and say whatever it is he wants from a pulpit. JUST DO NOT GO AND DO NOT LISTEN TO HIM IF YOU DISAGREE. It really is that simple.

  57. JC TEXAS says – reply to this


    Re: miranda029 – Exactly Miranda. I agree with you.

  58. 58

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  59. MSBeliever says – reply to this


    His comment was not his own personal belief, it came from the Bible. God doesn't agree with your lifestyle nor any other sinful practice such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse, stealing, lying, adultery, etc. These are all sinful and they are listed in the Bible. Since Mr. Robertson is a preacher, he has to preach the Truth of God and if it offends you then, it just does. What about the way that Islam and Sharia law treats homosexuals? Their law would stone you or decapitate you.

  60. Vol4Life says – reply to this


    Re: Jones – For the record the bible says all those things are sinful as well. It also says "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God" He is not saying homosexuality is the only sin. He is saying the bible (Gods Word) calls it a sin as well as many other things. Even things he has done. Were it not for Jesus Christ we would all be forever separated from God. The love, Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ covers all the sins of the world and each person in it. individually we must accept it and repent (turn from) that sin. What he is saying is not hate at all, it is about the ultimate act of love!

  61. Medbob says – reply to this


    That is exactly from the Bible. That is also only the bad news. There is Good News as well but I'm sure that will be rejected by almost all. Everyone reading these words falls somewhere on that list, BUT there is Hope.

  62. Donald says – reply to this


    Re: kara – You said "they are allowed to be satisfied with not understanding the wold but they need to keep it to themselves." You are full of sh!t. If that were the case, people could say the same thing about me saying that I am proud to be bisexual. We have freedom of speech in this country. Soldiers have fought and died for our rights. If you don't like that, maybe you should move to another country where freedom isn't so common. No one is forcing you to listen to what Phil Robertson says. You are choosing to be offended, which is your problem, not his.

  63. Stacey says – reply to this


    Re: Suhisfitsudjit – Who cares? This is a free country. He has a right to be intolerant of anything that he wants to be. Get over it.

  64. CHARLIE says – reply to this



  65. Maddie says – reply to this


    Re: joel – Couldn't agree more!

  66. LilyJax says – reply to this


    He is just a fucking asshole like all the homophobe people.

  67. Ryan says – reply to this


    If you have a problem with Phil Robertson quoting a bible verse, you don't have a problem with Phil Robertson. You have a problem with the God and His Word. The Bible disagrees with your beliefs? That's what it's supposed to do. It is sharper than a two edged sword.

  68. Julie says – reply to this


    Re: kara – The Bible is not just a book. It is the inspired word of God. Don't disparage something you have not studied and know nothing about.

  69. BufordBulldog says – reply to this


    Last time around 5 count em 5 networks were lined up waiting for A&E to drop the show so they could pick it up. How come the most intolerant people I know are gay or vegetarians?

  70. Diff Opinion says – reply to this


    I have no strong position for either or but if you don't like what he has to say don't watch? If this was reverse and people were preaching homosexuality it wouldn't be as big of a deal. He has a right to his opinion and a right to speak his opinion as much as homosexuals have a right to speak theirs. So get off your high horses because if you think that he doesn't have a right to speak his mind and view his religion…what makes you an execption, because by bashing his view YOU are becoming the intolerant ones. so shut the hell up, and worry about yourselfs not others and you'll do just fine.

  71. Bongo says – reply to this


    Christians, the only people I encounter filled with so much hate and intolerance to others. Most are hypocrites who don't understand they're religion and instead abuse it's power to hurt others and make themselves feel better. disgusting vile people who are the most likely to wrote in hell. God judges the heart, we do not judge.

  72. Bongo says – reply to this


    And his views have nothing to do with religion, don't cherry pick at the Bible, it's just something to hide his hate behind. You wanna sprout sh*t from the Bible, follow it to a T or jog on you hypocrite!

  73. Mkru69 says – reply to this


    Way to stand up for what you believe in Phil, I'm with you all the way

  74. Faith says – reply to this


    Way To Go Phil… The trouble here is people don't understand that Phil is speaking what he believes in!!! You speak what you believe in … Just as you think Phil is disgusting that's how others feel about what you believe in!!! I'm backing you up All the way phil!!! I wish my boys had a grandpa with great morals … And always speaking truth in Love!!! KEEP IT UP NEVER BACK down cus God is smiling down on you … Saying well done my good and faithful servant!!! Yahoo!!!

  75. becursedfalseaccuser says – reply to this


    Re: Bongo – Oh really?.. It is a very serious indignity for our beloved brothers & sisters to be subjected to a surreal and farcical debate by a handful of professional disinformers like yourself.. You are the one here who preached hatred! Are you completly blinded by your anger, foolish anti Christians?

  76. I vomiting in you says – reply to this


    Re: Bongo – Talk about an opportunist! You are the one who conceals his hatred behind fine words empty of love and peace..

    Back! foolish demon's puppet!

  77. Paul says – reply to this


    Whether you like Mr. Robertson's approach or not, the part you've quoted and have the most problem with is simply scipture, penned by the Apostle Paul, (writer of most of the new testament) and taught by Jesus. So, if your ready to call Jesus and Paul homophobes, hateful, narrow minded, stupid etc. Go for it, but good luck with that after you pass from this life. He was right about that too.
    One last thing you kind of conveniently forgot to mention Mr. Robertson in this same talk, included himself as being one of these in the list of sinners who will not inherit God's kingdom.

  78. Paul says – reply to this


    Re: Mkru69 – Not sure how he's cherry picking it's really pretty clear.

  79. Paul says – reply to this


    Re: Ryan – Brilliant dialogue. No dehumanizing or hate speech in this comment. You must be super opened minded.

  80. TJ says – reply to this


    You say his views are narrow, but he was actually quoting the Bible. Check out 1Corinthians 6:9. Phil didn't make this up on his own!

  81. Jamie says – reply to this


    Your post was more hateful than his sermon. He's speaking his beliefs. He's even said he loves everybody, but that's what the bible says. This goes for all sins. Premarital sex adulterers etc. the wicked. I don't see why he should be fired for preaching the bible. He isn't saying anything hateful. He's just not backing down. You can't expect tolerance and you yourself write intolerant things like this. You sound ignorant writing this & in glad to see so many people defending Phil in the comments.

  82. kp4321 says – reply to this


    hmmm… i must have missed this one… but seriously, who cares?
    it's his belief and he is entitled to it.

    face it… not everyone is going to agree with your lifestyle. as long as you're happy… why do you care what anyone else says about it????

  83. Bob Daniel says – reply to this


    Mr Hilton,
    The Duck Dynasty star was not spewing words of hate, but rather quoting from the Holy Bible. 1 Corinthians 6:9
    By your post, You are clearly intolerant of Christians. I will pray that you change your heart.

  84. brenda says – reply to this


    Romans 1:24-32 read that perez. Phil Robertson is correct.