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Beyoncè & Jay Z SKIPPED Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Wedding For The Hamptons?! See The Makeup-Free Proof HERE!

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beyonce jay z skip kim kardashian kanye west wedding

But… but he was the best man!!!

There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not Jay Z and Beyoncè would attend Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s wedding, and guess what … they DIDN’T!!!

As the ceremony was taking place in Florence, Bey rubbed it in by posting a makeup-free selfie of herself, clearly not in wedding attire!

Sources revealed that the couple is on their annual vacay to the Hamptons, which is nowhere near Florence.

We’re pretty shocked that Jay Z didn’t go either, especially since Kimye nixed all of the plans to have filming cameras there!

Hopefully Kanye wasn’t too hurt about his best friend ditching him at the alter. At least he has his WIFE by his side to cheer him up!


[Image via Beyoncè/Instagram and WENN.]

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69 comments to “Beyoncè & Jay Z SKIPPED Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Wedding For The Hamptons?! See The Makeup-Free Proof HERE!”

  1. c says – reply to this


    wedding dress leaked on instagram!

  2. H says – reply to this


    Sad. Wedding days should be about family and friends, not photo ops.

  3. BEYFLAWLESS says – reply to this


    i would have if that was my friend

  4. unbiased says – reply to this


    Who said they were best friends?BBecause they made money together doing ONE album? So is R. Kelly Jay-Z's best friend, too? Smh

  5. annainparis says – reply to this


    There are two ways to win a fight: by personal merit or by taking someone down. Zoncé so far (except for rihanna and at least publically) have won from personal merit (and tons of lobbying) but this time around this is a major shift (and not a good one, it grows under your skin and not in a good way with time). So they took down Kimye on their wedding day!!! Woncé loves the attention but she doesn't know how to ALSO turn the light on someone else when needed (well she did it for her sister who totally betrayed her)…but the thing is, Kim knows how to steal the light by just being Kim, and she also knows how to be really graceful with other women and there is no doubt in my mind that this road to mariage is one earned (for both Kim and Kanye) from personal merit and love!!! Congrats to them, they were really elegant!!!!!

  6. shaygirl says – reply to this


    the humper just keeps getting uglier

  7. H says – reply to this



  8. Emily says – reply to this


    Jay z is here!! We are in Florence Italy studing abroad right now and he was seen walking into his hotel!!

  9. Esther says – reply to this


    I think this is awful! I feel like Beyoncé had everything to do with this, especially because she shared the photo of her on Instagram. I also completely agree with "H".

  10. 10

    I do not believe that he wouldn't go to his best friends wedding.

  11. Andrea says – reply to this


    I think them not showing up really says something about what B & jay really think about this couple …. That they'll probably be divorced before the year is over.
    Soo why entertain the circus ??? LOL

  12. 12

    also there is nothing FLAWLESS abou that picture of beyonce

  13. Barbara says – reply to this


    Good for them, showing some class.

  14. Team Kim says – reply to this


    Re: Barbara – I wouldn't call not showing up for your best friends wedding classy

  15. mackt81 says – reply to this


    Who said Bey & Jay HAD to be there?!? Two grown ass ppl,free to do whatever they want.

  16. Deedee says – reply to this


    Jay and Kanye just toured together made a couple songs too, that does not mean their best friends, if they we're they would of gone.

  17. sham says – reply to this


    why would they want to attend a sham wedding? divorce is on the horizon for kanye and kim.

  18. harleymutt says – reply to this


    Re: annainparis – HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

  19. Norma says – reply to this


    Re: Emily – I am in Florence too and was sure that I saw him arrive at the Westin. I was SURE it was him so when I saw these stories that he wasn't there I started to doubt myself.

  20. who says – reply to this


    Perez I'm not sure whats up with you. Back in the day you kept it real about these parasites known as Kardashians now you seem to side with them the American public, the sane majority, don't give a damn about these people. We have real lives and struggles. Kim is a whore and Kanye is insane. Get back to being a real blogger not caught up with gh5is nutty family. WE DONT CARE!!!

  21. who says – reply to this


    Go to bed…you are talking nonsense.

  22. Guillaume says – reply to this


    I love this article! I just want to point out when Queen B and Jay Z got married it was SUPER discreet and low key. It makes perfect sense that they would deliberately stay at home instead of going to the most sensational wedding of the year!!!! Not to mention, the amount of security that would have been needed (just remember Coachella….) xxx Guillaume

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    They probably went to the wedding in Florence. Jayonce seem solid, and probably wouldn't miss on Ye unless there was some emergency. Easy to post pics from somewhere else.

  24. Yes I Said It says – reply to this


    That's corny
    Jay and Kanye are friends…idk about bff's tho
    Yes they are two grown people free to do whatever
    But why accept best man position then not show?
    I believe if you tell someone you're gone do something then do it
    Rather they felt the relationship is headed for divorce or not is irrelevant
    Those of you who are saying the relationship is a failed one or justifying Jay and Beyonce are just as corny as Beyonce is for posting and sharing that messed up looking pic
    If that's his friend he should have went even if Beyonce didn't want to go
    That vacation could have waiting The Hamptons ain't going no where

  25. rosie says – reply to this


    If Beyonce was as private a person as she pretends to be, she wouldn't have posted this picture. She likes attention almost as much as Kimye does, she just goes about it in a different way.

  26. annainparis says – reply to this


    Re: Norma – Thank you Norma, Emilie….maybe in the end Perez wants us to think that Z is a good guy after all!!! (that's always good for the tour, better publicity than no showing up)….but best men always come with their wifey….where is the wifey…nibling on leftovers in Versailles?

  27. 27

    Way to go Beyonce' !!!!!!

  28. annainparis says – reply to this


    Re: rosie – Woncé does it on Kimye's back, always when something goes on in kim's life which has nothing to do with woncé but woncé is there breathing in her neck. i have not seen kim do that yet, not when zoncé announced their tour, after elevatorgate, etc….. Kim always seems to be the one making the first move these days..and woncé being more reactive type…..no kidding Kimye is a powerhouse!!!

  29. Giavonni says – reply to this


    Anyone who thought they would actually be there was fooling themselves. The wedding is about Kim and Kanye I don't even like them but I wish them the best Jay is not gonna chose Kanye over his WIFE done. They love him and they probably sent them a ridiculously insane gift

  30. Giavonni says – reply to this


    and why would they go and pull attention away from them then ppl would just talk about how they came and what was their behavior so they stayed away who cares

  31. 31

    Nobody hates Kim hookerwhoreslut more than i do, i think they are all trash, and normally rejoice when people of high status such as Jon hamm shun the likes of them, but being that Beyoncee and Jay zee are not of the likes of Jon Hamm or any of the hollywood elite, I would have to say it was very ungracious of her not to go, and goes to show you what a classless asshole self-important bitch she is. She thinks she's separating herself in a good way, but not attending the wedding and posting a selfie shows how passive aggressive she's behaving, and honestly it makes her look like a dick.

  32. Jazi says – reply to this


    They not beat.

  33. 33

    She looks like a cheap hoodrat.

  34. erica says – reply to this


    It's Kim's day , Kanye's too, so why is everything being made about Jay z and Beyonce!!! Their just guest that might or might not come. If I were Jay and Bey I wouldn't go because it just seem that's they would be a big distraction and take away attention from Kim and Kim would hate that…..

  35. 35

    Re: annainparis – How does one that constantly steals material from others become one of merit in your eyes. Please get a clue or a lobotomy

  36. 36

    Re: pollopicu – Yep

  37. 37

    Kanye ruined his what was left of his public image when he jumped on stage to defend Beyonce's messy career when Taylor won the award. I guess this is the thanks he gets.

  38. michelle says – reply to this


    Re: H – jayz IS kanyes friend……………….

  39. Marina says – reply to this


    This only proves that they were already married!!!!!

  40. JC says – reply to this


    Jay Z claimed to be Kanye's best friend…..It's not cool to not show up for such an important event. I am really surprised that Jay Z and Beyonce did not come, if fact, I'm disappointed in them, it reeks with shade…. and shows that they are classless for not showing up for Kanye, no matter what they agreed with or not!

  41. 41

    i didnt go to my best friends wedding either sometimes u just have home
    to stay

  42. heavenhollywood says – reply to this


    fuck the fake king of queen and their "business arrengement" they want people to think they are too high and mighty to attend Kim's and kanyes wedding fuck em there little fake perfect worl Got blown out the water last week in that elevator. this should show Kanye what a fake jay-z is kanye worships jay-z and he didn't even come to the most important day of his life? why? cause his jumpoff rachel roy was there and beyonce was not about to be around the woman who is humping camel face

  43. Fuzzy Cow says – reply to this


    I Love Beyonce's Long Beautiful Blonde Braids.

  44. 44

    Kim seems like she tries to leech herself on to Bey's fame. It's kind of pathetic. I don't like Bey but I don't blame her for not going.

  45. 45

    Re: sophie58 – do you really think they're best friends? lmfao. bey and jay dont seem to like them at all

  46. justll says – reply to this


    Jay- Z referes to Kanye as his little bro and Kanye has on more than one occassion called Jay his best friend…before the album and songs they were already close…so before people start hating beta make sure of the facts…

  47. BOSS says – reply to this


    Re: annainparis – lol yeah she steals the light so effortlessly all people are worried about on HER wedding day is BEYONCÉ. Sit

  48. Carlos says – reply to this


    Beyonce and Jay Z are not friends with anyone. They just use others to make themselves appear more important.

  49. deb says – reply to this


    I have really lost respect for these two lately. They seem to be so self absorbed. What kind of friends are they? Even if they don't like Kim, they are supposed to support Kanye. With friends like these, who needs enemies!

  50. A says – reply to this


    if he accepted to be his best man, he has to go. unless some circumstances/situations happen, he needs to tell in advance to KimYe that something REALLY happened and need to skip the wed. We dont know the situation but, we dont ditch ppl on a special occasion without letting them know, especially when you are a public figure. #ethics You cant be a pro without em.

  51. Tai says – reply to this


    Re: unbiased
    Actually JayZ And Kanye have been doing albums together and working together for YEARS. Kanye has made MANY beats and produced a lot of songs on most of Jay Z albums. They have history beyond the one album.

  52. annainparis says – reply to this


    Re: A – Since the chicken fight in the elevator, Z lost his balls!!!!

  53. annainparis says – reply to this


    Re: deb – true, even more so they don't want kim and kanye to be too powerful…

  54. 54

    If this is true, I have MASSIVE AMOUNTS of new respect for Jay and Bey. AWESOME!

  55. reana says – reply to this


    She also posted a pic of kimye congratulating them.they must've gone

  56. 56

    Re: annainparis – every time you write something, you sound like a drooling 12 year old girl. I must say, for your sake, I truly hope you are a teenager….any adult talking foolishness the way you do , well, would just be really really pathetic….agree?

  57. 57

    Re: Emily – and then you woke up bitch….

  58. 58

    Re: JC – why don't you cry about I? Stupid dork…

  59. 59

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  60. tony says – reply to this


    OMFG shes ugly as hell without make up. Whats with all these women that need tons of shit on their face to look good, all the kardash's also.

  61. Deborah hughes says – reply to this


    It was just as well if I were beyonce.Personally I would not even wanna be in the same room with Kim it's kinda of creepy .has anyone noticed how Kim is looking a lot like Beyonce lately all of Kimm adjustments are Beyonce features .As if Kim s husband has mental issues trying to make Kim look like beyonce. CREEPY

  62. 62

    Well I guess they were to busy!!!!

  63. GENG says – reply to this


    Re: annainparis – Beyonce is the powerhouse not kim and I'm not a fan she's a singer dancer actress and activist…..Kim is a oh I didn't know it was out paid home video porn she poses for pictures and baby talks on her family show…..Vernice worked hard for everything she has…..when you make quick money for sucking someone off and put it out there yeah Montero.we in you can do alot…..especially with a mom like Kris
    …I like Kris work ethic by let's be real the family really me known because of what Kim did in her bedroom….Beyonce became known for her voice and skills to keep the fans on there feet #notabeyonceorkimfan

  64. fatalreview says – reply to this


    one for Jay and Bey–obviously Kimye was just using their names and the big "are they or aren't they" debate in the media to promote their sh-t show–Jay and Bey should sue-if money was made at that wedding then they were used to promote and should get their cut even if they didn't go

  65. fatalreview says – reply to this


    Bey is totally mocking the fake duck lip loser poser face Kim does in all her selfies–thats hilarious

  66. Jordan says – reply to this


    Re: unbiased – one album?? Lol get your facts straight man.

  67. mel says – reply to this



  68. 68

    That's just not cool, I though Bey and Jay-Z were above all that. That's a shame.

  69. HillsWorld says – reply to this


    Oh and Beyonce does look naturally flawless with out makeup on so stop telling stories out of school…lol…