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UCSB Shooter Killed 3 Men At His Apartment BEFORE His Deadly Rampage! Refused To Take Psychiatric Meds?!

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ucsb student started killing at home three men dead

As if this situation wasn't tragic enough!

We previously told you about the horrific shootings at Isla Vista, near UC Santa Barbara, perpetrated by Elliot Rodger.

Police have released new information, revealing that the deadly killing spree started at 22-year-old Rodger’s own apartment on Seville Road. In his 141-page manifesto, Rodger said that he’d kill his two roommates, and police found three males in apartment 7 who had been stabbed to death.


Sheriff Bill Brown didn’t reveal the identities of the men, but said:

"The three male victims were apparently stabbed repeatedly with sharp objects and it was a pretty horrific crime scene.”

Other reports are stating that Rodger was supposed to be on meds for “extreme paranoia” but wouldn’t take them. A source explained:

“Elliot has always been troubled and couldn’t express himself. His parents did everything they could to help him. It seemed that Elliot suffered from extreme paranoia and heard voices, but it was impossible to properly diagnose because he just wouldn’t talk. Having been prescribed psychiatric medication, Elliot refused to take it. Before moving from L.A. to Santa Barbara, he had been seeing a mental health professional for years, and his parents got a team of doctors for him to continue to see after his move. Their hearts break for the victims and their families.”

Now, Elliot's director father, Peter Rodger, and ex-wife Li Chin are hiding out in a hotel, dealing with what has happened. The source also added that Elliot never quite fit in with UCSB’s party crowd, nor with his dad’s Hollywood friends, but never seemed prone to violence.

It’s so heartbreaking to think this could have been prevented with some prescriptions, if Elliot was really dealing with mental issues.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victimsfamilies.

[Image via YouTube.]

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14 comments to “UCSB Shooter Killed 3 Men At His Apartment BEFORE His Deadly Rampage! Refused To Take Psychiatric Meds?!”

  1. death says – reply to this


    he's hot

  2. Larry in BH says – reply to this


    Excuse me? Your son hears voices and has such mental problems that he needs a "team" of doctors and "meds"? Sorry, but that is a big red flag for Parents not to send your kid away to college. And that is a big red flag for all the other Parents to screen their kids' college ROOMMATES!!! BTW, if your roommate insists that the cops arrest one of your other roommates for stealing three candles worth $22.00 — MOVE OUT!

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  5. Trajik says – reply to this


    "With some perscriptions." ARE YOU SERIOUS THIS IS THE WHOLE PROBLEM!!!! I FEEL NO PITY!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Heather says – reply to this


    The whole mental health system revolves around a few scripts and little other expertise. I'm sure the parents are sitting in a room somewhere, questioning every decision they ever made, but the truth is, there is no expert alive that can tell you for sure what to go with an adult child with such a condition, and there is no sort of comprehensive treatment for ANY of these mass murderers, from New Mexico, to Connecticut, to Santa Barbara. Everyone sees the kid needs help, but the truth is there is no help for such a person.

  7. Patrick Byrne says – reply to this


    That is why schizophrenics should be interred in mental institutions. How in the Hell can you expect a seriously deranged person to medicate themselves. We jail kids for smoking marijuana and allow those who doctors admit are dangerous to roam free. His parents are as guilty as he is.

  8. hang up buddie says – reply to this


    Re: Patrick Byrne – Amen (What a moron..)

    And it is why we should kill all criminals, because it may start over again… And that is also why we should exterminate all threats before even that they can get underway…

    You know, they sell cords at the corner hardware if your fears are too unbearable.

  9. jimmy d says – reply to this


    You have one thing right ,you were an ugly dude,not even with all the cash you had,couldn't even get a fat ashy ugly knee gar to grab your padurkle……say hi to hitler for me and for all people who abused animals

  10. Ksea says – reply to this


    My heart goes out to all the family's of those struck done unfortunately I have no sympathy for the parents of the shooter he DID not just wake up one day and decide to be a sociopath there were warning signs all along that they either chose to ignore or simply did't care and for that they will be haunted all the days of their lives

  11. Kristen says – reply to this


    My heart goes out to the victims and their famiies as well as the family of Elliot Roger. Shame on you guys for saying its their fault. Mental issues are difficult to deal with and diagnose properly, its hard to get someone admitted into a psych ward and make them stay there. and it sounds like these parents did what they could with the information that they had on what he was diagnosed with. The kid didn't want help, he didnt want to take his medicine. He alone made the decision to do what he did. How dare you blame these parents who are most likely horrified and grieving for the loss of their son and the loss of life that their son caused.

  12. caravaggio righteous says – reply to this


    The NRA doesn't make or promote use of knives to stab people with. Better luck next time calling out the NRA and professional licensed gun owners as the culprit of a spoiled child in Santa Barbara with rich daddy and mommy in show business. Maybe a hooker would have been a better choice than a brand new BMW? Ohh and fuck you Michael Moore! You looking like an old queen!

  13. pennylane518 says – reply to this


    I think there is a bigger issue here culturally and socially. PEREZ! Please watch this video and spread the word!

  14. Sinister says – reply to this


    Sad generation that exists today, where the guys are electronic wizards but have no social skills, and the women's only social skills is ordering at Starbucks! Thin skinned generation