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Brought to you by, who else, E! If you've been baking on the beach all weekend and have disconnected yourself from the world, then NEWSFLASH - Kanye WestRead more…

38 comments to “The Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Wedding Pictures You've Been DYING To See Are HERE!!!”

  1. jessmaree says – reply to this


    So pretty

  2. Claire says – reply to this


    OMG - who cares?! Afterall, she's been married how many times now?

  3. 3

    I'm not a fan of that dress on her. It's a beautiful dress for someone else. Kim is curvy and short so she needs to dress with a corset that accentuates her waist. Otherwise, she looks kind of chubby (which she did in this dress). Perhaps she should have gone back to Vera instead of choosing Givenchy, which is not famous for its dresses.
    This was very unflattering for her figure. SHe looks like a lump.

  4. Tinkk says – reply to this


    I can assure you.. I haven't been dying to see these stupid photos.

  5. Chloe says – reply to this


    Didn't I just read that Kanye filed for bankruptcy????
    Why ,then, are they putting on the dog???

  6. Ben says – reply to this


    FAKE !
    Neither of them are as rich as they would have people believe.

  7. 7

    No I'm not dying to see the wedding pictures. I'm not crazy about the low cut back on the dress (Of course it was chosen to emphasize her big FAT ASS) The veil and train is absolutely beautiful too bad it's wasted on a Piss Queen! No matter how you try, you cannot put perfume on a pig, it's still a PIG!

  8. ranubis says – reply to this


    Who cares about this fucked up family. The girls are ugly and have Godzilla ass. I can't wait until the show is canceled.

  9. Yikes says – reply to this


    If it's true that Kanye filed for BK then Kim is a bigger fool than I thought.
    It would explain, though, why he went along with the filming - apparently he needs money.

  10. Hilary says – reply to this


    Re: Chloe – hahahaha now the dumb bitch is along for the ride.
    And she did not even get to marry Reggie Bush, the man she really wanted.

  11. The harder they fall says – reply to this


    And here they were telling us the groom was worth around $100 million. Unbelievable !

  12. PUERCOS EROTICOS says – reply to this


    Re: arabellabella – You got that right!

  13. catie says – reply to this


    I like the back and veil, but the front makes her look like a frumpy maid.

  14. Madi says – reply to this


    Once again.. You can't see the 'pictures below' on a mobile device? SO FRUSTRATING!!!!

  15. Kim says – reply to this


    The dress is really ugly considering they spent so much on the event. It's fugly. They just needed xxx Miley there sticking out her tongue to complete everything.

  16. Bob says – reply to this


    I hope that nice dress was off before Kanye pissed on her.

  17. MeMarie says – reply to this


    Meant for one another -

  18. 18

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  19. annainparis says – reply to this


    The dress is just perfect for the setting (minimalist, yet beautiful) and for her….I just love the overrall harmony of colors/natural light, mood….they look so genuinely happy. Congratulationsss!!!!!! No doubt this is going to be one of the most exciting ride in entertainment…can't wait for the next steps to come.

  20. 20

    It looks like she is wearing a big bib - like from a cheesy lobster restaurant.

  21. ni says – reply to this


    she actually wore white?

  22. 22

    I wasn't dying to see the pictures…but I knew the dress would be awful. It was… rolled her up in a doilie of course ignori is back at home with the nanny's while they plot their next money grubbing idea to pay for the tacky mansion they are renovating.

  23. TWang says – reply to this


    Without E! these people would be on a cup of noodles diet, let alone having Parisian weddings. Enjoy it while its hot ladies, the body ages afterall.

  24. Haha says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – I was thinking the same thing!!

  25. C Joseph says – reply to this


    Re: ranubis – I totally agree with you!!!! I can't understand why such a slut keeps getting married in a white dress. She has slept with half the men on earth. I guess the fact that white symbolizes purity does not exist anymore.

  26. vinman043 says – reply to this


    Dying to see? Are you kidding me? I'd give a year off my life just to never see or hear about them ever again. How much are they paying you, Perez, to make two talentless fame whores seem like royalty?

  27. IDGAF says – reply to this


    I'm pretty sure nobody was DIEING to see those pictures since kim kardashian's marriage only lasts a few days…

  28. IDGAF says – reply to this


    I'm pretty sure nobody was DIEING to see those pictures since kim kardashian's marriage only lasts a few days…

  29. IDGAF says – reply to this


    I'm pretty sure nobody was DIEING to see those pictures since kim kardashian's marriage only lasts a few days…

  30. IDGAF says – reply to this


    I'm pretty sure nobody was DIEING to see those pictures since kim kardashian's marriage only lasts a few days…

  31. gena says – reply to this


    I think she looks absolutely beautiful, and I wish them both great joy and happiness!

  32. 32

    bankruptcy ? she'll be filing for divorce any day now…

  33. 33

    Re: Bob – too funny … touche'.

  34. Timber says – reply to this


    Kim Kardashian looks gorgeous. Lol @ the jealous posters. If you didn't care, you wouldn't even respond. I bet you type out insults after you wipe off the cheeto dust on your black stretch pants. Clay Aiken is still gay you fatties.

  35. Jj says – reply to this


    I will say that they have a really cute baby. North is really cute and makes JZ baby look uglier then normal. And E paid for the wedding.

  36. Mat says – reply to this


    Oh but the jealousy! Gosh. I'm no fan of the couple but will say Kim looked gorgeous. The dress looked stunning on her (she didn't have to look skeletal to rock the dress, it sits on her curves so beautifully). They make a perfect couple and look genuinely happy. We all deserve to love and be loved. It's usually unhappy people who get so hateful & jealous. I wish the couple all the best in their marriage. It's not about the number of times one falls (in this case, Kim's failed marriages)…Kim always gives love a chance, which you all should try. PS…I'm happily married btw. :)

  37. LilyJax says – reply to this


    The 3 dresses that she wore on her wedding to Kris Humphries was more beautiful.
    This one is not pretty.

  38. liz says – reply to this


    How many times is she gonna wear a white wedding dress, the world knows she is anything but a virgin.