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15 comments to “One Direction Fans Are Doing WHAT After Seeing Zayn And Louis Smoking?? Oh No!!”

  1. Sarah says – reply to this


    I think what you wrote is great. I cannot believe people can cut themselves for any reason whatsoever. Keep up the good work Perez! #stilllove1D x

  2. Jess says – reply to this


    Of course that would be the only trending topic you would choose to talk about. only a small amount of people mentioned cutting in a negative way, while the rest of the fandom was against cutting. #Zouispassmethatblunt was trending all night, most of the fandom is actually having fun with the situation.

  3. sdfd says – reply to this


    #Zouispassmethatblunt was trending Perez not #cutforzouis…we see through your bullshit

  4. Linnea says – reply to this


    Re: Jess – Haha, exactly! We had like 5 WW trends and one was negative towards it. And even that one was full of people saying to stop trend it because it is ridiculous. The only wrong thing they did was record it, in my opinion. Like, everybody smokes in college too. They even talked about how they want cooler, more grown up, merch and books. Not shit like what their favorite color is. I don´t think I have ever related more to them than in that moment. They might loose a few under 14 fans and some parents, but people their own age can probably relate to them more after that conversation.

  5. Louisa says – reply to this


    most of the fandom actually trended #Zouispassmethatblunt and only when it was recognised that 1D fans trended that when their idols smoked weed whereas Justin Bieber fans trended #CutForBieber so the trend #CutForZouis began as a joke to begin with but fas who obviously didn't realise it was taking the piss out of Beliebers and actually cut.

  6. Haze says – reply to this


    Holy cow. You guys actually listen to one direction? Dafuq? Are you all 15 year old girls?
    Is a good one though….

  7. Desirée J says – reply to this


    Kids these days make always bad choices, well 1D didn't care their fans just their money. the marijuana is not purchased alone

  8. R says – reply to this


    Seriously? Yeah it was stupid but SO many people smoke pot now, how is this genuinely surprising to some people? What got me was how disrespectful they were being; and given it was right befote a big show… fans come pay money to see you… not a stoned version of yourself.

  9. MB says – reply to this


    I think if I were these guys, I'd take my money, and disappear. I'd flea. You have gajillions $$$, every teenage pre-teenage girl is on you, fuck I'd quit. That's depressing. Anything is more fulfilling than that. You go learn to drive a dump truck and do it for a few years, that's more self gratifying. Then you're a man. There's your solution. Take your money, grow a beard, and get to a transportation training facility immediately.

  10. Martha says – reply to this


    Trending or not it's still horrible that even one young girl would attempt something like this. Where are the god damn parents? Be involved in your child's social media for Christ sake!

  11. rebe says – reply to this



  12. m says – reply to this


    im laughing at pressed directioners who are upset people are taking this trend seriously when they laughed at beliebers when cut for bieber was taken serious

  13. TWang says – reply to this


    these fans are just finding excuses to do nonsense at this point.

  14. Anya says – reply to this


    It wasn't real. Louis said it was fake and that it was just a fake joint they bought there

  15. 15

    Cmon people, you can't believe everything you read, this isn't bad enough to be cutting yourself over. Some fans think the video was leaked on purpose, that 1D wanted to shed their "squeaky clean image", just speculation though. If drugs made a big difference in a musician's career, the Beatles, AC DC, Def Leppard, Van Halen, etc. wouldn't have made it far. I noticed in the video, Zayn took a drag off the so called joint and blew the smoke out right away, normally you would hold it in for as long as possible. So we lose a few "carrots" and their Mom's, they are a adult band now, I'm for that. Proud to be a "fanwoman".