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Aaron Carter Escaped Paying His Debts By Going Through A Bankruptcy Judge!

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aaron carter bankruptcy court forgives debt

We wonder what Hilary Duff would think of this!

Aaron Carter no longer has to pay any of his debts because a bankruptcy judge helped him out.

Reportedly, the 26-year-old singer owed his creditors $2 million total, but was only worth $8,000!

In addition to the $2 million being forgiven, Mr. Carter also doesn’t have to pay his $1.3 million in taxes that he owes the government.

Take THAT, Uncle Sam!

On the downside, Aaron does have to go to a credit counseling class for his bad deeds.

But compared to paying $3.3 million, that doesn’t seem too tough at all!

[Image via WENN.]

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10 comments to “Aaron Carter Escaped Paying His Debts By Going Through A Bankruptcy Judge!”

  1. bk paralegal says – reply to this


    1. All debtors must take a credit counseling class before filing bankruptcy and a financial management class before discharge. These can be done online in an hour. It's not some special punishment for him.

    2. Taxes are only dischargeable in a Chapter 13 and must be over 3 years old and meet other criteria. There is no way he filed a Chapter 7 and taxes just went away.

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    Mismanagement by others when he was a young minor according to some articles.

  3. Jess says – reply to this


    "the overwhelming majority of the debt he is asking to be discharged is from more than 10 years ago when he was a minor and not in control of his finances." Chapter 7 and it was filed over 6 months ago, where have you been Perez lmao. Ollllddd news, come on. He's been working on a new album and making a comeback for the last year now. <3

  4. 4

    Doesn't Toni Braxton do this like every 8 years, just sayin' and many other in this country.
    Very snarky comment perez

  5. Jess says – reply to this


    Re: bk paralegal – The debt was over 10 years old and did meet the criteria; he successfully filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy a year ago.

  6. Ali says – reply to this


    There's no way his debts just went away. Bankruptcy means you still have to pay your debts, but a percentage out of your wage. He can't own a home or have any credit. It's not exactly ideal or a problem solver.

  7. bk paralegal says – reply to this


    Re: Ali

    This is untrue. In a Chapter 13 you pay part of your debt, sometimes all, depending on income. He filed Chapter 7, that is a straight discharge with no payback in most cases unless it is an asset case, which his was not. He absolutely can own a home and he can, upon discharge, apply for credit anywhere he likes.

  8. Jim says – reply to this


    The people he owed the money to unfortunately are left holding the (empty) bag. LOSER>

  9. FezHilton says – reply to this


    This guy is SO UGLY and also talentless. Also , an asshole for screwing other people over.

    What a douche.

  10. 10