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Crazy Or Sweet? Tori Spelling's Husband Got A Tattoo Of THIS In An Attempt To Win Her Back - And It Worked!

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dean mcdermott reveals his wedding vow tattoo

Well, this certainly isn't the "grand gesture" we would have thought of!

Tori Spelling and her cheatin' husband Dean McDermott have had an extremely emotional journey on the whole season of True Tori!

We've seen them laugh, cry, and argue a lot. But the question that remains is…

Will Tori take Dean back!?? And the answer is YES!

But only because he showed her a grand gesture in the form of her wedding vows tattooed on the same spot that she has his wedding vows tattooed!

Oh and he wrote and performed a semi-awkward song for her during the finale…but it was the tattoo that really sealed the deal for the former 90210 star!

While it's nice to see that they worked through their problems, we do have to point out that Dean already had Tori's name tattooed above his peen and that didn't stop him from cheating.

Oh, and he has her face tattooed on his body as well, which ALSO didn't stop him from cheating.

So, really this "grand gesture" should be taken with a grain of salt.

But, regardless, congrats to them for being able to work through their problems on national television!

[Image via Lifetime.]

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10 comments to “Crazy Or Sweet? Tori Spelling's Husband Got A Tattoo Of THIS In An Attempt To Win Her Back - And It Worked!”

  1. Piper says – reply to this


    Why oh why do I torture myself watching this show? Why can't Tori get a haircut, it's horrible. It was advertised as "al questions" answered, ummm no it wasn't. It was a recap of the bullshit. Why wouldn't she ask him if there are others, b/c there are!!! Save your family but good luck with that and the STD"s he probably has.

  2. 2

    Long ago stopped watching this train wreck. But oh, those poor children.

  3. Deann titone says – reply to this


    Seal the deal?! Pfff! Obvi you would have thought the "Tori's" tattoo should have. He's so creepy and nasty looking! I bet his ex wife is just laughing her ass off the he's Tori's headache now!

  4. KLK says – reply to this


    I never usually comment on a website I just happen to be browsing on, purely out of boredom, but I had to on this particular article (if you can even call it that). I don't people have the right to judge her, her husband, and her family AT ALL. People who live in glass houses should never throw stones. With that being said, the fact that she chose to share her story publicly was extremely courageous and takes a lot of guts. I think Tori is an incredibly strong woman to forgive her husband for cheating and deciding to move toward building a better future for her family. Any of us, in her situation with FOUR children would have most likely did the same thing in her EXACT situation. She does not have to ask her husband whether or not he cheated with one woman or several. The fact is, he cheated and she has to decide whether it's repairable or not. It's no one's business and she ONLY did this because she is in the public eye and probably wanted to put the subject to rest.Yes, she did grow up with money, but look at how humble she is. Her and husband take care of their children on their own, no nannies, and do not live in this LAVISH estate. Celebrities are human beings, they are NOT SUPERHUMAN, they do the same things as us, so please, stop judging.

  5. 5

    Dean's fat,yo ! LOL

  6. DH says – reply to this


    Re: KLK – LOL its played out on National TV FFS…pipe down.

  7. KLK says – reply to this


    Re: DH – No shit, Sherlock. *claps hands* I was giving my opinion BECAUSE it's on National TV for all of us to see, DUMMY. Take your own advice and pipe down.

  8. Suzanne says – reply to this


    His face made me sick on this show. Pitiful man. Actually this made me almost feel bad for her. But that's how she met him. Those poor kids are so innocent. Shameful

  9. Mary Jo says – reply to this


    Vicky is an idiot!

  10. Lori says – reply to this


    It's like watching something horrible, but I just can't look away. The "confessions" show was so scripted, it seemed like an Infomercial! Do they really think the viewers are that clueless? Insulting! And why hasn't anyone found the mysterious woman he was supposed to have had an affair with? This whole mess is just sad!