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A surprising number of people have come out in support of Justin Bieber in the wake of his dual racist video controversy... And today, you can add JB's m… Read more…

10 comments to “Justin Bieber's Manager Scooter Says JB's Apologized For His Racist Comments & That Should Be Enough — But Is It?”

  1. RickInHouston says – reply to this


    I'll forgive him if he works in an all African American homeless shelter for 120 hours as community service.

  2. 2

    Yes, it's a first step. It's time to assume the mantle of adulthood & act responsibly from this point forward. He can no longer rely on the excuse that he's young & not accountable. Angelina Jolie was able to reinvent herself & Justin can too if he works at it.

  3. theo says – reply to this


    I am black but i just ha¿e to understand. We all did silly stuff at 15 and that was five years ago for crying out loud. He has not done anything wrong pls

  4. 4

    Scooters just nervous because his little meal ticket is fucking up so bad, it's about to end, who would want to be associated with either of these wastes of skin and oxygen

  5. AR says – reply to this


    Scooter is Justin's biggest enabler and the cause of all the bs JB has been pulling for the past several years. What pe ople need to realize is that this is not a one time thing, o poor kid he was only 15. At 15 I was not doing these things, neither were any of my friends. This kid has been displaying douchey and narcissistic behavior since he was young. It won't stop unless he is shamed and held accountable for everything. Scooter is worried about his meal ticket, and has never set parameters for this kid neither have his parents and these are the consequences. Unless he pulls himself together he will self destruct.

  6. me says – reply to this


    this kid is a joke (yes i still dont see him as a man n matter how many tattoos he gets.) He should be accounting for the white boy culture that allowed him to make such horrible jokes about black history and using black culture to do it. ye, the rapping racist is perfectly acceptable for a 15 year old and now 5 years later he wants to dip into the pockets of those people to buy his latest record. He should get over himself and go back to seeing the word "Baby" 800 times in his song which is really all he is known for.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Pretty glad no one can post some of the stupid shit I probably said or did at 15. OoO.

  8. Amy Lee Christian says – reply to this


    Is anyone surprised that Braun is a Jew?

  9. but.. but...buttttt says – reply to this


    Did Justin killed someone? UH.. No? Then, why are you all now mad about it as if someone had been killed!? (the common sense answer: no, it was just a Word, not death of man here.)
    I imagine that it would have been better if the little white man had killed a black with a gunshot…
    OH wait.. No!!!! This would not have been better because it would have undoubtedly accused of committing a racial murder… (Zimmerman, and all the others)
    Well, I understand better all the silent taboo from the media surrounding all these murders and attacks commissent by Blacks thugs against other ethnicities. We cannot incriminate blacks for racial crimes, however, they can…

    The U.S. Government is simply not an another riot (he Rodney King Riots) because it is expensive and crippling the economy.

  10. oopsie says – reply to this


    Re: but.. but…buttttt
    " he would have been undoubtedly"
    "and attacks committed by Black"
    "The Government of the United States simply do not want another riot (AS the Rodney King riots) because it is expensive and crippling the economy."