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Game Of Thrones Has Defeated The Sopranos, Officially Becoming The Most Watched Show In HBO History! And We Know Why!

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game of thrones beats the sopranos most watched hbo show

Game Of Thrones has officially won the game of ratings.

The ongoing fantasy epic has finally bested The Sopranos to become the most-watched show is HBO history!

This season has averaged 18.4 million viewers per episode, edging out the 18.2 million of The Sopranos' best-rated season, a feat made even more impressive by the sheer amount of options out there on Sunday nights.

We mean, The Sopranos didn't have to compete with Mad Men!

So how did GoT take down the reigning mob family? By being superior in three big ways:

game of thrones sopranos violence


The Sopranos was famous for killing characters at a time when TV just didn't do that. It was probably a big component of the "It's not TV, it's HBO" motto.

But GoT brought that to a whole other level! Not only do they kill fan favorites left and right, they do it unexpectedly and with unprecedented brutality!

It's just so much more visceral seeing your beloved characters beheaded, impaled, and crushed than just being shot with a gun.

When it comes to violence, Tyrion has taken Tony Soprano's head and squished it like a melon!

game of thrones sopranos nudity


Most of The Sopranos' T&A came from the dancers at the Bada Bing, whereas GoT gives us gratuitous nudity both through brothels AND the sexual escapades of main characters.

Not only does GoT give us higher quantity, they also give more variety. We've seen whore, slaves, even queens naked- and more importantly we've seen peen. And lots of it!

For our premium dollar, the more nudity the better! When it's artistically important to the story that is. Or not. Whatever, show us boobs and peen!

game of thrones sopranos fans


Frankly, the biggest edge GoT has is its fan base.

Sopranos fans didn't love their show any less, but it was a different time. The Internet was still in its preadolescence. Back then when they talked about water cooler moments, they actually had to BE at a water cooler!

And if you had asked them to make a GIF, you would probably get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

But with the Internet, fans around the world can share their love of the show- and keep talking about it throughout the long winter hiatus.

No wonder it's the most watched of all time!

[Image via HBO.]

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3 comments to “Game Of Thrones Has Defeated The Sopranos, Officially Becoming The Most Watched Show In HBO History! And We Know Why!”

  1. Jenna says – reply to this


    ALSO GoT already had a HUGE fan base because of their books.

  2. 2

    Haven't watched either since I cannot afford HBO but if I could, I'd pick the Sopranos just based on what I have read.

  3. Jared says – reply to this


    Technically speaking, The Sopranos has the bigger audience. If you adjust the time of the 90s to today, The Sopranos win by a landslide. If you don't, it's a different story. GoT already had a large community LONG before the show came along. Plus, there's a multitude of ways to watch GoT than there was for The Sopranos. There's live viewings, online, iTunes, repeats, DVDs out every year, and the introduction of the DVR and OnDemand service. Combine those, and it's going to average up to 20 million viewers per episode easily. The Sopranos didn't have that. HBO was purely a subscription network when The Sopranos premiered and the only way to watch it was when it aired. By default, The Sopranos has the bigger audience because nearly 20 million people watched their show at once, something Game Of Thrones hasn't done- their biggest rating being 7 million in the US for one airing. But it's astonishing how the ratings have gone steadily up consistently. Both shows are fantastic and deserve all of their praise and attention. HBO just has really good programming.