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Justin Bieber Isn't Forgiven By All For His Racist Video Leaks! Lupe Fiasco Thinks He's As Bad As Donald Sterling!

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justin bieber racist apology

Lupe Fiasco has a good point!

While many of Justin Bieber's pals are making excuses for his leaked racist videos, Lupe isn't so ready to forgive and forget.

Lupe is confused as to why Donald Sterling was slammed for his recorded racial slurs, but everyone is totally prepared to pardon JB's not-so-funny parody of One Less Lonely Girl.

The rapper argued:

“Justin Bieber said it [so] it’s cool, and people are already coming to his defense. I don’t think anybody should be allowed to profit off racism. Donald Sterling made a billion dollars [when] he sold the team, and there was such an uproar about somebody who didn’t use the N-word at all, but then you have somebody who made a very racist joke about it — I wonder if Justin Bieber’s gonna get the same treatment as Donald Sterling?” I don’t think he will. It’s an absurd thing — you get somebody who we ‘like’ who says it, and says it even more ‘racist-ier’ and we don’t bat an eyelash at it.”

The last time we checked "racist-ier" wasn't a word! LOLz! But besides that, we could not agree more with Lupe's disbelief.

Regardless of your status, there should be no double standard when it comes to offending an entire people, right??!

No matter WHO you are, racism is NEVER defensable in our book!

Do U Think Justin Bieber's Actions Are Forgivable?!

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Do U Think Justin Bieber's Actions Are Forgivable?!

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14 comments to “Justin Bieber Isn't Forgiven By All For His Racist Video Leaks! Lupe Fiasco Thinks He's As Bad As Donald Sterling!”

  1. Haley says – reply to this


    I don't get it!! yes, Justin Bieber should have never said that but Lupe Fiasco says the N word in his songs? WHY do you think 14 year olds are then saying think its okay!?!?! They hear it in almost every song rapped by a Black Man/woman!!!!

  2. 2

    whatever, I'm so sick of the mob mentality over infractions everyone has made in their lives. I mean, Perez called someone a F @ G then cried (literally) on his website about it, yet he will be the first person leading the mob with a pitchfork if you wear a native american head dress, refer to yourself as a gypsy, or tell people you believe the Bible. He is the definition of hypocrite and he's a slime ball to boot. Perez has much more to apologize for in his adult life than Justin "Douche Bag" Bieber has as a young punk. Perez is an intolerant queen, liked by few, loathed by the sane.

  3. 3

    Also, Donald Sterling has Alzhiemers for crying out loud. In addition, he was in his OWN HOUSE. Imagine that and let that sink in.

  4. texasannie says – reply to this


    Who the fuck is Lupe Fiasco?

  5. 5

    Re: Haley – and to add a lot of his friends are black? this is the most stupidest crap. I am no Justin fan but I am on his side.

  6. Alex says – reply to this


    Are you SERIOUS? Black people should NOT be talking! like someone else said, these rappers use the n word in their songs ALL THE TIME. This has become a social norm. Everyone uses the N word i dont care what race they are. So all these black people getting offended need to fall back because last time i heard you guy are the reason we use this word on a daily basis so shuttt up.

  7. TJ says – reply to this


    The difference is Justin Bieber said that stuff when he was a teenager. Young, dumb and ignorant. Sterling said it as as adult…a well aged adult. We can blame it on whatever disease he says he has but according to sources, he has always talked like that……to that point though, I think Justin should just go away.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Lupe had a solid upbringing, and is intelligent and has integrity. I don't think Justin was quite as fortunate to experience the educational balance that Fiasco did. Sterling is an old throwback from another time with dementia, but his actions throughout his life empowered and helped any color he employed. Bieber was a 15 year old who has ironically embraced the culture he was youthfully joking about. He could benefit from some Lupe one on one, frankly.

  9. Josie says – reply to this


    Mr perez right a lot of things about justin.more publicity more money more views of the web.we dont have to search a lot of reasons. Mr perez base is job on internet.if all the artist was like celine dion this web will be closed a long time ago.he will surf on this news as long its possible. Maybe until next year?money money

  10. Wendy says – reply to this


    Justin was 15…young and stupid. Sterling is old and racist Apples and oranges if you ask me. Everyone has said stupid things due to peer pressure when they are young,why can't Justin?

  11. Mianni says – reply to this


    This is a social commentary. Seth McFarlane family guy. Mad TV. Joan Rivers…youth need roll models and guidance as well as education in a world where powerful/disgusting language has lost its meaning.

  12. richp says – reply to this


    O please!! Ask EVERY Black if they said honky or other white bullshit like we are all racist and we all had slaves!! Want to be equal, stop the black magazines, black pageants, black tv, Ebony.. Your more racist then 70% whites! You spew more racist shit when ever you want and its ok. you want people hung if you are given the chance!! We need to stop saying SORRY!!! This is getting INSANE!! At this rate we will have a racial war, closes your eyes!! You weak pieces of shit!!!

  13. Ann Gregory says – reply to this


    Things said when young shouldn't be dredged up later we all say things at one time or another leave the lad alone stop the witch hunt for goodness sake!

  14. whutwhut says – reply to this


    Paula Deen's situation is more comparable. She said the word years before she was confronted about it, just like Bieber. Her career took a major hit, and hasn't come back to what it was. But because this is a cute young pop star, people want to make it okay. It's ridiculous, I'm embarrassed for him. He grew up in Canada, and maybe spent 12 years of his life not being rich. He's not hard, he's not gangsta, he was and is perpetuating an image that isn't real. He's a soft, maple syrup guzzling, hockey watching Canuck. Just because he constantly keeps this worried look in his eyebrows for the camera and got some tattoos doesn't make him cool. At. All. If I were any of his African-American entourage, I wouldn't be associated with him at all after this.

  15. studio lukacs says – reply to this



  16. Stephanie says – reply to this


    I cannot believe the comments I read! The first joke (chainsaw) was just stupid, things people might say when they were young or just being stupid. I found it not that offensive and certainly not a proof that he's racist. But the second one, about joining the KKK, takes it to a whole higher level. It's hurtful, ignorant, just plain wrong. Check out your history lessons people: how the KKK hung black people, burned their houses down. Just because they're black.