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Pharrell Defends His "Little Sister" Miley Cyrus Against Meanies In The Media!

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pharrell defends miley cyrus women feminism girl come get it bae z100 radio show

Pharrell's reputation might've taken a hit when he offended the Native American community earlier this week, but he seems determined to make amends!

The 41-year-old Get Lucky singer went on the Z100 Morning Show Friday and, though he didn't say anything about the Elle controversy, he did whisper sweet nothings into the microphone about working with Miley Cyrus on Come Get It Bae.

Not only did he say kind things about MileyBird, whom he goes so far as to call his little sister, but he had positive things to say about womankind in general!

He gushed:

“First of all, Miley is my little sister and I ride forever for her, that’s number one. Number two, it’s very easy to judge when you’re watching someone basically grow, grow up in front of the world… You know, she went straight from being Hannah Montana, to the very next thing I knew when I saw her and I met her, when everyone was still calling her Hannah Montana, I was like, ‘You guys haven’t met her, you have no idea what’s in there'… Anybody that’s gone to her tour… Anyone who’s seen her tour, you’re just getting a slice of who she is, just a slice of her creativity. She is not in a box. She’s so much fun, she’s so nice.”

What an incredibly supportive thing to say about his collaborator!

Pharrell in fact thinks we should start treating all women better. Explaining why he chose the title G I R L for his new album, he said:

"I thought let me give back to the demographic that has been supporting me since the very beginning over 20 years, and that’s women. So I named my album ‘Girl’ and I capitalized all the letters and I put two spaces in between each character because I wanted it to read differently in the text and I wanted people to ask me questions like this. The reason why is because, okay there’s one side of me like, ‘Oh, her eyes, her body, ooh her curves, oh her booty!’ You know that, you know that of me. But what you don’t know is the other side is, how much I appreciate and how much I listen to women over the years and their plight… Women don’t make as much as men. I think it’s like 77 cents to a man’s dollar. That’s wrong. That needs to change. So I promised myself that I would as much as I make no apologies for how I love women in every kind of way, I really do, there are some important issues that should be addressed and I’m going to use the platform that they have given me and this opportunity to talk about these things."

Aww! That's so sweet!

We just hope Miley is making more than 77 cents on Pharrell's dollar for her work on Come Get It Bae, LOLz!!

[Image via Instagram.]

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9 comments to “Pharrell Defends His "Little Sister" Miley Cyrus Against Meanies In The Media!”

  1. Default Setting says – reply to this


    "Ok, now he was close
    Tried to domesticate you
    But you're an animal
    Baby, it's in your nature
    Just let me liberate you
    You don't need no papers".

  2. annainparis says – reply to this


    No kidding, they are the two most talented of the moment.

  3. 3

    Word on the street is Miley will only wear large flowing skirts because she has extraordinarily large outer labia that drops out from her lacy panties. She is very self conscious of this and is in constant pain from the rubbing of the large labia against her inner thighs which have become raw and chaffed. Miley refuses to get her labia shortened because they help her achieve squirting orgasms during love making.

  4. 4

    If he appreciates women so much, how does he explain Blurred Lines?

  5. strangeasitmay says – reply to this


    Re: KrazyCarole – Sounds like you are living up to your username with this crazy story.

  6. Rastah says – reply to this


    Yes, she can get away from Hannah, but then there is what she is doing. At this point it looks contrived and not genuine. Women can be powerful without appearing available sexually. I like Miley, she just doesn't look comfortable anymore. No hate. Keep evolving

  7. 7

    Little sister
    Little sister
    Won't you kiss me once or twice?
    Tell the world I'm nice?
    Then you can run.
    Little sister
    If you could do me, this solid?
    It'd be fun.

  8. Jan says – reply to this


    It doesn't take much to take off your clothes and hump everything in sight. Porn stars do it everyday. She's just fortunate to get the opportunity to be Hannah Montana and that's why people notice her, if not she'd just be another reality/porn star…

  9. 9

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  10. Sir Floyd says – reply to this


    Pharrel, the media is too kind to the cyrus brat. Its THE PEOPLE that can't stand the lying egocentric little sleaze.

  11. 11

    Miley is growing up making mad $ and is enjoying life u go grrlll

  12. 12

    Miley is growing up, making mad $ and is enjoying life!!! U go grrlll

  13. Sorry says – reply to this


    Love her all you want to but she's an asshole and acts like one and has done a total 180. If he cared he'd help her not keep making cash off her drug addicted garbage life

  14. tbh says – reply to this


    Tbh, she's gonna need to change her game soon because people are getting tired of it. She needs to move onto it or change it. And like someone said, it's very contrived. I personally have no problem with someone wanting to be open sexually or someone wanting to be crazy, but from her, you can tell it's what her team is telling her to do so that she can make headlines. It's not about being her, it's about being known for what she does and for being "controversial". She's become much less known as a musician or a singer like that's not even the primary part of her career.