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Chris Brown Defends Justin Bieber After His Racist Remarks Are Leaked!

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chris brown defends justin bieber racist comment

At this point it seems like almost everyone has his back!

Justin Bieber has had several tapes leaked, revealing some ignorant and racist things he said as a young teen, and a few people in the music industry have come to defend him!

Not only have 50 Cent and Usher stood up for the 20-year-old pop star, but now Chris Brown has too!

While he didn’t make a public statement, a source explained:

“[Justin] made a mistake… Justin is a straight-up good dude who means well, and nothing about him is racist. Chris is still down for Justin and is still riding for him.”

If anyone knows about needing forgiveness from the public, it’s Breezy!

The Biebs has apologized, and clearly feels bad about these horrible jokes that he told in his youth, so we’re sure it’s only a matter of time until people start to forget about it.

[Image via WENN.]

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9 comments to “Chris Brown Defends Justin Bieber After His Racist Remarks Are Leaked!”

  1. BEYFLAWLESS says – reply to this


    well not shock chris no first hand wat he going threw

  2. 2

    lol, because everyone respects whatever chris brown says. please, justin would be better off having donald trump speak in his defense than that joke chris brown. Plus, we all know chris was gay for the stay. hahahaha

  3. RickInHouston says – reply to this


    Justin -

    You can get all the African American's you want to come out and say they forgive you. Truth is, no other race forgives you. Why? Because we know what you said is SO VERY VERY wrong and we would not ever say what you said.

    THAT is what makes it so wrong.

  4. 4

    wow. So its all cool when Justin Bieber says the N word "because it was a part of his past" and gets to keep his fortune and no one cares. But Paula Deen says it once in her past and she losing everything. Sounds fair.

  5. 5

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  6. 6

    Re: Aurora Vaughn – And Paula grew up in a place and time, when it was used, bieber not so much. All these people forgiving him probably are getting a piece of the bieber pie (money). I certainly think Paula was much more sincere in her apology, than some statement written and put out by biebers management.

  7. 7

    Re: onefinn – I agree…. and the part that KILLS me is that she was being HONEST in that deposition , trusting that it would be ok telling the truth because it WAS part of her past. And no one new about Justins potty mouth until it was "leaked" aka he got caught. Paula gave out this info. This is just shows people that you cant be honest. You may still be persecuted for you honesty. I guess honesty is NOT the best policy.

  8. Eff U says – reply to this


    "15 weirdest spots around the world"

    So it's okay to call a religious pilgrimage site "weird" and then you bitch about Pharrell about wearing a Native American war bonnet? Or bitch about Justin Bieber for a joke he made as a kid like 5 years ago and call him a racist, although it's clear that he is anything but?

    Perez, you are the f***ing worst of them all, really. Acting all politically correct when you are such a hyprocrite!

  9. Megaaaan says – reply to this


    So I never watched any of the videos where he made racist joke so idk what he said but can someone please explain to me why we're making a big deal out this when he made these comments when he was 15 which was 5 years ago???? I am currently 15 and all I hear around school some of the time is people making racist jokes.

  10. Luis Boki says – reply to this


    If I see the acronym, "lol" again, I am going to riff off into unintelligible psychobabble. In this era of poor vocabulary, poor syntax and poor grammar, how will young students today learn to write a compelling cover letter, let alone a thesis. Sigh.
    The hip hop community has failed miserably in their attempts to desensitize the "n" word. Nothing is more uncomfortable, as a person of color, than to be in public and people (I was gonna say kids, but, unfortunately it isn't limited to one demographic) are throwing that word around seemingly ignorant to the deep pain that word has caused generations of honest, hardworking people. Sure 50 Cent and Chris brown has to come to his defense because they are just as guilty of using that word in public and private settings.

  11. ty green says – reply to this


    What bieb said about blacks is an affront to every african american alive. No forgiveness. This black man has low tolerance gor racism from a little short white boy who looks and acts like a teen girl on her period. Chris Brown, you are a traitor to your own race.

  12. Jason says – reply to this


    We all make mistakes and learn from them…. You are forgiven justin but learn from them and never repeat…

  13. Jessica says – reply to this


    Am a bielieber but I think justin should apologize to all his racist jokes because am a creamel coler and that mated me fell bad that my idol is making fun of me and other people

  14. Lena says – reply to this


    Hahaha very funny dumb a… !!!
    Now can you just get a life !!!!!! Pathetic a…hole ………