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EXCLUSIVE! Matthew McConaughey Could Be Yours! Or At Least A Piece Of Him If You WIN This Autographed 'Just Keep Livin' T-Shirt! Deets HERE!

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Alright, alright, ALRIGHT!

Just Keep Livin is more than just a sweet-ass motto uttered by one of Matthew McConaughey's most memorable characters, it's a philanthropic foundation and a totally rad line of clothing!

The hilarious, dashing, and talented actor inspires men and women to greatness while putting clothes on their back, too!!! How cool is that??

Not only is he giving back to his community, but he's giving back to his fans, too!

JKL Brand teamed up with PerezHilton.com for an EXCLUSIVE! giveaway!

You (yes, YOU) can win a JKL Brand t-shirt autographed by the man, the myth, the legend himself!!!

All you have to do is…

Leave a comment on this post below telling us why you should win! Comment before this Friday, June 13th at 5PM ET to enter.

Good luck!!!

[Image via JKL Brand & WENN.]

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341 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Matthew McConaughey Could Be Yours! Or At Least A Piece Of Him If You WIN This Autographed 'Just Keep Livin' T-Shirt! Deets HERE!”

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  1. Jen says – reply to this


    Because I'm awesome!

  2. Janeisy says – reply to this


    I love Matthew McConaughey and who better to give it to then a future longhorn #UT18 🐮 #hookem \m/
    P.s. Matthew McConaughey is a huge longhorn fan

  3. Latrenda Wells says – reply to this


    I believe I should win this t-shirt because of the following reasons:
    1. I love his philanthropic work
    2. We are both from Texas
    3. We are around the same age so I totally get what the motto means
    4. Matthew is sexy
    5. I would wear it with pride!!!

  4. Chels says – reply to this


    Because he is a complete badass and in a dinky ass town I live in, people will lose their damn minds lol. So help a girl out. Btw love you Perez😘

  5. lc vargas says – reply to this


    I would love to win because I'm a huge fan of his work and foundation Just Keep Living for teens. He's an amazing man with a huge heart. Gotta love a man from Texas :)

  6. Chels says – reply to this


    Because he's amazing, and a complete babe. I also live in a dinky ass town where nothing ever happens, so this would just be badass. So help a girl out. Btw you're amazing and I love you

  7. Caitlin says – reply to this


    I would love to win this shirt for my big brother, he's a huge fan of dazed and confused. We've been going through a rough patch in life with our grandmother recently suffering from a stroke, it's been tough to watch her health decline and this would make his day so much better for once!

  8. Dawn DeWeese says – reply to this


    I think he is so hot, I would LOVE to have even a part of him on my body for a while!

  9. Madison says – reply to this


    Alright alright alright.. I deserve this shirt because I would look just as sexy wearing it, as Mathew McConaughey does shirtless! Just keep livin :)

  10. JJ Fad and I'm her to says – reply to this


    I should win because I'm Matthew's biggest fan and yours too!!!!! I absolutely adore him! Like no joke I literally cried when he won that Oscar! Haha It would make my birthday which is coming up soon, *insert wink emoji here*! Lolz! Seriously though these are words I live by, and to have a shirt with the saying and signature of the man himself would be AH-MAZING! Ya get me?! We'll ending on that note, ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT! Love ya Perez! (:

  11. Dana says – reply to this


    I love dazed and confused isy favorite movie of all time! Pick me!!!

  12. sarah says – reply to this


    Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Matthew Mcconaughey…ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!!!!!


  13. Sheila says – reply to this


    It happened to be mine. I lost it! :)

  14. Colleen Murray says – reply to this


    I should win because ive been a supporter of JKLivin' befor it was cool!

  15. Colleen says – reply to this


    I should win because I supported JKLivin' before it was cool!

  16. Alex says – reply to this


    He is the spitting image of my father who passed away when I was only 17. This month marks the 10 year anniversary if his death. Mathew's roll in Dazed and Confused always reminds me of stories I've heard about my father in his youth. It would be amazing to own something like this, with a connection to the actor and the roll. Thank you Perez! Smoothes!

  17. Kindall Charters says – reply to this


    Alright alright alright! I would wear this T-shirt proudly once show everyone I won it then put it in a glass case to show it off to the world! Tell the story of "Dazed and confuzed"

  18. Pandora says – reply to this


    I'm feeling you brother.

  19. peg says – reply to this


    cuz I'm an ole woman who needs a good thing right now

  20. Carrie says – reply to this


    I would love to win this shirt! Dazed and Confused has been one of my favorite movies for almost 20 years, and it reminds me of the bond I have with some of my friends for that long, as we used to watch that movie over and over! Plus Matthew is pretty hot! And I'm a redhead. :)

  21. Angela S says – reply to this


    I should win because I've never won anything before. Plus Matthew is a genius of an actor. Loved him in his most recent True Detectives!

  22. Kevin C says – reply to this


    Why shouldn't I win? That's the question!

  23. Allison says – reply to this


    I'd love to win because I am a fellow Texan like Matthew. Also I too do not wear deodorant. Just kidding, lol. I just think this is an awesome shirt with an awesome motto by a really great person.

  24. Rebecca F says – reply to this


    I should win because I've never, ever, won anything in my life and this would be super awesome to win. I adore M.M. and would love to have a shirt signed by him! :)

  25. Tiffany Poole says – reply to this


    I would absolutely love the shirt! I think I should win because my husband and brother-in-law are obsessed with Matthew McConaughey! They love his movies/shows and quote him all they time. We're also from Texas like you're truly and we're a family of Texas Longhorns!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Jana says – reply to this


    I should win this so I can give it to my wife! I could get anything I wanted if I were to win this for her!

  27. Sutina says – reply to this


    Pick me, Pick me!!! I would love to win this shirt! Being a Mom to 5 kids, this is my motto… Alright Alright Alright! Plus I love Matthew and I think he is Hot!!! Who wouldn't want this autographed shirt :) I'm your WINNER!!!

  28. Liz says – reply to this


    I love Matthew and the movies he makes. Magic Mike of course is in my collection and watch it with my girlfriends :)

  29. Liz says – reply to this


    I am in love with Matthew and the movies he makes. Magic Mike is one of my favorites and watch it with my girlfriends. Always need a new shirt to show off my love

  30. Noemi Quiroz says – reply to this


    As everyone else here, of course
    I love Matt. However, that's not why I should win. I have respect and admiration for him. From the way he's handled his career to the way he's chosen to live his life. He is a source of inspirations both professionally and personally. Just Keep Livin’ means many things to different people, for me it has brought me to the understanding that, as he once said, "life is a series of comas, not periods." Things will not always go your way, but you have to be grateful for what you do have and just keep livin' and try to learn, grow, and build a stronger wiser you. In my possession, this shirt will be cherished. What better source of inspiration than to look upon a shirt imprinted with your idols iconic words, life's motto and signed by your idol on a daily basis. Nothing can ever beat that.

  31. Megan Burnett says – reply to this


    My affair with Mr. McConaughey began in film school when I not only realized his immense talent, but also his ability to own the screen. He is a down to earth, honest person and his continual talent and philanthropy has more than proven him to be a legend. Plus, the shirt would look FANTASTIC on me!

  32. Amina says – reply to this


    I think I should win because I love this motto and I'm in love with Matthew and I'm in love with his work, he's my idol and it would be an honor to have something signed by him

  33. Amina says – reply to this


    I would love to win because I'm in love with the motto "Just Keep Livin'" and I'm in love with Matthew and his work , he's my idol and It would be a pleasure to have something signed by him and I'd die to have it, if he gets to see this I really wanna tell him how much I love him , you're amazing Matthew and please try tweeting some fans x

  34. Caitlin Anderson says – reply to this


    I want to win the T-shirt in honor of his foundation, j.k. livin. I'm very passionate about fitness and nutrition and so I know how important it is to educate the kids in this country about that subject! Winning this T-shirt would make for a great taking point to people to give awareness on the subject of health and fitness and the foundation. I want to be part of making the difference Matthew is trying to make. That is what winning this T-shirt would mean and why I should win it!

  35. 335

    Perez, honey! I should definitely win this prize seeing as I am the most dedicated “McConaughBabe” ever! I have all of Matthew’s films on DVD and have been a devoted fan ever since watching Dazed And Confused a few years ago. I’m even planning to attend the Interstellar premiere in London this winter! Not only do I love Matthew for his looks, but his huge amount of talent, his lovely personality and of course- THE accent are all equally appealing! Watching a McConaughey film never fails to cheer me up during bad times so it’d be an honour to own a t-shirt signed by the man himself! He has been a huge inspiration to me and is definitely my favourite celebrity of all time.
    Moreover, I am also a keen reader of your website which is – obviously – my daily number 1 source for all the latest gossip! Your cheeky comments in articles and interviews never fail to make me laugh so winning the prize would be amazing seeing as I adore the both of you! Thanks so much for the constant celebrity news and prize opportunities Perez!
    Lots of Love, Jude xoxo

  36. Brian says – reply to this


    As long as I can remember Matthew McConaughey has inspired my life. That is why I watched the Inside the Actor's Studio episode featuring Matthew himself; to inspire me to win this damn shirt. I feel that I should win this shirt due to my regular practicer of just keep livin. I don't believe I've worn in a shirt in the past two months, so I could probably use this shirt. Also due to not wearing a shirt I have become relatively tan, much like the man himself. I don't want to dwell on this shirt thing, but also during this time my hair has become relatively long, much like the man himself (in certain movies). This has become an extremely easy way to relax and to keep on livin. I also a huge proponent of McConaughpuns. My personal favorite is McConaughyay or McConaughday! That really is a toss up. Hopefully this will help me win this t-shirt as I will wear it proudly almost every day of the week. I don't believe if I do happen to win this shirt that I will remove it for at least 7 days. Thank You For This Opportunity

  37. Suzy Grayson says – reply to this


    MATTHEW is the Greastest !! Im BIGGEST fan, I watch everything hes in or everypost he puts out , I know hes in brazil now and sat he was at the guys choice awards , which I wathced 3 times last night , KUDOS , MATTHEW your a GREA T SPEAKER and the GREATEST acto , bought my TRUE CD tonight at target and I collect evything I can get my hands on , THE SHIRT WOULD BE CHEERISHED and not woren , also have pics and magines dating back I would frame this !! MATTHEW is JUST ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT !!! and HOT!!!

  38. Ellie says – reply to this


    I have been swooning over Matthew and his crazy antics long before it was trendy. I'd love this Tshirt to cover my new baby bump:)

  39. Carol Turner says – reply to this


    I'm Matthew's biggest fan! Seriously! Huge j.k.livin believer. Love everything about j.k.livin! I'm wondering what happened to the original online store. Maybe this could be forwarded to the people who were in charge of the j.k.livin store?! How I miss shopping on that site!

  40. Rachel says – reply to this


    Love him, love the motto! Taken this moto totally to heart….. Been through quite a few very personal ups and downs in the last few years, but I know I have to "JUST KEEP LIVING"

  41. Cory says – reply to this


    Has a winner been selected?
    When will a winner be announced?

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