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Waffle House Forces Waitress & Mother Of Three To Refund A $1,000 Mother's Day Tip!!!

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waffle house north carolina forces waitress refund shaina brown 1500 tip mothers day sad

Ugh! It's almost enough to make you want to work at IHOP!

Shaina Brown's customers say she's delightful, a top-notch waitress! She works the late shift at a Waffle House in Raleigh, North Carolina, and she does it with a smile on her face, but it's fair to assume she'd rather be home, tucking in her three children.

Unfortunately, she has little choice. The family she provides for depends on the tips she earns from satisfied customers.

So, when Shaina received a $1,500 tip at 3 a.m. on Mother's Day, imagine how sad and disappointed we were to learn Waffle House management was forcing her to refund it!!

Yeah, you heard us right — the Waffle House made her give back a large sum of money that very well could have changed her life!

It all started when a patty melt-munching customer called for Shaina to come over. He told her:

"I’m going to bless you tonight.”

Sure enough, he tried to!

He paid his modest bill with a credit card and then left $1,500 on the tip line, kindly requesting that Shaina give $500 of it to a down-and-out lady sitting at a nearby table.

So did Shaina take her newfound 1K and pay a few extra months on her mortgage? Did a random woman in rough shape get a random $500 gift?

Nope!!! The Waffle House made her refund the money!!!

Shaina explained:

“I feel like they stole from me. They did exactly what they teach us not to do.”

According to a Waffle House spokeswoman, large credit card tips are refunded to customers because…. they might change their mind later anyway?! Wait, WHAT?!

The Waffle House spokeswoman suggests that tip-happy customers should leave cash or a check instead!

Wow, that's so messed up!!! Who even carries $1,500 in cash??? No wonder why disgruntled customers are wearing burgers as shoes!!!

Hopefully the super sweet dude who tried to pay it forward with Shaina will notice the refund on his credit card statement and then return to her North Carolina Waffle House to write her out a check!

We're keeping our fingers crossed, gurl!

[Image via Twitter.]

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