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3 comments to “facebook-httpwwwdeathandtaxesmagcom222708map-shows-every-school-shooting-since-sandy”

  1. Alex says – reply to this


    Then stop posting about them!!!!!! These nut cases see these articles and think "hey i can fill out my sick fantasy's and have everyone know who i am!" MEDIA is the problem, no wonder they have increased, its in our kids face everywhere they go!

  2. Lily says – reply to this


    Put a stop to 'every mens right to carry a weapon'. These ar not meant to be used for your entertainment, it is a killing machine. That is its only function, not to look pretty. Let it be used by men and women on the force. They actually get training and know what they are doing.
    I'm from Europe and absolutely do not get the fascination and obsession about guns in the USA. I don't own a weapon, never seen a weapon, let alone touch a weapon. I like to keep it that way.

  3. Anna says – reply to this


    It's because the media sensationalizes these killers. I bet you couldn't think of the names of the victims of the sandy hook shooting, but you sure as hell know the killer's name because you put it in your post. These killers are looking for fame by killing people, and you're giving them just that by constantly posting their names, their pictures, writing things about them. Instead of doing that, maybe refuse to talk about the killers and focus on the victims instead.