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Listen To This: The Biggest Star You Don't Know!

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We have been obsessed with Stromae for almost four years now, since this post back in 2010!

Stromae is a superstar!!!!

And though many English-speakers don't know him (yet), he's obviously doing something VERY right!

The French-singing and rapping Belgian is playing his first concert in New York City next week and it's already sold out and at a venue that fits over 2,000 people!

We have a very strong feeling that most in the audience won't be French or Belgian or can even understand what he's singing!

And you don't need to!

Stromae's music is THAT GOOD!

Like Yelle before him, he already has a strong following amongst hipsters and cool kids. And we think he can be even bigger!

Stromae is THAT good!

Check out his song AVF above!

Electro pop rap brilliance!

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Stromae!

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4 comments to “Listen To This: The Biggest Star You Don't Know!”

  1. elly says – reply to this


    avf= allez vous faire foutre= go fuck yourself. just sayin

  2. Elda says – reply to this


    This is belgiums world cup song: worth checking out!

  3. marine says – reply to this


    he's wayyyy better than yelle ! he's huge in france and belgium he sold over a million of his album ;)

  4. french dude says – reply to this


    Btw did you know the two guys featuring on the track are well known for being respectively homophobic and sexist… Just saying. Kinda awkward to see this here tho. French crap should stay in France…