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Beyoncé & Jay Z's On The Run Tour Ticket Sales Are Bombing! Is The Solange Scandal And Cheating Rumors To Blame?!

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on the run tour low ticket sales

Has this power couple lost all their power??

When the star-studded promos were released for Jay Z and Beyoncé joint On The Run stadium tour, everyone was supper excited to see this stellar husband and wife duo take the stage together

Or so we thought!

Ticket sales for the shows have reportedly been average, with the first stop set to start in 7 days — and these venues are hardly sold out!

Since both artist's last tours (Mrs. Carter and Legends of the Summer) were huge successes, this must be quite the blow to their careers and egos!

Insiders are saying that the duo's tabloid scandals involving the state of their marriage and the epic Solange elevator brawl might be to blame for the low sales…

But we have a feeling it's just the high ticket prices!

Just LOOK at the high and low end seats in comparison for the Met Life Stadium performance on Friday July 11!!

The very front section is totally unaffordable:

pit prices otrt

And the nosebleed price is still awful for what you're getting:

nose bleeds otrt

If these artists are STILL charging $85 to attend in practically the last row of a football stadium, something must be up!

So now we ask U…

Do U Think Beyoncé And Jay Z's Tour Will Be A Flop Because Of High Ticket Prices??

View Results

Do U Think Beyoncé And Jay Z's Tour Will Be A Flop Because Of High Ticket Prices??

  • No way… (16%)
  • Yes! (84%)

Total Votes: 4,515

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[Image via Beyoncé/Ticketmaster]

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34 comments to “Beyoncé & Jay Z's On The Run Tour Ticket Sales Are Bombing! Is The Solange Scandal And Cheating Rumors To Blame?!”

  1. Crytz says – reply to this


    Definitely the high prices! As talented as they are, I would never go to either of their concerts because they are so high priced it's not worth it, even the last few rows it's so much & so far away why bother going I'll just watch them on tv or something! And the front row.. Why would I give up a months rent to see these two? Lol priorities!!! They need to lower these ticket prices if thy want anyone at all to come !!!

  2. 2

    You can't blame Solange for this - if anything, she made this couple more interesting. I would blame overexposure combined with high prices. Why pay that much for something that we have seen over and over again for the last 2 years straight?

  3. Boom says – reply to this


    Just because they have money to burn does not mean the rest of America does. They have the bank account to lower their prices and should be ashamed to demand such high ticket prices, WE GET It your Beyonce and JayZ but really cut those prices in half at least.

  4. reana says – reply to this


    That is wayyyy too expensive.

  5. MizzBoobBoo says – reply to this


    i mean only 3/17 shows aren't selling well, but the rest are selling just fine and they are high in demand. i think its really the ticket prices because people do love them, whether if you admit it or not. They have millions of fans, its just the tickets prices are OUTRAGEOUS to see them & also because theres too many shows

  6. MichJB says – reply to this


    Or maybe their music is repetitive and boring.

  7. H says – reply to this


    In Cincinnati Ohio, there are seats available in almost every section. 300 dollars a seat for mid-range seats in an outdoor stadium (where sound is never as good). Did they not get the memo that we're still in a slight recession? They could probably sell out Madison Square Garden at these prices, but no where else.

  8. Angela says – reply to this


    The tour is almost sold out, they even added more dates

  9. musiclover says – reply to this


    wait then why are they adding more dates ?? why would you continue to add more thats to a flopping tour……why am i still struggling to find tickets

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's the concerts for the common man at common man prices that will make it in tough times.
    They're the bread and butter. This is very steep. People are going to wait for the last day discounts.

  11. kat says – reply to this


    Not only are the prices sky high, but everyone who really wanted to seem them already paid high prices for their individual tours a few months ago, whats the point?

  12. Liz says – reply to this


    Tickets are RIDICULOUSLY expensive for this concert. I have been to various concerts and I am quite sure none have been as unaffordable as these.

  13. BOSS says – reply to this


    NJ July 11th show is SOLD OUT. Hence the ADDITIONAL date on the 12th. Why are you getting screenshots from ticket scalpers? Lol nosebleed seats are $49.50… you journalist you. Research… try it sometime

  14. fcc says – reply to this


    I am American and proud of it some Americans are really shameful there lies a private it's none of anyones business you're paying to see a performance in which you will get the performance you pay for so if you're not going to see that concert because of the personalized they need to look inside yourself and realize what you're doing is not right I myself have never been to a concert because I've lost a phobia I would love nothing more than to see a performance that which I paid for and that money would be well worth it because I believe they take the time to give you your money's worth as Michael Jackson always did and always willso stop judging and gold because you want to see them perform not because you want to be in that business which is none of your business how you doing

  15. fcc says – reply to this


    its funny people was paying those prices before so you to ask yourself what's different now maybe the prices write down before the elevator incident so be it where your friends when you really need them

  16. Damo says – reply to this


    What I don't understand is why the prices are so high in the US.
    For their show in Paris (sept 12 and 13) the most expensive price is 99 euros which is about 120dollars. Then of course you have the super-extra-useless VIP tickets which are about 1000 euros, but they represent about 1% of the total number of tickets on sale. You should come to paris guys, they know French people are poor compared to you so the show is much more affordable haha

  17. 17

    What I don't understand is were are they getting their information from this tour is selling well. You should just call ticket master they will tell you that the tour is selling fast. plus the tickets start at $55.00 dollars to $100.00 the seats that are high are VIP seats and all of their friends will buy those. Just wait and watch when the media says the on the run tour was great with a sold out crowd. I think this is
    kim putting that out cause beyonce didn't come to her sad little wedding.

  18. Ntiamoah says – reply to this


    Despite what you've heard, demand appears high for Jay Z and Beyonce's On The Run tour.
    Multiple published reports that the upcoming Jay-Z/Beyonce co-headlining stadium tour — set to begin in Miami on June 25 and wrap in San Francisco Aug. 5 — is struggling, or that ticket sales are "dismal," are inaccurate, Billboard has learned.

    Sources close to the Live Nation-produced tour tell Billboard that, as of June 17, the tour has racked up about $86 million in ticket sales and is on a pace to gross close to $100 million from just 19 shows. The source says attendance is on a pace to top 850,000 tickets sold, and a Live Nation rep confirmed to Billboard last night that the tour is indeed nearing that threshold. That’s a whopping nightly take of $5.2 million, and an average attendance of nearly 45,000 per show — well more than two sold-out arena shows would generate in any given market. Numerous shows are sold out, and Live Nation cites "unprecedented" VIP and platinum ticket sales.

  19. joel says – reply to this


    Check your sources Perez! #flawless

  20. Carter B. says – reply to this


    Wait…BILLBOARD is reporting that the tour is selling quite well, actually, the Carter's are expected to make close to $100,000,000 from the 19 shows their doing…thats 850,000 tickets sold. If that's "flopping" then please, please sign me up to flop!!

  21. RM says – reply to this


    From what i've seen on ticketmaster…the tour is doing quite well but not selling in half of the markets. The Miami show still has great tickets available at that's starts soon..but I looked the Gerogia Dome date on July 15th and its like 95 percent sold out. Other cities in which the tour is playing is not selling that great. The prices are two high and both artists just wrapped up individual tours and Beyoncé's current cd isn't making a lot of noise or getting a lot of attention. I think its a great idea for the two to tour together…but they are not fooling anyone. Its a way for the two to make even more money off the expense of the fans backs.

  22. GinnyNinja says – reply to this


    Hmm… I wonder if it's because Beyonce has been so overplayed for a decade, that she holds virtually no interest for any but the die hard fans, and Jay-Z… is he still making music? I thought he was just a producer now. So I think that answers that!

    I would probably go if someone gave me a ticket and I had nothing better to do that night.

  23. Stan says – reply to this


    They are ticket resllers you idiot… The show is sold out

  24. Baight Mee says – reply to this


    Both are barely 'talented' Only low IQ zombies can actually want to hear their 'music'.

    The Shine has worn off. Maybe their fans have finally grown up and left this trash music behind. Good riddance.

  25. Blake says – reply to this


    I don't think it's because of the prices. Madonna's tour two years ago was a sell out and her prices are always high. I think it's because the public is tired of B & J, just like the Kayne and the K family. Ugh.

  26. Ryan says – reply to this


    If they wait until the first of the month then their types of fans will be able to afford it. Not because they are black but because they are ghetto.

  27. Mianni says – reply to this


    No sane female wants to watch Bayonce bow down to J

  28. soyesterday says – reply to this


    Boring couple. I'd rather see rihanna in concert solo and she hasn't put an album out since 2012… Just saying… Queen! These 2 can step aside ;P

  29. jaeiicee says – reply to this


    they're not the ones selling for that price… its the stupid scalper sites like stubhub!!! i had to pay double for my tickets from stubhub because ticketmaster sold out of them in a matter of minutes!! those websites like stubhub shouldnt be allowed to re-sale tickets!!! i hate stupid scalpers!!!!

  30. sesus says – reply to this


    Didn't Jay Z learn that high ticket prices = flop at the University of Arizona stadium show? Too many seats, high prices is bound to incur a loss.

  31. jesse says – reply to this


    this post is filled with errors and completely misepresentative. Here's the real story, with data to back it up:

  32. TiqIQ says – reply to this


    This article couldn't be any more farther off and here are some numbers that tell the real story:

  33. Joey says – reply to this


    Re: Crytz – Prices are absolutely ridiculous. Check out the prices here I guess if you don't buy tickets from ticket master you really are going to pay an arm and a leg.

  34. G says – reply to this


    Billboard says ticket sells are doing well!