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16 comments to “Lana Del Rey Romanticizing Death?! Frances Cobain Bashes Lana's Morbid Words!”

  1. Ganjiek says – reply to this


    if she really thinks “I wish I was dead already", maybe she should kill herself?

  2. 2

    I just wish Kurt was around as a regular guy. He didn't have to be a global rock star if he didn't think he could handle it. I bet when he was sober he was a cool guy to hang out with. Too bad he couldn't get the medical help he needed for his stomach problems, drug addiction and other mental health issues.

  3. Phipps says – reply to this


    We all wish that the greasy sow was dead.

  4. Damian says – reply to this


    Good for Frances Cobain for speaking out! Lana del Rey has a lot of influence. No matter if she says her words were taken out of context. She plays the heavy, wish I were dead kind of depressed VS too much, and Frances has a right to speak up when the name Cobain is used, as if his death was romantic. No it was sad and tragic.

  5. thechosenpunk says – reply to this


    it's not sad when people die.
    it's sad when people don't want to live,
    + are forced to.

    so many words w such little answer.
    we all face God someday. that is the answer.

  6. Blaine says – reply to this


    Anyone who sings three songs like Lana did at the pre-wedding ceremony for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at Versailles has to suck big time. She has no business ever of trying pretend she's the dark, tortured sould type. She's a fake. The 27 Club is silly because not that many big names died at that age. But the big names were original incredible real artists. Hendrix, ajoplin, avan amorrison, Curt Cobain. Amy Winehouse. Lana will never be in their league
    Lana is fiction. She created a new name..she got plastic surgery. She created an image/persona for herself. She had a father with mega bucks. She was able to buy back some of her early releases, to protect her new self-created image.
    She likes to play the pretty tortured soul. She's just a pretty (via plastic surgery) fake. I'd rather have people who come from a place of originality and honesty, no matter what kind of music they do. Billie Holliday and Janis Joplin were True artists. Even give me Lorde. At least she does songs that are true to her experience.

    It says a lot when you know Lana's father made a fortune in advertising. The girl knows how to package, brand and sell herself.

  7. thechosenpunk says – reply to this


    pilots temple stone
    benjamin goble

    tripping on a hole in a paper heart
    seven caged tigers
    adhesive love

    lounge fly
    i got you

    dead + bloated
    heaven + hot rods
    kitchenware + candy bars
    hollywood bitch

    velvet revolver
    ver vol re vet vel
    benjamin goble

    dirty little thing
    she mine

    dancing days

  8. thechosenpunk says – reply to this


    long way home

  9. thechosenpunk says – reply to this


    fog- radiohead

  10. thechosenpunk says – reply to this


    you are one seriously, sadly misguided motherfucker on this planet. you'd have to be straight up blasted on dust and clown gas to think of shit like this, pasted. it's going down live in an insane assylum in wisconsin to l.a. real tho. you can see this on the screen with the syndrome. drip drip drip p on you drip drip drip p on you.
    kreayshawn- blase blase

  11. thechosenpunk says – reply to this


    if you ever wondered if there's an entire world walking around + thinking in unison…
    there is.
    because you are uncommon, they are watching you use the toilet w many other delightful fetishes.
    we're all sick mutant freaks.

    may chuch be to you
    + amen.

  12. thechosenpunk says – reply to this


    this is an underground happening.
    some crazy shit to look at
    before my debut.
    fran + i are set.
    good to go.
    no one knows- queens of the stone age

  13. thechosenpunk says – reply to this


    i love to hate you away
    in the place where you still remain
    + it's surfacing to submerge me
    in the blood we must share
    to eliminate thinking
    we are separate

    with slit wrists + a cup
    we stitch together the cuts
    we have become inside + heal
    to drown our fatal error
    with a tourquinnet
    because we didn't need it

    we don't hate to love
    the child we become
    to better find
    there are no sutres anymore
    + none needed
    the blood was inside us
    we are separate

    we'd bleed + put it in the cup
    + keep it but someone would
    probably get fucked up + drink it
    she's a fucking drunkenist
    + i think i need a little less me time


  14. thechosenpunk says – reply to this


    junky- william s. burroughs
    on the road- jack kerouac
    kaddish- allen ginsberg
    eye scream- henry rollins
    survivor- chuck pallaniuk
    come as you are- michael azzerad
    august 18th, 2014

  15. thechosenpunk says – reply to this


    i cant take any more torment in esp. no one should have to live like this. this is now the time to kill. you know what to do. god rid. if this continues on i have no problem declaring civil mutiny in a courtroom. to proove the government should disband. by all known accounts. if the prophecy is correct, i should be on my way to the beverly hills california matrix as of this august 18th 2014, like nothing happened. frances + i should feel free. we have had enough

  16. thechosenpunk says – reply to this


    we overthrew the government
    but not on tv