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This Airline's LITTLE Spelling Error Sent A Passenger 4,000 Miles Away From His Destination!

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airline spelling error sends man grenada granada lawsuit 4000 miles

Imagine if you slept through a flight that seemed to take forever and woke up to find that your plane had landed…on the wrong continent!

Well that's what happened to Edward Gamson. The American dentist and his partner booked a lovely vacation that included London, Granada, and Lisbon.

That's Granada, the beautiful historic town in Spain.

Unfortunately, British Airways sent the couple from London to GRENADA, the island in the Caribbean! And you thought spelling wasn't important!

Though the airline promised to fix the error, they were not able to get the lost lovers off the island for THREE DAYS - too late to get back to Spain. As you can imagine, Dr. Gamson was furious! He said:

"I made it absolutely clear to the booking agent I wanted to go to Granada in Spain. Why on earth would I want to go to Grenada in the Caribbean if I was flying back to America from Lisbon?

It's just so sad. A trip we had been really looking forward to was ruined and… BA won't do the decent thing."

The decent thing would be a full reimbursement of the ticket prices. That's what the company did for the last person for whom this mistake was made - which was only a week before!

But for some reason British Airways has refused to pay back Edward. So instead he's is suing for $34,000 in damages!

We're not sure how he got to that number as the tickets were only $4,500. But you can't put a price on a ruined vacation! Well, less than five figures anyway…

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6 comments to “This Airline's LITTLE Spelling Error Sent A Passenger 4,000 Miles Away From His Destination!”

  1. George says – reply to this


    BA should ABSOLUTELY reimburse them for their tickets AND ALSO give the dentist and his partner two free tickets to anywhere they want to go. That's the very least they could do. People plan vacations sometimes years in advance in order to be able to take time off from work and make sure everything is taken care off. BA has no excuse…do the right thing!

  2. Ketchikan9 says – reply to this


    No way. He had a receipt, had the tickets, went to the airport with check in, gate, and big LED signs with the NAME of where he was going. That's so not the airlines fault. Had he noticed the mistake when he first got the receipt, then yeah , but otherwise just another bogus law suit.

  3. 3

    Re: Ketchikan9 – yeah, you think he would have picked up on that when he got to the gate.

  4. 4

    Re: Ketchikan9Re: rosebud99
    I was wondering the same things. I have not been on a plane in years (fear of flying), but don't they announce the info about your flight before and after you board the plane?

  5. fid says – reply to this


    Re: MJadedRe: rosebud99 – I agree. But we don't know the age of the travelers, we also don't know how seasoned they are as travelers. I've been to many airports and some are rather confusing, I almost got on a flight to Iraq once by accident at the Vienna airport. And normally they don't say the country, they just say the city. So if they just called our Granada it sounds a lot like Grenada, and even if it was on the board, again they look so similar that I suppose a person may just have trusted that the booking agent did their job appropriately. It's a crappy situation, so I understand why they would be upset. I book everything myself online so II trust what's happening, but people who rely on booking agents (older people) may just assume that they did it right.

  6. IQ is the God above says – reply to this


    Re: MJaded – hahaha. So let me get this straight. YOu post a racist post suggesting that the reason us white males date asian women is because asian women are "weak" (and giving a fake example of a white male controlling your fictitious "asian female friend") … but you are…. afraid of flying? lol. WEAK. My "weak asian girl" spent literally the last 3 weeks flying (traveling) and enjoying every minute in the air. Not shedding any fear. She isnt even afraid of ME behind the controls in a tiny plane apparently. So how do you get out of your violent city? Bus? train? hahahaha. WEAK.
    But I cant point fingers. I'm afraid of living in major cities in the united states.
    I dont know how you do it. Your city is fucken creepy as shit.