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Sorry, Kesha! Rising Star's Premiere TOTALLY Flopped!

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kesha rising star premiere ratings

Rising Star isn't such a star after all! LOLz!

The new reality singing competition scored a disappointing 1.5 rating among adults ages 18-49 with just 5.02 million viewers.


That might not sound THAT bad, but in comparison, America's Got Talent got a 2.1 rating in the very same time slot.

So it seems the new concept of viewer real-time voting and the popularity of Kesha, Ludacris, Josh Groban, and Brad Paisley just isn't enough of a draw to pull in a big audience.

We're not sure exactly how ABC will handle this, but we imagine this star's weak shine is only going to continue to dull.

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11 comments to “Sorry, Kesha! Rising Star's Premiere TOTALLY Flopped!”

  1. 1

    ABC needs to read what the viewers said: TOO MUCH BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Enough talking. Get on with the talent! And I'm sorry - Kesha was like a zombie…Ludacrus and Brad spiced the show up. But SHUT UP JOSH! You DRONE when you talk! How about 20 singers in 2 hours…instead of 8!

  2. jan says – reply to this


    The show was stinko….it was hard to even watch. It was a waste of time….whoever came up with this idea should be fired.

  3. RutsORuck says – reply to this


    The problem with the show is that it moved at a snails pace. The worst problem, too much time between acts, back stories too long and who cares, and THE WORST OF ALL a commercial break between each contestant those commercial breaks lasted 3 or more minutes alone. I turned the channel at 10pm, I couldn't take one more minute. I tuned into America's Got Talent instead. The concept of Rising is cool, the pace horrible, as we say in NJ Forget about it. AGT has the right idea, entertain the people, not put them to sleep.

  4. Alien says – reply to this


    I agree, too much talking and not enough singing. We don't care about the back stories yet. Just let more than 5 people sing each show and stop the talk.

  5. Cayan says – reply to this


    I thought the best part of the show was Ludacris. He was excellent! The way he handled talking to the contestants was super classy, and the feedback he gave was always constructive. I enjoyed the show because of him and him alone.

  6. Jordan says – reply to this


    Why mention Kesha you fucking douchebag , why not any other judges like Luda or brad. The show is good it's just too slow. And atleast Kesha is doing something unlike you Perez you Bitch. When are you ever gonna get rid of this shitty blog. I'm sick of you hating on Kesha

  7. 7

    She should've kept the dollar sign.

  8. Jack says – reply to this


    Kesha was hot as hell! cannot wait for her new album.
    Luda and those irrelevant singers though.. ruined it for me. Kesha was an absolute babe!
    Also the show isn't THAT bad, just needs to change up the pace like the other comments have said. Also, the show won't start off huge, if its good then people will talk. Word of mouth >>

  9. perezlmao says – reply to this


    Perez you're just jealous

  10. alli says – reply to this


    Why does this article have to start off with "SORRY KESHA!" You do realize she's not the only fucking one on this show right? But you just LOOOOVE picking on her. Probably makes you feel better because you're one of the reasons she got an eating disorder. There's video proof all you are is a fucking bully to her. Grow up.

  11. Sam says – reply to this


    Perez has always hated and picked on Kesha. Rarely do human beings take pride in others pain like Hilton does.