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Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson SLAMS President Obama In Yet Another Wild Rant! Watch The Video HERE!

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phil robertson rock the south

Phil Robertson is still talking and surprise, surprise, what he has to say is still awful.

The Duck Dynasty patriarch was the guest of honor at this weekend’s Rock the South music festival in Cullman, Alabama.

He spoke on stage to the crowd in a Q&A sesh where he addressed some of his previous controversial statements.

But in typical Phil fashion, he made more controversy while addressing the controversy!

When asked about the homophobic remarks he’s made in the past, the 68-year-old Evangelical said:

"I'm actually a nice man. I'm trying to help those poor souls and turn them to Jesus.”

Fans applauded his sorry excuse, but he didn’t stop there.

Next, Phil got political and told the audience:

“Whatever you do, whatever you do, go register to vote, especially on this next presidential election! Register to vote, and you ought register for the House and the Senate too! Get your tail down there and vote this ungodly bunch out of Washington, D.C.”

The crowd went wild.

We’re not exactly sure if Phil understands how voting works in this country. Sure, voting is awesome and EVERY American should do it but telling Alabamians to vote republican ain’t gonna get your guy in office (whomever that may be) come 2016!

The Yellowhammer State has gone red for the past NINE presidential elections!

nine times rooney edit

So…save your breath dude. They’re gonna vote for the conservative candidate again!

As for calling Democrats ungodly, there are plenty of liberals who have faith in Washington. Christians, Jews, heck Minnesota was progressive enough to elect a practicing Muslim in Congress!

That’s called diversity, Phil. Lots of different perspectives coming together for the greater good.

You can keep praying for the world to wake up and start living the lifestyle you think is right. But we can tell you right now, you’re gonna be disappointed by the results.

Ch-ch-check out a clip from Phil Robertson's speech at Rock The South (below)!

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19 comments to “Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson SLAMS President Obama In Yet Another Wild Rant! Watch The Video HERE!”

  1. Seriously?! says – reply to this


    You are on a roll today trying to be all political and sh*t. It is not news that Phil Robertson is a conservative Christian. It should not surprise anyone that he's spouting off this nonsense. How sad are you that you would express outrage at the ramblings of an uneducated reality TV star?

  2. Yellowhammer State says – reply to this


    He's as real as they come and stands up for what he thinks and his opinions. Most FAKE POEPLE HIDE BEHIND DOORS!!! More people need to stand up for what they believe and forget about this politically correct bs!

  3. DONEWITHPEREZ says – reply to this


    Re: Seriously?! – You do know he has a master's degree? Wow, you must be super educated. I guess either everyone shares your identical views or they're 'uneducated', 'rambling' and full of 'nonsense'. His opinion is his opinion, yours is yours, mine is mine…it's when you get all judgy and assume your opinion is the only one that's right that we have trouble. Hitler style trouble. He's just expressing his opinions and has used far less name calling in his efforts than you yourself in all your perfection have used here in your little 'rant'. Try some tolerance! That goes for Perez too. Sad. Very sad. By 'reporting' this way, you're just fueling more intolerance. He should be more tolerant and curb his opinions but you shouldn't? Lol. What a joke you are. Hypocrite!

  4. Andy says – reply to this


    Someone should take one of his duck calls and shove it up his ass so when he farts it will go quack quack. He is a dipshit pig and should be banned from TV and ever showing his face in public.

  5. express yourself don' says – reply to this


    Re: Andy – So, you are against Jesus and Christianity in general?

  6. barb says – reply to this


    Believe it or not , there are some extremely well educated individuals who don't have a clue when it come to dealing with real life. They're called "book smart". Of course he has the right to express his opinions, as we all do, but it's the way he expresses them, without concern for who he may be hurting . He doesn't sound like an educated person when he speaks…he sounds like someone who lives in the backwoods and only regurgitates what has been drilled in his head.

  7. Seriously?! says – reply to this


    Re: DONEWITHPEREZ – Oh. Oops my bad about Phil Robertson's education. So in all seriousness, I need to take back "uneducated" bit. But you need to take it down a notch with me kid. I make no mention of my opinion on Phil's views. None. Just that Perez is an a** for being outraged at Phil Robertson saying exactly what you'd expect him to say. So don't you point your god damn pitch fork at me calling me intolerant.

    If you calmed the f' down for a minute you'll noI'm calling out

  8. meli says – reply to this


    lol! cool.

  9. 9

    Re: Seriously?! – Uneducated, the battle cry of the liberals when they don't have a valid argument. He has a masters degree and started his own company, Duck Commender. Seems like you're the uneducated one.

  10. 10

    Made the mistake of voting for him his first time..

  11. So What says – reply to this


    Re: Yellowhammer State – Are you fucking kidding me? As real as they come? How about as FAKE as they come? Why don't you google up a picture of this man from before he became famous. In fact, google up the entire family of yuppies. Yep, sold out for a television show. Wonder if there's anything in the Bible about being a fake - yep there is is. Unfortunately, he has inbreds like you snowed into thinking he's just like you.

  12. caravaggio trutherr says – reply to this


    Go Phil! We ALL can't stand him, but not so much the President, but his ENTIRE CABINET that surrounds the President. Do your own homework. WINk Wink!

  13. David says – reply to this


    All you libs are so cute when you get angry. A conservative takes one out of the liberal playbook, executes and liberal heads explode.

  14. shaygirl says – reply to this


    I'm offended by the name Washington being used in a city full of corruption. I'm all for changing Washington to stinkville, cumville, crookville. take Washington out of it. Washington was a gentlemen.

  15. mel says – reply to this


    Im so sick of everyone crashing on everyone else by getting thier feelings hurt by som comment that was made…gimmie a break!!! I thought we had freedom of speech!! Agree with a comment or not..the constitution protects everyones verbal opinion weather you agree or not….TOLLERENCE!!!!

  16. Homeslice says – reply to this


    Awesome response. Perez is a jackass.

  17. Love1Another says – reply to this


    The truth. God loves EVERYONE. I respect homosexuals and at the same time I also respect Phil's American right to Freedom of Speech. I personally believe that there are passages in the bible that were from God and Jesus, but those passages in the bible about homosexuality were added by men to create some sort of order in society at the time. Phil was just repeating what the bible says. I don't think his statements were in any way homophobic. I believe he loves everyone.

  18. Todd says – reply to this


    So y'all think a, what did he say, a practicing Muslim in congress is ok? How about a practicing Muslim as president? Well if not , to bad, he's already there and if given the chance he will turn our country America into a Muslim country. You do know that the Muslims hate America and everything she stands for and that all Americans should die. Well I hope I'm wrong on this, but were about to find out real quick. And if you think that if you voted fo Nobama that they will let you go about your merry little way, think again, their going to kill you just as fast as they are gonna kill as many Americans as they can. So when they show up at you door, you make sure you put your little I voted for Obama sign in your yard so they can trample over it to kill you, rape your wives and daughters oh they think sex with 3 year olds is a good thing. Hopefully they will kill you so you don't have to watch, but I doubt it. Why? Because you are weak minded souls that let these people come in and take over our country while you sat around praising Obama and hoping you will get that free phone and be able to refinance your house at a cheaper rate. Oh didn't that happen once? How did that work out? The CEOs of those businesses got their $500,000.000 or more bonuses and got the hell out of dodge. Sitting pretty in Mexico while the rest if us go down the toilets. Idiots!!!!

  19. Laura says – reply to this


    This is a staged reality show. You all should be more pissed off about that. Obviously, he has had zero impact in the gay community. Gay marriage is being approved on a weekly basis. Move on to something else Phil. I am sure there is a save a squirrel group you can rally against.