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Driver's Ed Lesson #1: Don't Steal A Car Unless You Know How To Drive It! These Thieves Learned That The Hard Way!

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stick shift fail three teen grand theft auto

Three teens may have spent a little too much time playing Grand Theft Auto, and not enough time in driving lessons before they tried their actual grand theft auto!

Nancy Fredrickson had spent a day on the water, and was taking something out of the trunk of her car when three teenage boys popped up out of nowhere staring at her, and one of them was pointing a gun at her face!

At first she thought they were joking when they asked for the keys to her car, but eventually she dropped her keys on the pavement!

The three teens hopped in the car, but uh oh! It was a stick shift. They probably thought this robbery was going to be an Automatic success.

Nancy witnessed their struggle to manually work the vehicle:

"I got a 5-speed in there, and they couldn't figure out how to get it going."

Surveillance cameras caught the suspects running away through a nearby parking lot, and police haven't found them yet. Looks like they were luckier than the burglar caught logging into Facebook during a robbery!

What's even luckier for the three teens involved was that Nancy is a trained black belt and used her discipline to remain perfectly still throughout the whole ordeal.

The three of them could have been in a world of pain had they played their cards differently.

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No comments to “Driver's Ed Lesson #1: Don't Steal A Car Unless You Know How To Drive It! These Thieves Learned That The Hard Way!”

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    I can't drive a stick either and am a lot older than her. Had a stick once, wrecked it within a couple of months, rear ended a tow truck. Glad she and her car are OK.