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The NRA Is Fighting For A Stalker's Right To Buy Guns! 'Great Idea,' Said No One Ever!

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No, NRA. Just no.

Understandably, there exists legislation that prohibits the sale of firearms to those of convicted of stalking, or domestic abuse within a dating relationship!

This makes complete sense. The fewer criminals get guns, the better, no?

Not according to the NRA.

In a recently obtained NRA letter that was delivered to two different Senators' offices, the Association plans to fight the bill from last year in question, stating that the definition of stalking is too broad and that it doesn't necessarily imply physical contact.

Well, we think that any stalking, even if not done physically, is enough of a red flag to prohibit a sale of a lethal weapon.

In addition, the letter uses an example of two gay men in a civil union or engaged getting in a shoving match as an example of domestic violence, and argues it would be unfair to deny a sale of firearms to such individuals.

Well, we think this extremely specific example of domestic violence should not allow all domestic abusers the right to buy a firearm. We also do not think the hypothetical is representative of most domestic abuse cases.

It's also worth noting that domestic abusers are 7 times more likely to kill their partners if they have access to firearms. How do you argue with that statistic?! How?!

We hope the NRA does some serious backpedaling here.

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3 comments to “The NRA Is Fighting For A Stalker's Right To Buy Guns! 'Great Idea,' Said No One Ever!”

  1. 1

    The problems is ANYBODY can fill out a stalking report for any reason and it gets filed whether it is true or not. Fix the system before it can be used to punish people

  2. Jason says – reply to this


    We have VERY low probative burdens on restraining orders. If you want higher burdens necessary to remove rights you will end up with more not less problems.

    And why not mention he ALU is on the same side as the NRA on this?

  3. Yardbird says – reply to this


    You're spin on the NRA's actual position is unacceptable. Your credibility is kaput.