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Sherri Shepherd & Jenny McCarthy Are Leaving The View, Now EVERYONE Is Being Considered To Replace Them! Meet The Top Contenders!

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the view new possible cohosts

The View has some major hiring to get done before the new season premieres!

Not only do they still have to replace Barbara Walters, but now they also have to replace Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy.

But it seems viewers have nothing to worry about because ABC appears to already have a long list of possible replacements.

We already heard the show is considering bringing Rosie O'Donnell back to stir things up, but that would only fill one spot.

We now hear that Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman is in the running! And it could be perfect for her considering she did just leave her job as an attorney. But she would definitely have some tests to pass:

"They want to test her out and see if she would work out in the mold of The View, the folks at ABC have tons of decisions to make including bringing Barbara back, they are going to make a serious splash when they rework the show. And the potential to bring Andi in is something they are definitely considering."

She could have some stiff competition because we hear producers are also interested in Laila Ali, as well as a completely different view!

Rumor is men could possibly be added to the mix! Ross Mathews and Jesse Palmer (a former Bachelor!) are supposedly top contenders.

Whatever happens, we're sure fans will be on the edge of their seats waiting for answers!

[Image via ABC/WENN.]

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13 comments to “Sherri Shepherd & Jenny McCarthy Are Leaving The View, Now EVERYONE Is Being Considered To Replace Them! Meet The Top Contenders!”

  1. blueness says – reply to this


    Good thing McCarthy got the boot. Now if only justice could be service and she could be made to face up to the death and disease she has caused. The last thing this woman ever needed was some podium that provided an illusion of legitimacy to the lies she spread.

  2. 2

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  3. 3

    How many talk shows do they have to put Rosie on to realize know one wants to hear her crab apple ways. Oh.. and please no to Ross Matthews.

    What about Samantha Harris?

  4. Marizza says – reply to this


    I love anything Rosie is in. Her show TROS was endlessly entertaining. Her Sirius radio program was great. The only time I watched the View was when Rosie was on it. BRING BACK ROSIE and I will watch The View again!

  5. 5

    Rosie was great on the View because she stirred up controversy and that's what everyone wants to see. Jenny was never a good fit. Sherry is a phony. Instead of making some kind of statement regarding her separation she just acted like it never happened and the fake over the top happiness when she obviously is going through a hard time came off as her being a phony. Just be yourself. If you are going through something, be honest, don't act giddy and happy like it never happened. I'm not saying she had to go on TV like a sad sack, but to never address it and the fake happiness was hard to take.

  6. margp says – reply to this


    No not Andi! she is boring and the reason this Bachelor show is in the tank! And please, no Rosie…she is loud and crude and the View does not need any more screamers…the reason for its downfall!

  7. Star Jones says – reply to this


    Jesse Palmer is hot. I'd watch that everyday. Ross Matthews is funny. I love his own show. And I want to give Rosie a second chance. She's intelligent. I'd say bring back Joy Behar and fire Whoopi. Whoopie is a know-it-all and I can't stand it when she schools everyone because she's the authority on everything. Plus, her voice is annoying from years of smoking. It's painful to hear her.

  8. 8

    Re: Star Jones – agree. Bring back Joy

  9. FINANCIAL LOAN HOME... says – reply to this


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    best regards

  10. noce says – reply to this


    Take the whole show off. Everyone has to get individual word counts in and no one listens to anyone else. Talking over each other is annoying. Sherri is fake, from her hair to her demeanor. Jenny only concentrated on her love life. Whoopie thinks she is the only one who can think and give advice. The whole show has been a crock of whatever and has been off my watching list for a long time.

  11. Katie says – reply to this


    Oh please please NOT Andi from Bachelorette. I have watched the View from day one..no matter what changes came but Andi is a bore and I had to quit watching her show because she is such a whiner! If she comes I think the View is over for good!

  12. donna schulte says – reply to this


    you can hire me. I would love to give my views on the ways of the world today. and maybe that is what the show needs is a new face no one knows.

  13. 13

    I'm totally giving up the View if Rosie comes back. Whoopi is not going to take any of her
    sssssss t,