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Please Don't Mind Usher's New Song With Juicy J! It's SUPER Catchy! Listen To It HERE!

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Oh, damn, we are LOVIN' the beat of this song!

Usher has put out a sexy new song, featuring Juicy J, where he tells you I Don't Mind if you 'dance on that pole,' he just wants you to come home to him!

How romantic! LOLz!

While the subject matter of the song is kinda iffy, we can't deny how catchy the beat is! We'll def be humming along all day

Ch-ch-check out the ballad to those who work the pole (above)!

[Image via WENN.]

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4 comments to “Please Don't Mind Usher's New Song With Juicy J! It's SUPER Catchy! Listen To It HERE!”

  1. Zip says – reply to this


    Why should we believe that Usher's second release from his new album is good, when the first song from the album was so very terrible??? He has all the money in the world, and seemingly has never heard of the words "Quality-Control"???

  2. 2

    The message of the song is that men will love you if you take your clothes off - you can be their b*tch.

  3. 3

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  4. Helen says – reply to this


    To all haters,both Good Kisser and I don't mind are Dope,listen well,grt music,amazing Vocals,even if u don't like d man,he's got mad skills,nuhin terrible Buh da best,so stop hating,Quality control is grt and Good Kisser Video is retro style but funky,amazing simple video