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Justin Bieber Sends His Followers An X-Rated Goodnight With THIS Naked Selfie!!

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justin bieber naked selfie

HOLY MOLY! Talk about an X-rated snapshot!

The Beliebers must have had some SWEET dreams last night after seeing this!

Justin Bieber gifted his followers with an incredibly NAKED selfie on his Shots account and our jaws are STILL on the ground!

Selena Gomez is, at the moment, clearly one very lucky lady!

The All That Matters singer isn't one to shy away from a shirtless selfie or two, but this one has a pretty explicit angle that manages to show some SERIOUS happy trail!

WHOA, baby!

He posted the pic just before bedtime, saying:


SOOO, is it safe to say that Bieberoni sleeps in the nude? Cause that's basically what this shot is saying!

Regardless, we're sure there are some VEEEERRRY happy Beliebers today thanks to this picture!

Such a giving pop-star! He does it ALL for the fans!

[Image via Shots.]

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29 comments to “Justin Bieber Sends His Followers An X-Rated Goodnight With THIS Naked Selfie!!”

  1. bytchface says – reply to this


    Sigh… this site is getting worse by the week. How is this x-rated or newsworthy? Yawn.

  2. blueness says – reply to this


    Oy vey! I saw no schmeckle! How is this X-rated? That is called click bait.

  3. overit says – reply to this


    OMG he has the body of a child there is NOTHING sexy about his shirt being off or anyone of this age. It is gross. DO BETTER BIEBER YOU SUCK

  4. jan says – reply to this


    Another picture done by an ill mannered brat with no self respect. He always looks constipated….go back to Canada you has been!

  5. overit says – reply to this


    Re: bytchface – You are SO right. Perez why are you showcasing all the people that make the USA just a laughing stock??? Seriously unless youre under 16 no one finds this attractive, thanks but I prefer actual MEN not baby boys who think theyre men. Bieber is a laughing stock and an embarrassment.

  6. 6

    Ewww, why do I feel like I just looked at borderline kiddie porn? Nooooo thank you, USA. You can keep…it.

  7. really says – reply to this


    I find it a little sexist that you wrote this article implying that it is completely ok for him to post pictures of himself completely unclothed. Just yesterday, you posted an article calling out Fifth Harmony for dressing too sexy. At least, they all had clothes on. Also to the USA commenters, he is from Canada. The US doesn't want him either.

  8. 8

    How can this be X-rated ?
    Do you even know the meaning of the expression ?

  9. ..... says – reply to this


    This isn't even close to x-rated. I don't see what the teenie bopper kids see in him, he is ghetto rich trash and not even that good looking. I hope his fame runs out he is annoying.

  10. PannaPoranna says – reply to this


    Wow, he doesn't have to try hard to look retarded… or stoned.

  11. 11

    same pubic hair above his lip as down here,

  12. 12

    Roid rager! Yes he looks constipated, no he's not a US citizen, Canada please take him back!!!

  13. 13

    What's with his eyebrows?

  14. sicko biebs says – reply to this


    He's sick and perverted. His fans
    avg age is 8 yes old and female.

  15. Monse says – reply to this



  16. Lucy says – reply to this


    Dude made y'all look ! Love how brilliant he is at causing crazy "breaking news" by practically just breathing. Gotta love The Biebs for STILL totally ruling the internet ALL the time. Boy's got the skill to get everybody and their dog to have something to say about him, generating unprecedented volumes of internet traffic and hopefully making himself some money somehow along the way. Work it Baby (even if Jerry is nowhere to be seen) !

  17. Aaron W says – reply to this


    Ugh… I hate that he's from Canada… We don't want him back lol can't you guys just throw him into the sea for us and be done with it? :-_P

  18. Fuzzy says – reply to this


    Miley and Beaver would make perfect couple! They resemble each other in everywhere.

  19. Belieber-Selenator says – reply to this


    MMM Im very happy Belieber :D

  20. Belieber MAD says – reply to this


    Re: Aaron W – The UK (Me and others) can take him if u want :D Id be a happy girl forever and ever and ever and also EVER

  21. EeekK says – reply to this


    Re: sirfurdude – What is wi ur GAY name ??????

  22. Jelenator Lover says – reply to this


    Re: ….. – FUCK U ….. Bitch :)

  23. Belieber MAD says – reply to this


    Re: Fuzzy – NO NO just hell NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Jerry says – reply to this


    Damn he is super sexy, his body is incredible

  25. Kevin says – reply to this


    Good lord god. I literally HATE this kid! Can we make a petition that says "Stop Making Stupid People Famous?"
    If I post a shirtless selfie, will I be famous?

  26. 26

    I don't get the appeal of this kid. He's so gross

  27. jan is a dickhead says – reply to this


    Re: jan

    Jan are you ****** stupid? He is in his 20's get a f**** life. You act as if he hasn't aged, i bet your old as **** no wonder your view is twisted.

  28. Rudy says – reply to this


    Re: Lucy – And why do you defend this guy like he is paying your grocery and gas bills?

  29. bieberlover says – reply to this


    Justin is so hot,but he should finally show us his dick <3