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Khloe Kardashian's New BF French Montana A Deadbeat Dad?! Accused Of Abandoning His Family For The Kardashian Limelight!

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khloe kardashian french montana

We hope this isn't true!

Khloe Kardashian seemed happier than ever before when French Montana spoiled her with $100,000 worth of birthday gifts last week, but everything might not be as jolly as it seems!

French Montana is still a married man! (They are currently in the middle of a divorce — like Demi and Ashton were for YEARS!)

Even worse, the woman he left behind, Deen Kharbouch, is now claiming that he not only abandoned her, but also their 4-year-old son for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians babe.

Following reports that French gave Khloe a $50,000 jeep for her 30th year of life, a source said:

“French has purchased a vehicle for someone who doesn’t need it. But he’s insisted that he would not pay for his child to go to school! He’s [not just] blowing his money [but] his wife’s money too!He’s not a millionaire. That’s what he does. He makes other people think he’s on top. He’s a con man. And if the Kardashians are falling for that, that’s his MO.”

Oh and French hasn't seen his son in months because he is too busy with the Kardashian klan.

The source continued:

“He also threw a birthday bash for this woman and did not attend his son’s pre-school graduation! His son was the only child without a father present.”

No. No. NO!

We can't believe this! Khloe has been through far too much to endure another heartbreak so soon after her ultra touch times with Lamar Odom!

This guy has some explaining to do and he better start explaining quickly!

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10 comments to “Khloe Kardashian's New BF French Montana A Deadbeat Dad?! Accused Of Abandoning His Family For The Kardashian Limelight!”

  1. 1

    If this is true…What a frickin loser and I would expect more out of khloe, any woman really. A man not being there for his child is an absolute turn off to any woman with a brain.

  2. AKP says – reply to this


    The Kardashians are not to blame for this. Khloe made great strides when it came to Lamar reconnecting w/his father. We don't know what she may be doing behind the scenes to get him to step up as a father; however, you can't force people to do things especially when there's baby mama drama. It's unfortuante that exes can't love their kids more than they hate each other. French Montana's ex coming out to badmouth him only makes her look like the bitter ex. Take him to court if he isn't paying child support and let the kid(s) hold him accountable for his absence later, but be classy and keep your kids' father's name out of your mouth.

  3. Candace says – reply to this


    French and his estranged wife separated in 2012 and are in the middle of a divorce. He doesn't want to be married to this woman and it has nothing to do with Khloe. Khloe's birthday was a couple weeks AFTER her the graduation. So, it seems the ex is bitter and trying to blame Khloe for why he doesn't want her.

  4. Amy says – reply to this


    Anyone who feels sorry for Khloe Kardashian needs their head checked.

  5. Nadine says – reply to this


    Re: snoopysniffsairplaneglue – Khloe doesn't have a brain lol

  6. wtf says – reply to this


    Any woman that would want a man that blatantly abandons his children is just as bad as him. smdh what PIECES OF SHIT !!!

  7. DeeLv says – reply to this


    Khloe is definitely not the reason why French Montana abandoned his family. Him and his ex separated before he even became known. I agree that he should be an active role model in his son's life but I think his X is a little to blame for that. She is so bitter and is just constantly bashing him on her own social media sites and to bloggers that that alone would keep any guy away. Now, she's blaming Khloe. She's just a hater. Rumor has it that he pays $7K in child support a month, so if that is in fact true, I could see why he wouldn't want to pay for his son's school. That's what child support is for. Sad though that French Montana doesn't try (that we know of) to see his son. Child Support does not mean he does his duty. His duties as a dad don't end with a check. Maybe they (French and his X) need to re-evaluate both of their lives and start thinking about the bigger picture….their son!

  8. reana says – reply to this


    Why feel sorry for khloe…she has all she needs…it's okay if the guy doesn't want to be with his wife but how can he ignore his child.that's horrible.

  9. jules says – reply to this


    Excuses Excuse but what about the girl Trina he was living with that he just Never went back home to cuz he was starting to date Khloe. She didn't even know they had broke up

  10. zoemeister says – reply to this


    He did virtually abandon his wife and son but not for Khloe but for better opportunities to further his career, since this happened when it was starting to get some traction. He then hooked up with and was living with rapper Trina when he went off to a gig and the next thing she knew via news etc, he had hooked up with Khloe. Both women tell similar stories… he doesn't let anything get in his way to promote his career. He's opportunistic. He's loving have his name appear daily in the media. Khloe's just the dumbass to fall for this creep's BS.