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13 comments to “After A Very Public Falling Out, Demi Lovato Has Something To Say About Selena Gomez, But It Isn't What You Might Think!”

  1. gfdsww says – reply to this


    you know this blog is a flop when he's talking about jelena while theres a high chance jovanna is happening at the moment.

  2. 2

    Well said Demi! But you know the haters will continue to hate because they have venom for blood. I agree…Hannah was a 16 year old girl! Miley is a 21 year old woman. How much did WE change in those 5 years? Imagine being in the spotlight for those years! Every pimple was in the tabloids! If she loves Bieber - LEAVE THEM ALONE. You don't have the right to judge who these celebrities date!

  3. Anna says – reply to this


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  4. Anonymous says – reply to this


    okay he totally took Demi's words and used them out of context. when Demi made these statements, it was in an older interview (that We Love Pop magazine somehow got a hold of) that had nothing to do with her recent falling out/unfollowing of Selena. In fact, this interview focused on her thoughts on Miley Cyrus. Use information that's recent/relevant! that's what people want to read.

  5. Carson says – reply to this


    This interview is around a year old!!! Demi hasn't spoken out about this, so we don't know if there is even a problem between Selena and herself. These blogs are blowing everything way out of proportion.

  6. Uh says – reply to this


    Hannah Montana argument is weak cause without that show no would care if she does drugs or is naked again. The legacy of that she will always be the reason why anyone would want to talk about her. Instead of whining about it why not just say "thank you Hanah Montana!"

  7. Sam says – reply to this


    We know Disney stars grow up but don't blame the audience when you seek fame and got it and now you purposely act a fool to get talked about to sell albums and and than want to blame the public for talking about you negatively?!?

  8. The Perez Hater says – reply to this


    OMG! Demi is no longer a Disney teenager. Now she's morphed into a fat chola whore!

  9. Manny says – reply to this


    Ah Demi, you are awesome. I met her at a recent UFC event, nice girl. I lost all respect for Miley Cyrus after seeing her letting strangers touch her vagina at her concert while wearing that skimpy outfit and I have also lost respect for Selena Gomez after taking Justin Bieber back again proving that she does not have any respect for herself.

  10. Sierra says – reply to this


    What? That statement was when demi was inthe kaie couric show, which was ages ago! It was way before she unfollowed selena. As far as anyone knows, demi hasn't said anything about miley or selena in a while

  11. Sierra says – reply to this


    What? That statement was when demi was on the kaie couric show, which was ages ago! It was way before she unfollowed selena. As far as anyone knows, demi hasn't said anything about miley or selena in a while

  12. jess says – reply to this


    You're ONE year late, Perez. This interview was a year ago on the Katie Couric show… lol.

  13. 13

    Actually, these statements are from an interview she made on the Katie Couric show last year. These comments have just been recirculated lately.